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  1. Teagan Tobias wrote: Seeing in the box is not the point, the point is just being able to know. There is no reason the information can't be posted in the store, and a lot of the times it is not. If I don't see it sometimes I ask using a note card, but most of the time I just go look for a friendlier store. And after reading your post I now know that two or three people have lost a sale, not just one. Some merchants prefer IM over note cards, I can't all way log in to SL to read a note card but might be able to respond to an IM that went to my email even if I'm at work. If a merchant doesn't list how they prefer to be contacted in their profile, try both before giving up on them, but some sadly just don't respond.
  2. Most my items have mixed perms so even looking at the contents of the vender box would not show the true perms, which are mostly set to prims copy/mod and most scripts copy only but not all. Besides the perms the feature list of most my items are to complex to list on the face of a prim. Even when I have demos set up inworld, looking at them and trying them out would still not show all the features. Even if you don't like to shop on the marketplace, you can still look up an item on the marketplace that you found inworld to read more info about it, and see additional pictures.
  3. My sales stopped for a week recently which had not happened before, but have come back, Monday was a really good day. All my sales are on the marketplace using DD. I don't think it's a MB or DD issue the last few week there have been a lot of sims down starting around the pathfinding roll out, that may have made some people nervous about shopping, plus it a normally slow time of year. Big shock for me was getting a notice today that a marketplace JIRA started in 2010 finally got reviewed, and Sunday I put in a MP support ticket, and got a response and resolution in an hour, for a non critical issue.
  4. I all ways kept MBs on 2 sim, if the sims down so is your MB, I all so tried if possible to have those 2 sims on different server channels so weekly rolling restarts would not effect them both on the same day. Lately the sim I'm on (on mainland) is down 4 to 8 times a day, glad I'm not using MB any more. I don't know if private islands are having the same issues with restarts as main land. I use to have my boxes rezzed at cheap MB hosting places but many have closed down since DD started, you might want to see if any are still around. Even with out using MBs all so had a week with no sales, which has never happened to me before, I just started getting sales again in the last few days. I checked out your shop inworld you have no classified for it and it's not listed in search, I have to wonder if your were getting inworld traffic at your old shop from classified and search listing from estate it was on, if so that may be some thing to look in to doing your self for you new shop location. I all so see that you have your items set to show in search but if you don't have your land set to show in search then the items wont show up ether.
  5. LL doesn't monitor the market place, they just respond to items that get flagged, both listing in the wrong category and using unrelated keywords could get an item flagged. You can check the key word list for any item from your internet browser most will have some way to look at the page source code. For fire fox its, under web developer-view page source, and yes many people do use key words that could get their item flagged, some do it to game the system, others haven't taken time to read the rules, or assume because other do that they can to. The way your searching "Apparel-Women's" many results look to be complete outfits that may include gloves, the correct place for gloves to be listed is "Avatar Accessories-Hats, Gloves, and Scarves." Not sure why but the marketplace is not filtering out non glove items when searching for gloves under "Avatar Accessories-Hats, Gloves, and Scarves." it might be because the category name has hats in in it not sure, but I see several hats that do not havethe word glove in the key word list. that might be something to put in a ticket about or start a JIRA.
  6. I think Steam will be much better at attracting new users to SL then all the negative post and comments here in the forums.
  7. Lately I've been surfing a lot in SL, you can find some nice place to try surfing by looking in search many have free surf board rezzers you can use. You can play linden realms to get some free L$ for shopping. When I was new to SL I got addicted to ball room dancing for about 6 months, It's a good way to meet people and talk to then on on one, I was never much for the clubs were most people are talking in open chat.
  8. can't temember the park number but the one your using is the only one that goes to VI and VII the other 3 all go to III, IV, V and VI, you can find them listed in the destination guide, or find then by looking at the big map when at the park (not in a realm)
  9. xDramaQueeNx wrote: This was an example from what i had put in my Listing keywords in shoes! before places an item in marketplace i make an extended search in many items with same type of keywords,adult/moderate/general categories/brands e.t.c. I can listed here a big list with items from marketplace with those kind of keywords that are not flagged and are in marketplace over a year with a very big popularity... I thought this is not problem because many creators/resellers use this guideline. Then you have a big list of items that could be flagged.
  10. I'm not sure what they mean by server log, my guess would be the status blog, but I don't see any marketplace down time listed there for today, but there was other maintenance that might have some thing to do with it. It's a good place to look if you are having issues in SL but it my not show every problem happening in SL. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  11. Just go to a diffrent realm, number VII is the one I normaly cash out in with out problems, I can't remember which realms have borken cash out points put I think ther was more then one.
  12. You could subdivide the land so where the houses are could have seprate setting for landmarking/teleporting.
  13. I think it was a case of me staying up too late working on this to be able to see streight lol the llSubStringIndex returning 23 got me side tracked looking in all the wrong directions trying to fix that, Thanks for explaining why that was returning 23 makes sense now.
  14. Thanks Rolig that looks like a good way of doing it. My sim just whent off line so I'll have to try that later.
  15. Thanks Innula, I think my problem had been a spacing error in the notecard name, is that what the StringTrim you add protect against? I had all so add the markers to the debug in places I didn't need it, I think originally I had all the debug in one string and forgot to remove the extra marker form the others. The part that really through me off is why does this return 23? Apparently it doesn't matter, but distracted me from seeing the real problems. string marker = ":"; string gNoteName="1,1,2,2,<3.0, 3.0, 3.0>:<0.4 ,0.4, 0.4>" ; gNoteName=llStringTrim(gNoteName,STRING_TRIM);//safety precaution vectorMark = llSubStringIndex(gNoteName,marker); llOwnerSay("vectorMark is "+(string)vectorMark);
  16. That's just the debug function I took it out of the rest of the script to make testing quicker, I think the problem is where I'm testing it with OwnerSay it's seeing the index as a string, normally script for the last vector look like this vector endPos =(vector)llGetSubString(gNoteName, (vectorMark +1), -1); llUpdateSitTarget(endPos, ZERO_ROTATION); originally with out the index it looked like this, and works. default { state_entry() { string gNoteName=llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 0 ); vector endPos=(vector)llGetSubString(gNoteName, 8, -1); llOwnerSay("endPos= " + (string)endPos); } } ______________________________________________________________________________________________ it works fine until I add the index, here's the index variables I used before, the full script can be found here http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/54/1a/195124/1.html email(string time, string address, string subject, string body, integer remaining) { llOwnerSay("Received Request..."); if (InUse == FALSE) { InUse = TRUE; llSetText("In Use...",<1,1,1>,1.0); string message = llDeleteSubString(body, 0, llSubStringIndex(body, "\n\n") + 1); integer itemMark = llSubStringIndex(message,":"); integer verMark = llSubStringIndex(message,"|"); item = llGetSubString(message,0,(itemMark - 1)); version = llGetSubString(message,(itemMark + 1),(verMark - 1)); user = (key)llGetSubString(message,(verMark + 1), -1); llOwnerSay("Item: " + item); llOwnerSay("Version: " + version); llOwnerSay("User: " + llKey2Name(user)); lineCurrent = 0; locateID = llGetNotecardLine(cardName,0); } } __________________________________________________________________________________________________ What I don't get is way this returns: 23 integer vectorMark = llSubStringIndex(gNoteName,":"); llOwnerSay("vectorMark= " + (string)vectorMark); I can see why it would add the index to the string here, but I would expect it to be : not 23, but the example above from the script with the link all so doesn't add the index to the vector like this does.
  17. Thanks, now gives me the correct value of the second vector but it's still got the 23 added, here's the new return values. I fixed the original post too. [01:29] Object: vectorMark= 23 [01:29] Object: startRot= 23<3.00000, 3.00000, 3.00000> [01:29] Object: endPos= 23<0.40000, 0.40000, 0.40000>
  18. I've been using GetSubString to read config variables from a note card name, I do this to save run time vs. using a dataserver to read the note card. This has been working fine, but now I need to add a second vector. The first vector worked fine because it's at the end incase the number of spaces it takes up in the string changed. To add a second vector, I need to add a SubStringIndex to deal with the possible changing length of the 2 vectors. I've used the same variable to create the SubStrinIndex in other scripts and it worked fine, but here I'm getting a return value of 23 form ":" and the index shows up in the next variables, and fails to return the last vector. I don't know if this is an issue with getting the string from a note card name or if I'm missing something setting up or using the SubStringIndex? default { state_entry() { string gNoteName=llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 0 ); integer vectorMark = llSubStringIndex(gNoteName,":"); vector startRot =(vector)llGetSubString(gNoteName, 8, (vectorMark -1)); vector endPos =(vector)llGetSubString(gNoteName, (vectorMark +1), -1); llOwnerSay("vectorMark= " + (string)vectorMark); llOwnerSay("startRot= " + (string)vectorMark + (string)startRot); llOwnerSay("endPos= " + (string)vectorMark + (string)endPos); } } /* note card name: 1,1,2,2,<3.0, 3.0, 3.0>:<0.4 ,0.4, 0.4> return values: vectorMark= 23 startRot= 23<3.00000, 3.00000, 3.00000> endPos= 23<0.40000, 0.40000, 0.40000>
  19. At the moment there not as useful as they look, the 2 teleport functions are owner only, and there's other limits on the attach I can't remember of hand, one I think is that it can't be used with the new teleport functions. Hopefully at some point they will be upgraded to have the same functionality as they do in Linden Realms, think LL is waiting for the new permissions to come out. I'm glad to have them, just was expecting a little more, after seeing them in use in linden Realms.
  20. The recent changes may be causing your problem but more likely they are just pushing your sim over the edge it was all ready close to. I noticed on your land that you have a lot of objects with really high active script count, 55 or more, a likely source is old sex beds, made before all the link versions of many functions came out, all so the old bed scripts were known to have problems with open listeners, and memory leaks. Add to that an all most full prim count and 20 people hanging out, it's likely your sim is running out of resources and crashing. If you use up to date building and scripting practices you shouldn't have to reduce what your currently doing in your sim to make it run better. I'm just starting to learn about sim resources so I'd be interested to see what other people think of what I think may be causing your problem. With a sim down 14 times in 10 days it's sad LL hasn't been more helpful dealing with your issue, I'm just making these suggestion because it something that might help that you don't have to relie on them to do.
  21. I do a weekly traffic report of 9 sims that are places that I think should be doing good, or are places I'm thinking of opening a shop at. When I checked today they all were down this week by 25% to 75%, sadly my list is only 8 now, one of my favorite sims closed down after 5 years. To hard to tell what the numbers mean the first week of a change like this, all so SL has hit a new low record concurrency for the last 3 years, likely longer, so that may be part of it to. Hard to tell to how bots are effected by this change, 3 of the sims I track have bots one stayed the same, one lost 25%, and the other lost 75%. My conclusion is that with all the information I track, I simply have a more detailed picture that makes no sence lol
  22. When you edit an item on the marketplace look at the bottom of the page for Listing Enhancements
  23. I'd ask the customer for the transaction number, and then put in the ticket your self for them with their transactions number and the failed deliver notice, in the ticket I'd ask LL how will a declined deliver show up in the merchants records, and if the customer is still charged. LL may tell you that the customer needs to put in the ticket, Now you have a response from LL to show the customer, so it's not just your word against theirs, and it shows your taking steps to solve the problem. If LL can't answer what happen to a deliver like this or their answer is not a good one, this might be a case for a JIRA ether there's a bug to be fixed or a situation that needs to be fool proofed to prevent this from happening again, such as declined delivery's automatically get a refund.
  24. Airway wrote: I am going to be away from SL indefinitely and am wondering if it is still possible to communicate with friends without having to log in. I've seen some products in the marketplace that claim to allow one to use email to send IMs. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Thank you. Here is one example of a product I saw: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/XD-Send-IM-From-Email-with-only-Knowing-the-Avatars-Name/1853436 I haven't tried that but for 200L$ it's worth a try, but looks like it would require you to have land, an other option might be to use one of the phone apps that let you log in to sl you can't see things with it but you can chat and IM with people. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General/What-cell-phone-should-I-buy-and-what-client-to-send-and-receive/qaq-p/693473
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