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  1. So I went to log in today, and found that I had to agree to the terms of service. Problem is that they don't show up (it's all grey, no writing) and I can't continue, only cancel. I had an ancient version of phoenix viewer, which I thought was the problem. So I downloaded firestorm--same problem. Then I downloaded the official SL viewer, and I'm still having a problem! Help? Previous advice on other boards has been to switch viewers, but that clearly hasn't worked for me. Edit: I have had the window open for an hour, and no TOS has appeared. Also, I don't have a scroll bar to click on. Screencap here
  2. So I finally managed to get a hold of an HUD for the Linden Realms games (of course, now I can't get it again...portal IV was working for me but not any more) and I was completely stuck on 'return to tyrah's workshop' quest. I'd go in, dance around, hit the red landmark...and nothing. I guess playing the actual game is out of the question at this point. I have cashed out my blue/green gems, but where do I go to turn in my other colors?
  3. Is there a walkthrough that tells us how to play/cash out without the HUD? I would love to play, but I have no idea what I'm doing.
  4. So I've been out of the game for about a year and a half, so I recently came back and downloaded Phoenix Viewer. I seem to remember in old SL versions that there was a keyboard shortcut for camera...you know, as opposed to just moving foreward and backward with your arrows, you could hit shift+arrow key and you could zoom around your avatar and see the front of it. Would really love to know if there's a way to do that in Phoenix and if not, if there are viewers that have this capability. Not a huge fan of having the camera controls in my way on the screen.
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