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  1. There was a best in noob contest at a club, the person that won was wearing shopping boxes attached all over, it was hilarious, but it really points to just how common a problem this is for noobs. I remember my first box that got attached and how frustrating it was when I didn't even know what it was or how to remove it. I went to a help island and no one could help me. If I hadn't had RL friends in SL to help me out I don't think I would have lasted past the second day. I think adding a back up box to the folder seams like the best idea I've seen so far.
  2. Mickey Vandeverre wrote: curious, how you're going to handle this. doubt I would delete the contents of the magic box so early in the game. I'm all ready got my shop 100% DD, I didn't delete my boxes I just took them into inventory as a back up, I started deleting the unassociated listings one at a time, but got half way through and decided to see what happened if I removed the magic boxes from the magic box status page, then went to dinner when I came back all the unassociated listings left were gone. I did several test deliveries and they all worked. I would keep a back up of your magic box, I missed several items when unpacking them last week to get ready, they were easy to find as using the import failure log, I just uploaded them again. I all so send several items to the upload box twice just to see what would happen,  they ended up being listed as both associated and unassociated, I just returned the unassociated ones from the inventory page and every thing was fine. An other advantage of getting rid of the magic boxes I hadn't thought of was that I was able to free up 2 group slots from the land rental groups from where my boxes had been stored.
  3. It dint for for me until I logged out a and back in after that took about 2 minuets to upload and convert my entire store. I had missed a few boxes when opened them up to make filders, I just had to go back, open and relaod those after seeing them not listed as derect delivery.
  4. I'm on the same viewer got the bear but still can't upload
  5. Thanks for letting us have a choice, first thing I did was turn of the pie menu, and please keep the side bar as an option, I love being able to move the buttons around. Only problem I've see so far, that just appeared today is that I can see the edges of the #Firestorm LSL Bridge v1.7 attached to my avatar.
  6. One thing you can do to help protect your self is to list your RP limits in your profile, and be careful if you ever use RLV as it can allow other people or objects control your avatar, not all ways a bad thing, but something you should under stand before using. If you have a home on adult main land I recommend getting a security system if you don't want naked men teleporting to you because they think you have a hot profile picture.
  7. I think there's 2 arguments going on here, one is viewer 1 vs viewer 2 lay out and the other is official viewer features vs 3rd party features. Viewer 2 has come a long way from it's release, now that Im use to it there's no way I'd want to go back to the viewer 1 layout, and I'm looking forward to trying viewer 3 what ever it is. for reatures I like to use the offical viewers to keep up on new features being added, and I like Firestorm when I want the extra features I need like animation preview and RLV.
  8. Persephone and Vania thanks for the answers, so the info in the wiki isent referring to L$ payments for liabilities but real money based on tier donated to the group, makes more sense now, if I'm getting that right.
  9. Hi George, the information I got came from the SL Wiki, from what it saying, tier would only be charged to a group that has land deeded to a group. Just having land set to group isn't the same as having it deeded to a group. May be this information is out of date? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Group#Groups_and_Money look in the section "groups and money"
  10. I've been looking into this since I first posted this question. One thing that seams to make a huge difference is if the land is deeded to group, if it is the groups members are all so responsible for the groups tier and other chargeable fees, if the default accounting setting isn't changed. This makes sense for a group of people that want to own a sim together, but I would think is the wrong way to make a product update group for a merchant selling clothes, I don't think that customers should ever pay for some one else tier, specially if there not told about it. The person that had the group that charged me simply didn't know the default was set to charge the group and she quickly changed it once she know what was going on, and thanked me for letting her know. On the other hand if deeded land is sold or objects deeded to group make $ then it's split up between the group members. I think it would be a good feature to have that when joining any group with a group liability that you get a warning telling you that that you will be responsible for group expenses by joining the group.
  11. I just down loaded the new Beta viewer to try it out. I think it's a step in the right direction for new users, the only thing I see missing form what's is presented to new users are missing help info on using gestures, sound and volume control, and the help section should all so have the directions on how to turn on advance mode. In it's current form I thinks it's good for the first hour or two for new users, maybe more if they just want to have a look around. I think it might be good to have a second level of basic mode that has learning and help sections for basic building , shopping, buying and renting land, and how to set up your computer and avatar to deal with lag.
  12. Should merchants be charging customers group liability fees to be in there product up date group. I just noticed today that I was getting charged to be a group, so I contacted the merchant and sent them the transaction history and told them that I just wanted to let them know they might want to change the group settings. I was a bit surprised at their response. I was told that it was LL taking my $ not the merchant, and then told they would never be that cheep, then they told me if 1L$ was too much for me that I should leave the group and join their scribomatic group. I then told the merchant that I had a friend who set up a new group that was charging people and that they had been able to fix it, the merchants reply was that their land had been set up this way for months, end of conversation. I don't care about 1L$, but I'm out of work in RL and can't afford to have unnecessary recurring expenses in SSL. I really like this merchants work and was just trying to help them out. So I want to know if other merchants had groups that charged group liability fees, and how to set up groups to avoid them, I'm just starting to set up a shop, and when I make a group for customers I want to make sure they don't have to pay to be in it.
  13. I just got a listing enhancements for the first time 3 days ago, I'm hoping it does better over the weekend. I'd much rather pay for a listing enhancement that targeted a community group, then a category or check out home page. I think community based marketing is really important for selling to smaller niche markets. The results from my first enhancement seam to be backing that idea. Would love to hear more from people with more experience with listing enhancements.
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