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  1. Crap! Sorry if I sounded deceiving at all! I don't own the sim, I just help there so I don't want to take credit for running it or anything. Thanks for the feedback though its really appreciated Advertising the sim has been a big issue (multiple people trying multiple different things) as you can tell so I'm grateful for the constructive criticism!
  2. That Sparrow's Haven sim is like Once Upon a Time. Like modern technology but a touch of magic. They allow mermaids and fey, lots of stuff. They aren't open yet but they want a nice mix of magic/fantasy and modern. sim is super pretty too
  3. A rift opens before you with flashes of purples, pinks, and whitish blues. You see a planet with hints of Egyptian, Mayan something.... ancient, yet something different. Do you dare go through and find out what's on the other side? Welcome to Pharaoh's Keep and the World of Egyptoria. A new sim that mixes ancient cultures and fantasy with sci-fi. We are small but growing. The Keep welcomes many races from humans, goreans, furries, mermaids and much much more. Along with the rp there will also be a quest throughout the sim as well as two factions of dragon riders. Have any questions?
  4. I have recently started rping in the Courts of SL (including french, english, and sometimes spanish), and 1920s Berlin. I am a high noble or rich in all of them but I need a husband. The reason I am posting this in Relationships and not Roleplay is that I want to make a connection with that person. I am a hopeless romantic and want someone who I can have fun with outside of and in rp. I can be rather shy till you start talking to me but I love history and can be quite the nerd. I am a university student so sometimes I have to go away for a long period because of exams or something. Hope to
  5. Can you create high quality textures? Then we have a job for you!!!! Versiallies is in need of good, high quality textures mostly for the palace rooms and such. For more info or if your intrested IM Marie Antoinette D'Autriche or AdeliaBradford
  6. Versialles is in need of a gardener who is skilled in trees, flowers, and natural looking water. It is a large task but you will be paid for your work. If your intrested or have any questions please IM Marie Antoinette D'Autriche or AdeliaBradford.
  7. In the need for skilled, compotent builders!!!! Perferably with a background of castle building. We need help in buidling a part of history in the new up in coming Versailles sim. The job is a huge undertaking but you will be paid generously. For more info or if your intrested IM Marie Antoinette D'Autriche or AdeliaBradford
  8. Be apart of history in the new up-incoming Versailles sim. Surround by lavish interiors and beautiful landscapes, but we need your help! Are you a skilled, competent builder? We need you to help us build the Orangerie and Grand Menagerie. It is a huge undertaking but you will be paid generously. Not a builder but still want to be part of this amazing rp? We are also looking for servant roles and those to help around the palace. Grooms, maids, guards, ladies in waiting. If you have an idea for a role you think would fit well in the RP we are forming managerial positions to enrich this RP that i
  9. Hi my name is Adelia, I really want to be adopted by a noble mommy and daddy in a medieval/fantasy/Victorian/Renissance rp. I really really really wanna rp as a princess/duchess/nobility if that is possible and don't worry I can pay for everything including clothing and such, I do not wish to mooch off anyone, I have red hair, green eyes, and plain skin, I can start from any age 3 and up. Oh and I am ok with having a brother or sister. Playing SL for over 5 years (with other character/alts) and I have never had a family and it just seems like so much fun. A bit about me: I can be rather shy a
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