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  1. The control panel is only to change various elements of the house you selected when you first obtained your Linden Home. In order to select a different style of house, you need to abandon the current house first. Then log into your dashboard and start the home selection process. You can select up to 5 different homes in a 24 hr period. That should help in getting one of the other homes. Good luck!
  2. it's under the "Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior" section
  3. Just a note, it's not 'double the prims', more like 1.5 times the prims in total - a 50% increase. At least that is what my land was increased to.
  4. Seriously, not to hijack but why is LL advertising something that is not legal within their own world? Sounds like entrapment to me!
  5. When you check your L$ transaction history, you need to show the date range or you are only looking at one day. However, if the transaction is from 30 (someone recently said 32?) or more days before, it will no longer show up on your history. The previous suggestion of checking your groups is the best way to see who is charging for group liabilities. But if you have not changed the dates when looking at your transaction history, you may wish to try that. Best of luck in finding where your money is going!
  6. Any chance that your account balance is negative? Sometimes that is caused by groups who charge fees to their members to cover tier. Have you ever assigned tier to a group? If so, I believe you also need to take that back, basically disallowing your tier to be assigned to the group. Other than that, seems that only a call to LL will solve your issue. Best of luck with it and your RL!
  7. You are probably a member of some groups that are charging accounting fees to their members. You can see this by looking at your Transaction History on your Dashboard. You can also look at the groups inworld and look at the roles assigned to the members, especially under the category for your membership. I have discussed this kind of thing with owners of a couple of groups. They didn't even realize they had the roles set to charge their members and changed it once they learned of it. Although, there are also some groups that do charge their memberships, which assists them in covering tier for group owned land. Hope that helps and you can find out which groups are charging you - then ask the owners about it or leave the group. That's your choice. Enjoy!
  8. In addition to the info already given, keep in mind that the 'overdue amount' may have only covered time that has already passed - not for any time in the future. All depends on how long you hadn't paid and how much you then finally paid. Good luck with it. Hope you are able to resolve it!
  9. The sell button is to convert any L$ to your RL currency (in my case, to US$). Once you have converted (sold) the L$, you can process credit to bring the money to your RL account with Paypal. I hope this is helpful. Enjoy!
  10. I have to say I disagree with the prior posts in answer to your question. The Terms of Service clearly state that you may not "sell, transfer or assign your Account or its contractual rights, licenses and obligations, to any third party without the prior written consent of Linden Lab". Allowing someone else to use the account is a temporary transfer. So, unless you (or the party who originally signed up for the account) specifically request in writing the ability to allow a 3rd party to use the account, it appears that yes, you (or the account owner) would be in violation of the TOS. Refer to section 4.1 at http://lindenlab.com/tos#tos4 Hope this helps!
  11. i'm no scripter but the points stated for the last 6 waypoints indicate a 10m move on the z axis....3901 to 3891 etc. is a 10m hop. I'm also not sure if that's what you mean that the problem is, but those points would be pretty 'explainable' to me. If that's not the issue, then excuse my reply.
  12. seems it's an inexpensive replacement for Google Glass or somesuch pretty funny
  13. It may be the file type you've selected to save your texture. Try using .PNG to save the file. I'm not a PSP user so am not sure if you use save or export. Also, you can use 'local textures' to test your your file before uploading. It's a tab on the Texture Picker window and you 'add' your file from your hard drive. That way you don't have to keep paying the L$10 to upload until you've gotten it right. There are loads of tutorials on getting rid of 'halos' on textures. Google is a great place to look and choose a tutorial that makes sense for you. Robin Wood has some easy to follow tutorials at http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/WhiteHalo2.html Best of luck to you.
  14. hi Amber, You mentioned that your graphics are set to Ultra but do you have "water reflections" available as an option to change? You may need to check the box for custom graphics first and then you'll see a lot more options. I'm not sure that the Water Reflections one shows up if you're just using the defaults of Low, Mid, High & Ultra. Also, I'm sure if you join the group for your viewer (if it's not the SL viewer) you'll find they can better help to resolve this. While your graphics card may not be up to the standards, if you can run ultra, water reflections shouldn't be that big a stretch. Maybe even try turning it down from Ultra to Mid or High and try that water reflections box. Good luck with it!
  15. and to add to Chic's response...Ambient Occlusion
  16. SL will run very well on that card - I have it on an Asus laptop and things run beautifully. Whether or not it is considered a 'supported card', I don't know. Good luck, enjoy your new computer when you get it!
  17. Sorry to hear of your friend's problem. The only thing I've heard is to let some things attach/wear and remove them. As more things attach/wear, again remove. Depending on the number of items in her inventory, it could take a few minutes. Also, I am not 100% positive but a character test may be a way to stop it. I've had this happen only once, my own fault, when I right-clicked my "objects" folder and accidentally wore it! I actually found it kind of funny to see the combinations of things on my av. It is annoying but it will go away with a little persistence. Hoping someone else may know of a quicker resolution but I don't. Good luck with it!
  18. not sure where you're looking but the 'Bug Tracker' is still searchable (I believe that is what is referred to as the JIRA) ETA: my bad, thank you Sassy for link to info about the changes when they (LL) switched to Bug Tracker, I had missed that post. Evidently, issues are no longer searchable as they were previously. So we'll never know if/when this 'may' be fixed nor can we add to any issue posted by someone else to show the extent that the community is being affected or any potential insights from the many intelligent sources of info (self excluded!) :matte-motes-silly:
  19. I too have wondered about the 'after the first of the year' comments for a fix. I do know a JIRA issue was created by another person with the drop issue. I don't have the Issue # but it was recently created. I haven't commented or added to the JIRA as I personally have not experienced the problem and was told it's not happening regularly to everyone, that it's random. The other thing is that I have seen the same problem being addressed through other breedable groups, it's not just kittycats experiencing this issue. So, all I recommend is that you do a search for the JIRA, add your comments to it and keep fingers crossed. I have no idea how, why or when this problem began nor am I aware of any official comments as to when it will be fixed. Would be nice to see something official. In spite of the problem, Happy New Year!
  20. I've noticed that error sometimes when I am trying to rez an object on top of a mesh object. If I retry on either the ground or on a prim object, I don't receive the error. Good luck with it!
  21. As already answered, it's not in the official viewer...but Firestorm is not your only option. Other third party viewers, such as Singularity, also include Area Search. I'm sure there are others so just do a search of third party viewers for SL and see what suits your fancy!
  22. Credit processing can take up to 10 business days. I don't currently have the link for the info on this but it is stated on LL's website somewhere ;-) Also, there was a holiday during that 10 day period. so, although your transaction was started on 2013-11-23, it may not be processed until Monday 2013-12-09 or even Tuesday 2013-12-10 depending on whether the day after Thanksgiving was considered as holiday for them as well. Then, if you're using Paypal, it may still take a few days to post the funds to your account. I wouldn't rely on the money until later this coming week. Unfortunately, patience is required when requesting your own money from LL.
  23. Hi Claymora, sorry to hear about your inventory problem. One of the things that has happened to me is that I would somehow accidentally & unknowingly move folders from one place in inventory into another. Usually, inside of a folder that was inside of another folder. How are you'looking for the folders? Have you tried doing a search for an item of clothing that is in one of the folders? Or are you just looking at the folders from the original list when you open inventory? If you haven't done a search for a specific item in one of the folders, please try that. Maybe an accidental 'move' of the folders has happened to you - I swore that it was lost or somehow hacked out of my inventory at the time too. If you've already tried that, then cleared cache and still nothing, then you may just be out of luck. As for the previous replies, normally cache is the culprit and clearing it corrects the problems. It really is pretty rare to actually 'lose' stuff from inventory. Also, as for being hacked, people usually report much worse than just 4 folders of items being missing, things like their cash is gone, etc. If you've given your password to someone or logged in with your SL info on a phishing site, change your password immediately. I do hope you find your folders. Good luck!
  24. sounds like your web browser has 'disassociated' SLurls...probably still looking for your old viewer. you'll need to correct that in your browser and the steps for that depend on which browser you're using.
  25. Hi Joan, From what I understand of graphics chips, you'd have to replace the entire motherboard to change the type of chip. I may be totally off base and, if so, please feel free to let me know. That is one of the problems with laptops in general. However, I have used a laptop (2 different ones) during my time in SL and have been quite lucky, no serious problems. I also run SL wirelessly and have a quite enjoyable experience but I have an NVidia chip in my laptop, along with an i7 CPU. Sorry it's not better news, maybe someone can help you with some settings to at least run SL in low graphics mode. Best of luck to you!
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