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  1. i have tried to get help with the problem i am haveing the home i have on second life is not mine and i have tried to abandon it and it want work at all so could you please help i am getting real upset and thinking about quitting sl., but i love the game and want to continue it...soo plsssssss help me i would appreciate it soooooooooo much thank yall alayna1
  2. i am still having problems with my linden home and i have tried everything. i deleted the linden home i had and rebuilt another one and went to go there and it sent me to somewhere to a house that wasnt mine. i am getting very fustrated and dont know what to do next. i need to either talk to someone or something cause i have furniture i would like to put in my home and cant get in there whatsoever. so pls pls help me. YOURS TRULY ALAYNA
  3. i would like to know how i can put a small home of my own instead using the free linden home and it be free land if i stay in the prims i have of land. pls advise me if it is ok and tell me how to go about doing it . ty so much alayna :)
  4. i paid my overdue premium account and i tried to get a house or apartment and it want let me please advise me what to do thank you so much yours truly alayna
  5. my husband has had a massive heartattacka and is in icu and i have hadnt had a chance tp go put any money on my walmart debit card i have been staying up there day and nght and i dont want to loose my premium acct i have worked so hard for it pls can u assist me in anyway possblei ihae never had to do this pl but im am desperate .. i will understand if yall cant but pls let me know yall friend and lots of luv and and pls says prayers for my husband pl luv ann
  6. im new to a premium acct and i have a few days left on it before i have to pay for it but i want to go ahead and pay it how can i do this pls advise thank u so much
  7. could someone pls let me know how to go about making a new avatar on my account..im not familiar with doin it and new to second life and not so smart operating computer to do this...just need what to do step by step...pls help
  8. i cannot remember my password and i need to change it and i need the number to tak to someone in biling to do this i changed it two months ago and thought i wrote it down and i have had a stroke in the meantime and cannot remember my password pls help pls i want to buy some lindens and cannot do so without my password so pls pls help ...ty so much sorry i have to bother yall
  9. alayna1


    i go to log in and i cant remember my password it puts it in for me and when i go to buy some lindens i have to enter my password and i cant remember it....i have tried several ways to fix it and i still cant do it...i just need to change it pls r even just some help to remember it and then change it...i have entered several passwords i have had in the past to see if i put them in and still didnt work...im gettting desperate and very angry at myself for not remembering it...pls pls help signed dumb me alayna1
  10. i have bought over 20 items ont the marketplace and hey said recieved and im so tired of not recieving them im thinking about quitting using teh market place could u pls help me im very upset i have spent alot of money
  11. i would like my bnracelet i paid for pls help me they were very special to me
  12. i purchased alot of items on teh marketplace and paid for them and didnt recieve all of them could u pls advise me what to do this is the first time this has happened to me thank u alayna1 resident
  13. hello im having the same problem also today i ihave tried twice now and have been declined both times can someone pls let me know y this is happening.... i have had no problems in the past of this happening so anyone pls help i would like to go shopping pls
  14. i have tried twice now to buy lindens with my card i have on file to pay for them with and would like to know y i am declined pls help and let me know y i cant...thank u
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