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  1. The "you" is "who has been cheated of L$ by the seller in this case". On the record, the "seller", already cheated a lot of residents. So I reported abusing as Fraud > L$ or USD $ based on the Troll to residents. There is no resident to resident thing anymore. But LL still considered this case as transaction issue between resident to resident. So, I want to ask why so hard to make the LL team believe I was reporting the seller Fraud > L$ or USD $ ? Why not into action and ban the recidivist of troll yet?
  2. You want to report a resident who make L$ or USD $ by snapshot commission on Secondlife. Because you did pay but the seller breach of contract. And you find out there are people just like you, had received the IM and browse the flickr gallery, after payment you want to ask when can take the photograph? Oh No! you can not! You got various excuses, his dad sick, his cat sick, his "computador" got hack and he suddenly lost the ability to speak English. Then you got blocked by the seller. Assuredly you want you L$ or USD $ back right now. On the other hand, you might definitely want to help Secondlife get rid of the recidivism in fraud. Life is difficult, indeed. Report the seller Fraud > L$ or USD $ ? No can do... I filed an in-world Abuse Report a lot of times but the seller's account still scamming people from random group to groups for the "business", and it been over a year. I submit a Tickets about abuse, more Tickets, that only made the team triple teaching me: "...the only person who can assist with the product or service that you've purchased is the other party in your agreement—the seller." (Multiply/Copy by three) You & I report the troll. The troll of scam is there! Go get him, kick him! For all good sake.
  3. Now my account has -1L$. I had check my transaction history to know where my 1L$ gone. But I found nothing. there are nothing on the history. Need someone help me find out whats going on.
  4. Thanks for the comment. But I still have no idea for what can I do next. And it seems like I didn't have the good connect with the SL server, but not all my accounts have this problem. Yup, I have three accounts and that is how it happened. Wish you could give me more detail for the clue.
  5. Hello, I am Bira. the SL resident has the three accounts. On 16th April one of my account can't connect to the SL server, after 2 minute I log in, the viewer loged me off. I tried to use that account loging again and again, also I prinfed the debug list, It said can't load my animation, texture, and miss the shape, skin, eyes and so on. On the other hand, I tracerted the SL host and found out I can't connect with it. Alight, did I be block by some reason? I am not sure. 3 days latter, my second account suffered the same situation. By the way, durning in that 2 minute, I can receive my friend's IM, group note, even the group gifts. Wow, but it didnt happening in each time. I also can log in 2 account on one computer as the same time, but they/I can't send the IM to each other. I tried log in as the other sim, and cleaned my viewer ton of times, *sigh* it didn't work. Wish you can help me.
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