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  1. I've tried on several attempts to acquire a new LL home via the Dashboard and the new homes don't show up. I've even created a notification on the LL Homes forum and have not been getting them. I've been very patient and even up my old LL home for the new homes/houseboats but how can I get to it if on the Dashboard of Premium they don't show up. HELP I want my LL home as well.
  2. Where can I find AREA SEARCH on SL Viewer? I used to see it on Firestorm viewer under WORLD, but I can't find it on the SL Viewer.
  3. How can I get Linden employee or help in removing a grief object that has eatten my prims up, the object is called -[L4L]- Gestures & Walkers (Freebies) <3 When rezzed it eats up the prims on the sim and autosends to all on the region. LL needs to find the creator and ban them perm from SL.
  4. Mynx I just went thru the same thing as of yesterday (03/05/2011) at 1:30 pm slt. I put out my living room furniture and returned 45 minutes to an hour and found just my living room furniture missing. Not in my lost & found or objects. I got the names from the creator that I have as a friend. Did your stuff come back yet and if so what did you do to get your lost inventory returned. -LadyD6959
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