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  1. Thank you, it worked! Now I have to find a 1,024 parcel to buy! You can tell I'm a newbie in land buying... How do I find 1,024 parcels that I can buy? Have a good day
  2. It's been a while :) I'm using the current SL Viewer as of April 9, 2019. I can't find a Land tab anywhere :)
  3. So, I signed up for Prime a few months ago, I got a 512 house, now I get a notice that Prime members can get a 1024 house. How do I go from my current 512 house (completely empty, by the way) to a 1024 house? I've been searching for instructions for a while... Thank you for your help. KT
  4. Live chillout tunes... this one is rhythmic chillout (atmospheric breaks)... it will be up for a bit ... enjoy :-) https://www.youtube.com/c/KozMyk/live
  5. ... to ask them for a possible answer as to why I was banned from their region? I've been back to SL after years of hardly using it at all, and I often visit London City http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/London%20City/78/217/24 ... and voice-chat with people,which has been a very enjoyable experience. I never had any conflicts or arguments whatsoever, all my time there was fun chat, jokes, etc. and I'd definitely not a troll or a griefer (is this term still used?). Yesterday I had to go away for a few minutes, and did not log out from SL. When I came back 20 minutes later I was banned from the region. How can I find out who the owner is to send them a message? The map doesn't show any owner information. Thank you for your help!
  6. KathrynLisbeth, Thank you for the detailed instructions! The new house is even closer to the sea now and no obnoxious neighbors with weird structures around :-) If any other newbie is wondering where the "About Land" is, it's under the World menu item. [edit] Also, the account dashboard can be reached from the Me menu item.[/edit] Have a good one :-)
  7. I may have gotten the house I initially chose, but now I click the control and see 8 options and none of them work. Why are those options there when I can't choose them? Where does it say that I have to abandon the house I initially chosen so I can choose a different house? I've been searching all over where I am, and I still can't find a "abandon house" option anywhere. Where is the "Abandon House" option? if that option is so important, why isn't it visible after clicking the control panel of the house? Coders are usually stupid... I know, I have a couple of coding degrees.
  8. At the coders! If they show me 8 choices for a house, they should have made it possible for me to get the house I choose! That's so simple!
  9. I think I picked something during the sign-up process... I don't remember. But now the control panel shows me 8 choices for houses and none of them work --- the house I'm in has a extended room that floats above a pool -- lol, so stupid. But there's a choice for a house with a 2nd floor roomy balcony and I choose it but nothing happens! I'm pissed already! :-)
  10. Hello everyone, After several years with a free account, I took the plunge and got a paid one with a 512 tier. I got a free Linden House that has a control panel by the door -- and I click it to change the house, and I choose the new house and the finishes change - floor and maybe wall colors, etc - but not the house itself. The house is always one type of house, the first one in the 8 layout choices, not any of the rest of the 8 that are available through the control panel -- I can see all 8 and choose them and then click the Apply button but nothing happens - the floor color/material may change but the house does not! What am I doing wrong? :-)
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