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  1. I wear GurlyWood hair and when I pair a certain hair style with a hat I edit individual prims and put the the edited hair (copy first) and hat in the same folder. Sometimes I will even delete hair prims that would not be seen with the hat on anyway. That way I can keep hats the proper size and they don't float above my head.
  2. Everybody complains about one thing or another. And some reply that they don't have their problem. If you NEVER have any problems, your graphics settings are on High, you never crash or "rubber band", you cross sims as if they weren't there, you never log in naked, your purchases always appear in your inventory, etc., please tell us!
  3. Since my avatar can't visit the marketplace, I don't shop there. What's the point of shopping SL without actually being there?? I could buy all this cool stuff and never log in to use it or wear it... why??
  4. Display Names has certainly solved a lot of problems... That's why I turn them off.
  5. Griefers do their thing for entertainment. Your reaction is their entertainment. Stop entertaining them. Ignore them. They will move on to someone less boring.
  6. I believe that is a server issue-something nutty is going with texture downloads. I have seen this too, and it cleared up the next day.
  7. On a tangent here, who is bothered by bots that show up as green dots? I will search the map for a group of people and TP in only to find a store full of model bots. Not my idea of a good time.
  8. Wear will put the item, in this case a HUD, where it was last. Attach HUD will put it on the viewer screen. You can pick a new location, and next time just "wear" it. In addition, I have found that I can attach my flight tool to the viewer screen instead of wearing it on my avatar. It would get replaced by certain clothing items and I couldn't fly beyond the SL standard limits.
  9. A friend gave up trying to list events because certain words, like rock, made the event un-listable as a General listing, or something like that. She had trouble getting any listings entered.
  10. I have several bald bases in my inventory and they have different eyebrows. Some look surprised, some look evil and some look sneaky. Which one would be the "standard"?
  11. There has always been the option to replace a specified texture with a video URL. This works in VWR 1 (and Phoenix).
  12. I've used Photoshop for many years and I didn't think this tutorial was overly long or complicated. I've used other more time consuming tricks and this sounds like a shortcut compared to what I've done.
  13. Several years ago I read about SL being controlled by the suck and blow control that paralyzed people use to move their wheelchairs. So, anything is possible.
  14. I have turned display names off. I got tired of trying to converse with people with unpronounceable names, so i always use usernames. And, yes, the word IS converse, not conversate.
  15. Clearing my cache did NOT fix the problem. After four years, I know where my cache is, and I've cleared it many, many times. It took three tries to get my purchased item to show up. In the meantime I bought other items that appeared instantly. It was this one purchase that did not show up when paid for, and the first time the seller re-delivered it. It only showed up on the second re-delivery try. This has been happening for the four years I've been in SL, it still is not fixed.
  16. Wow, that image reminds me of some of the views I saw of SL when I first joined almost 4 years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same. What I'm saying is it will never be always perfect.
  17. When I'm watching a video on my computer and want to change the view and I hit ALT and click the mouse to change the view.
  18. Well, the seller got my first notecard and sent the item to me. But I never got that, either. I checked the seller's profile and found two more people I thought were close enough to relay a message and sent them notecards, too. Tonight I logged in and had an IM from the seller stating she had sent a replacement.. I checked my inventory and it wasn't there. She waited while I cleared cache and logged out and logged in again to send me another replacement. I got that one, finally. After four years, inventory delivery still has problems.
  19. The link to Profiles does not exist. Impressive.
  20. After almost four years in SL, I thought I might change things up with a new shape and skin. I found one that suited my needs and paid $999L for the set. It reminded me of my first month in SL (four years ago) when things I paid for never reached me.
  21. Plain prims/textures and old school sculpties/textures sometimes never rez. Now a new item to look like a blob for hours. All I want is the skin and shape I paid $999L for on 9/13. Deliver that and I might download a Mesh viewer. Let me ride my motorcycle across sim lines without a roller coaster ride and I might download a Mesh viewer.
  22. I added and to my DNS SErver list in System Preferences/Network and all is well now.
  23. My skin has disappeared a I walked about, then it reappeared. If I added clothing it disappeared again, then reappeared as I walked about again. Welcome to the club.
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