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  1. Petronilla Whitfield wrote: I don't own meeroos, so I have no personal investment here. I can see one argument for allowing the sellers to take back the animals. Here in first life, it is a common animal-rescue practice to include a clause in the adoption of an animal allowing the rescue organization to reclaim it if they see fit. The purpose is to make sure that the animals aren't being abused or neglected or used to fight, but typically conditions are not spelled out in order to avoid arguments over the interpretation of abuse or neglect. It is also typical to specify that any money paid to the organization for the animal will not be refunded. Of course, meeroos are virtual, so on one hand, applying the terms of adoption used for live animals is just silly. On another hand, a lot of silly things go on in SL to further verisimilitude. As meeroos need to eat (I believe), and need affection, and are able to breed, etc, the purpose of their scripting seems to be to create as far as possible the illusion of being a live animal. The meeroo's contract specifying that ownership may be revoked may be seen as part of that illusion. I think you and I both know that is not what happened. I had 2 Meeroos I was keeping.. I raised them for over 100 days.. fed them, cared for them, bred them.. and meepetted them.. If I was going to "mistreat" them.. would I have bothered paying nearly $1000L EACH to have them meepetted? Come on.. this was a selfish act of a vindictive woman, who although she claims to allow "opinions", did not want to hear mine because it did not follow along with hers... so, she banned me from the game.. (which, alone, would have been fine..), and then STOLE my "Animals" that I was caring for, and very well.. I might add.. they had more toys to play with and a supply of food like no other breeder would.
  2. UncommonTruth wrote: Knowing nothing about anything, I can only read Ceka's post, wich makes the meeroos people look completely wrong. Sorry if I misspelled meeroos lol. I'm not understanding how you were banned from the game. For mentioning you were selling them? I guess this goes way over my head. If I'd ever had any temptation to get into breedables, this cured it. edit, cause I had misspelled meroos ^^ No, I was banned because they *CLAIMED* I had broken their TOS.. which, I have not, never would, never have.. but, even so.. I don't care if they banned me.. the problem I have, is that they STOLE property from me that I PAID FOR. I had 2 "Clover" Meeroos that I was keeping, that I raised from nests, fed through their life until they retired.. (food is not free.. pretty expensive) .. and then PAID to have THEM BOTH MEEPETTED .. which costs $995L each.. and they were both upwards of 100 days old.. so, I had them for over 3 months.. yet, they STOLE them from me. After speaking directly with Catherine Farspire (Lead creator for Meeroos), she told me she banned me for something I wrote on their open forum.. which, was there for OPINIONS.. and I expressed mine, only to get BANNED, *AND* Have my 100+ day old Meepetted Roos TAKEN from me. The claim that was given to me when I tried to rez a nest.. "Banned due to multiple *TOS* Violations" this is not true, and I don't care what anyone thinks.. REMOVING of PROPERTY that has been PAID FOR by the Customer (ME) is FRAUD. If LL doesn't do something about this, my lawyers will.
  3. Melita Magic wrote: MasterEdward Avril wrote: Sorry, posting from my iPad, doesn't give me the "quote" option, lol Oh! Okay. No problem. My Ipad has been gathering dust. I'm still technically challenged, I guess! Never tried to post with it. Thanks for the dotted line. No problem.. back on my pc now.. Anyway.. am I wrong, or is this type of practice against the LL tos ?
  4. MasterEdward Avril wrote The reason you can not find it, is because Catherine chose to remove the post. She told me this directly. Your post is still there. I have the page open, right at this moment. It's in the blog post announcing the Halloween costumes, for the person who wanted to know. BTW Edward not to be a noodge, but, could you put a line or something between what others said and your reply? It looks like you said the whole thing. Or, your name is going on someone else's post. =============================================================== Sorry, posting from my iPad, doesn't give me the "quote" option, lol
  5. MasterEdward Avril wrote: <SNIP> The reason you can not find it, is because Catherine chose to remove the post. She told me this directly. /me shakes his head See...this is ALSO ridiculous. None of these breedables people will ever a single linden from THIS poster. I wouldn't touch their crap with a 10M pole. I don't know about other breedables, but any merchant in second life that practices such illegal practices, should be banned from second life in my opinion.
  6. Ranting on a LL website isn't going to get you anywhere. The court of public opinion has no authority and is frequently completely ignorant of the law. If you're so convinced that you've been wronged you should retain competent legal counsel. Be assured, I am not here to rant, merely to both educate and express my public opinions, as we all are.
  7. You say that I don't know the full story. That may be because you seem incapable or unwilling to tell us what that might be. Having re-read your post here, my impression is that we have selective snippets. I should also add that I have searched against your name on the Meeroo website and your only post (at least your only post now visible) is that which you claim got you banned and which I earlier set out in full. What had caused you to express disgust in that post? Had the issue which led to you being banned already arisen? If so, how can you claim the post expressing disgust got you banned? The reason you can not find it, is because Catherine chose to remove the post. She told me this directly.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. Meeroos are a big investment. I express myself there as well although I hope they wouldn't see it as negative since I do also say many positive things, and am active and proactive in the meeroo community. It is very scary to me that my investment could just POOF. I do not think that should ever happen, once something has been purchased. At least give the person an opportunity to give their belongings to someone else, or to sell them. If they want to stop them posting there, or playing in future that is another thing and within their rights I guess. But, taking belongings seems above that. Can you appeal your ban there? I appealed directly with the "mother" of meeroos , Catherine Farspire. To no avail...
  9. Venus Petrov wrote: Then do not waste your time here, sir. File an Abuse Report. Which I have done, but I wanted others to know the "Abuse of power" they posess, and use, at WHIM.
  10. Venus Petrov wrote: I am not an owner of any type of breedable but it sounds like the jist of this tale of woe is to make sure you read and understand any agreement upon purchase, abide by the rules set forth by the seller, and enjoy your toys. Their TOS states.. "altering scripts.. etc" Which I have not done. EVER.
  11. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: I'm replying to Dana as she has made the 'general' case: For whatever reason this kind of functionality is included, it amounts to nothing more than a "bait and switch" As such I'd say it's not a matter for AR or at least not for AR alone. There isn't much LL can do that will punish people who abuse abilities like this. What I mean is that, at most, LL can remove the privilege of access to SL by banning people. If you want them really punished you need to take it to RL. Those affected need to launch a RL class action against the creators of these objects. The usual response to that, of course, is "it's not worth hiring lawyers" - in which case this is simply inter-resident drama. Either people care enough to do something real about it or they don't. If they don't then the creators will just continue to get away with it. IF necessary, this will go to RL, I assure you.
  12. Ian Undercroft wrote: With respect Ceka, what you say is nonsense. The Meeroos ToS gives you licence you access to the product and database. If you breach that licence, it may be terminated at the instance of the licensor. The meeroos will then "poof" because they are, for their continued existence, dependant on access to the database. The right of a licensor to terminate a licence in specified circumstances is a basic and elementary element of the law of contract. Have you read that TOS, sir? I have. I did not break ANY TOS, yet they felt the right to do what they did.
  13. Ceka Cianci wrote: i've seen threads where horse breeders have had thier horses taken like that as well.. I can see if someone were to complain about something and not be allowed to purchase anymore.. but they shouldn't have the poswer to take back what was sold to you ..not unless it was at fair market value or atleast a total refund.. it's theft otherwise..i don't care how much you irritated anyone..what is paid for is paid for.. this is the area that LL needs to have things able to be AR'd..imagine if all creators did this.. those scripts were really made for creators of builds that were taking part payment or payment at the end of the project..if payment wasn't received then they just blew them up.. now they are used for this crap..bleh i would still AR them anyways just to see where it goes.. I have AR'd them. For all breaks in the TOS, which.. they have. Stealing content that I paid for.. is just that.. STEALING.. and that is illegal ANYWHERE.
  14. Ian Undercroft wrote: I note that you make reference to having purchased one of the novelty Halloween costumes. When they were announced on the official Meeroo Blog you posted by way of comment: Just an fyi.. I am disgusted.. so.. if anyone wants to buy my entire inventory of meeroo nests, AND my lives.. including Koi, Cales, Cinders, traits, more.. around 200 or more.. IM MasterEdward Avril in world asap... before they go poof Yours appeared a lone voice of dissent. The "disgust" you expressed was unreasoned and appeared to me illogical. It now appears that you hypocritically went out and purchased that which you expressed "disgust" about. If, as appears, you were intending to "poof" your meeroos, why are you now bothered that you have been banned? A possibility is, of course, that you simply posted your comment because you saw an opportunity to advertise nests for sale. You will, no doubt, be aware that advertising for sale is prohibited on the Meeroo website. Alternatively, you're one of the many perpetual flamers and whingers that seem to plague the Meeroo Blog and Forums; always expressing "disgust" and threatening to leave but, unfortunately, never actually leaving. Either way, in my view, it serves you right that you've had your come-uppence. I suggest you pay attention, and not make "guesses" as to the reasoning. For you to say "serves me right" is simply irresponsible on your part. What you are saying is.. if you say something negative about the company.. "serves them right" to steal content that YOU PAID FOR.. and ban you from the game. Remind me not to do business with you.
  15. Dana Hickman wrote: Griffin Ceawlin wrote: In any case, if you're so "fed up with meeroos," why do you care? Probably because it's not about the breedable itself so much as the fact that creators are allowed to script in ways to return, delete, or cripple a valid purchased product at their own whim, without having to clearly and blatantly notify the customer before purchase. For whatever reason this kind of functionality is included, it amounts to nothing more than a "bait and switch" when it's used for ANY single thing other than post-copy (copybot) protection. Best advice is to research more before purchasing these kind of heavily scripted items, and to never purchase any ones that include a hidden recall, cripple, or delete function that the creator can mess with. OPs like this one are how others find out about these things, and because the creator's certainly not going to tip his hand on stuff like this. That is exactly the point. To my knowledge, this is against the LL TOS.
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