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  1. Im looking for skilled builders that can work with themed sims, ancient architecture and style. please contact me via NC or Pm in world. i would like to see references. paid work for skilled builder. look forward to hearing from you thank you in advance for your consideration. attached an example build, knowledge of mess combined with prim building would help
  2. i would like to inquire about a possible build i am somewhat skilled in building but my former building partner has left sl i have allot of stuff we had worked on across a network of sims and myself im looking for personal work for my own space. but the Group i represent are also interested in finding someone that can create and help us to refine some epic details across the various sims! please contact me IW sylar Oppewall i would like to discuss your fees and work etc. looking at your marketplace i am sure i have already purchased a few of these items
  3. **HIRING A SKILLED BUILDER** im apart of a network of live place sims, with various themes and would like to hire a dedicated Builder with creative concept, looking for sim design and layout with buildings and landscape. its a tall order and would like to meet with and discuss the various thoughts and ideas of our upcoming expansions. leaning more to the Ancient and fantasy themed builds. please contact me inworld through IM or Notecard as well my project partner Gareth Ellsmere Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon sylar Oppecwall (Silvanus Varro)
  4. i have been in sl for 10 years my current building partner has not been available to help me complete a project. im looking for help to complete the project. i can do all the texturing. ive been looking for someone that might me interested. serious responses only. please contact me via IM notecard inworld @ sylar Oppewall aka Silvanus Varro we can discuss the terms and conditions if required
  5. Would be interested if this is still available. Please let me know here or via IM @ sylar Oppewall in SL thanks.
  6. CeCe Briner wrote: Full sim for sale (you own outright) Tiers due: 5/6/2015 (the 6th of every month) Asking: $350 USD (or will consider best offer) plus transfer fee + Transfer fee: $100 USD. Contact me: cece.briner@gmail.com or in-world/offline is this available or is it sold?
  7. thats fantastic ive been working on a Vulcan scince vessal for the last while on another grid though im still hoping to find it a home in sl. finding vulcan related anything has been a challenge. the other grid seems to host more people interested in building than in rp of anykind. ill try contact you in sl soon thanks for your reply Sy
  8. Feel tired of the medieval elves and still want to rp with those ears. Over the years I've tried many various rp styles. And now I'd like to form a scifi elven race. Liken to the vulcans in ST but with our unique twist. I'm a builder and work hard creating sets and so on. I'd be interested I'm meeting like minded people, to aid in forming a collective of interested elven people. Story writers, tailors, and other such individuals interested in helping shape the world. Adding layers to any groups rp is great. Working with a creative team is good to. I look forward to hearing from anyone interest
  9. im looking for someone that would like to work on some scifi clothing (hair, accessories etc). interested in creating various clothes etc for some varied alien or other earthly variety. i have examples of the stuff im looking to create. please get in touch with me threw here or IW to perhaps discuss it further. Sylar Oppewall (Secondlife) Sylar Quinto. (Inworldz)
  10. Builder Wanted  i would like to find a builder to help create some sci-fi buildings that i want to put on my sim in IW if thats something that you would like to try and help me get going please contact me with your info i will provide the references that im looking for thank you in advance for the consideration feel free  to contact me here and or in sl with offline IM or notecard
  11. stardate 30.09.2012 With some advanced technological and biological advancements in part thanks to some other intellectual and ruthless species 3573. We have adapted there strengths and also have increased the strength of the collective. After a brief encounter with a unknown species known only to us as "the Darkness" we lost many of our cube in futile battle. With the Intel that we got from the destroyed cubes we have adapted and are exploring the possible alliance with the federation counter parts even with full knowledge that there weak united planets will fail and become apart of our c
  12. im looking for a custom mesh clothing creation to enhance a group rp and development i would like to meet and or disguss the cost of them there are five in total. please contact me with inworld or email info in private if youd like serious replies only please. there are allot of incredible and talented people out there and i would love to have something equally as epic to showcase and already amazing group of rp'rs. thank you in advance and look froward to talking in detail about our project Sylar ps. i can provide images and info as to the look and design we have and interest in seeing
  13. thank you and yes i have this one and it is alright but its not made to be lighter ive tried. it was one of the first that came up good size though
  14. hello there i was hoping i might find a great hair style that is Vulcon or similar in the way its made or looks. ive found a couple but there not quite right and are not in the shade of blonde or varied colors that i would like is there anyone that is making Vulcan hair of course without the obvious name as per coppyrights etc. here is a link the example: http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/2500000/Zachary-Quinto-Spock-star-trek-2597267-2560-1921.jpg ive searched the market place already. message here or in sl IM or note card sylar Oppewall
  15. i would like to offer you a link to a forum i created as ive been working towards a part of a larger sci-fi rp group we are establishing over a 4 sim area please feel free to contact me or any others in the group to get more info heres the link http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/BORG-Collective-rp-via-USS-invincible/td-p/1566073
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