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  1. I need a couple of new scripts for a WIP. Maybe they already exist and I just haven't found them yet, or maybe I need something from scratch. Here's the project needs: 1. lighting: I have a linked set that needs multiple faces (on each set) to light up and some to glow on touch (and shut off again on touch). I want only one touch on the object to control the whole thing. 2. texture changer: I have a texture changer that allows for the change of individual faces, but i want all of the faces to change at once. for 3 separate themes. They won't look good to mix and match, I thin
  2. I agree demos are important. I'll demo hair, clothes, skin, heads etc. before buying. Furniture - I'd prefer to see it in-world before I buy it - to try it, if it is scripted or has poses, or to see how it actually looks. I've decided to make all of my items Copy/mod, but I don't supply UV maps and such at this time. If I was going to go for full perms, then I would. If someone wants to re-texture it, by all means... but it'll lack the AO. Want another look that I didn't provide? it's easy - contact me and I'll work with you. I've done that once already. I customized one of my pieces for a cus
  3. I gave up on it for now. It'll be something I play with later. BTW, I was under the impression that we couldn't use cycles for SL mesh, only blender render. is this not true? Frankly, I found cycles really easy to use and might prefer going back to it.
  4. @Pamela Galli Ok... I thought more about your wording. Maybe I am misunderstanding what I am watching/reading. You mentioned baking specifically. and I get what you are saying. Maybe I will need to just make the cutouts of the leaves and stop trying to use the alpha texture. sigh. Or, alternatively, turn off casting. sigh again.
  5. @Pamela Galli It can be done in cycles (I've watched videos), and I've read it can be done in render, but I haven't be able to accomplish it yet. I'm supposed to only need to enable "receive transparent" on the object I want the shadow to fall on, and poof, it should be there. Alas, I keep getting the shadow for the whole plane. I have watched tutorials and read and they all say the same thing. Object one (the one with the alpha) set Ztransparency, alpha=0 on materials, then on texture, use alpha. On object 2 (the one that collects the shadow), set materials to receive transparent. It is
  6. Thanks, @Ivanova Shostakovich and @Clover Jinx, but that's not really what I am trying to do. I'm talking about baking shadows within Blender. I'm not worried about shadows cast within SL, because some shadows I want baked into my textures so that no matter what lighting the avi uses, they will be there.
  7. Because I need to do this with several differently shaped leaves. If I can get it to do what it is supposed to do, I'll have less work and less faces. Perhaps, if I get no success, I'll have to do that though.
  8. Help! I didn't have this problem before and I have no idea why it is happening now. Perhaps one of you can help?? I have an item I am making and I have a plane that will have an image of a leaf in the center and transparent around it. I want the leaf only to cast a shadow onto the object behind it. However, every time I try (and I believe I have everything set correctly regarding alpha and shadows), I end up with a shadow from the entire plane, not just the leaf. It seems to be a problem on the object behind, because the plane renders correctly. The only way I can make it go away is to m
  9. I'm starting to think that a store-wide system may be easier. Because even if I had a script I could drop in (my original thought), it would be labor intensive to drop and remove - and if I was going to do that, I might as well reset the price myself.
  10. Maybe I;ll have to look into Caspervend. Currently I have my own vendor items. I totally forgot about MP lol. I wish there was an easy way to discount en masse too.
  11. Hi, I want to periodically offer store-wide sales. How can I do this most efficiently. I was hoping maybe a script I can drop into my vendor items? or do I really have to go item by item and reduce the price? Thanks!
  12. I like to plan and organize, so the concept of a SKU sounds like a good idea - especially for running reports, etc. My store has relatively few items at the moment, but I'm ever adding to my inventory. I think that if a SKU would be better in the long run, I should get on it now, so I don't have to go back and add them later. But, I don't know what I don't know. So - SKU: worth it or a waste of time? If you use SKU - why do you? What does it help with? Any advice for setting up a SKU system? If you've tried it and found it a waste of time - why so? Thanks!
  13. thank you for all your replies. I think I'm going to keep my main shop for a moment and look for a busy commercial rental until I get myself established. Why not have two spaces? Now the hunt for a decent rental...
  14. I decided to go premium so that I could get a little parcel for my new store. the 512 is ok size-wise for now, but I need more LI allowance. I've read about different ways to do this: the obvious: buy a larger parcel another obvious, but not possible in my current situation: buy an adjoining parcel to combine buy more land in the same region and deed the land to the group (along with the original land, I assume) create an alt, go premium with the alt, buy another 512 in the region and deed it to the group. others? Questions: what is the best and cheap
  15. Thank you for your comments, everyone. @Chase01 I did recently start my Flikr and have been joining and posting to SL advertising groups there. I also created a FB page and have been posting to similar groups on FB. I'm not sure why you didn't see my current link to my in-world store on my main page - I just checked it to be sure, and it's still there. Sales on the MP were good for one particular product for a while, while I had it on a category enhanced listing. Other things, not so much. I don't know if it is about my products in general, competition with other, better known brands, or
  16. I've graduated from a kiosk to an in-world store to go along with my MP listings. I set up a visitor tracker and a group joiner with group gift, but it's seems to have been pointless so far. I want to drive more traffic to my in-world store. I know there are various ways to do it, but since I already made a mistake with enhanced listings on MP, i'd like to avoid wasting L on advertising that doesn't have a good return. I'm familiar with hunts, freebie groups, and daily sale groups, but have no clue as to how to get involved and which ones might be a better fit for my store (furniture / de
  17. @Tari Landar I have to agree (a little too late, it seems). I tend to think I'm the average shopper and I know my own habits when it comes to marketplace - and I typically go straight to categories or use the search engine, because I am looking for something somewhat specific (maybe a new sofa or table lamp) Occasionally, I'll just browse in a category to see if anything new suits my fancy. I don't really stay on homepage long. @Dakota Linden That was very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to sum everything up. I'm definitely going to see how things pan out this week and g
  18. I did find that a category landing page enhancement improved sales on one of my items, so I'm willing to give that a go again, but I don't think I'm going to do homepage again. what a waste
  19. I listed them yesterday, about 14 hours ago or more. I wonder if it might have to do with the number of enhanced home page listings in total - like they only show so many at a time.... in which case, the more expensive home page listing may not be worth it, in my view. But, I guess I'll try the week and see. Also, really annoying that we can't select how long IN TOTAL we want the enhanced listing, rather than the auto-renew. I know they do that to catch L because people will forget.
  20. Hi, I just started using enhanced listings and with the first couple I did, it was easy and I could see my listings in the featured sections. Now, because I have a nice set I just listed, I wanted to list it on the home page and on a category landing - so I did. Here's the fun part - LL already took my L for the listings, but they are no where to be seen. I've checked over and over again. Why aren't they up? Also, on my enhanced listings report, 2 of my listings are not there, but I can find them on MP. What gives? (I'm aware that maybe I should ask LL these questions, but I th
  21. Thank you for the responses - the position has been filled. (I'd delete the post, but I don't know how)
  22. Thank you for the responses - the position has been filled. (I'd delete the post, but I don't know how)
  23. Frustration abounds. I tried in the scripting forum, but I'm no scriptor. I built a mesh lamp. it has multiple surfaces. I want to have on/off functions. Requirements: Touch anywhere to toggle On/Off. ON Face 2 (bulb) = full bright, glow (0.10), light emit (defaults are fine) Face 0 (shade) = full bright (only) would be really nice to have a sound, but not required (i have one in inventory) OFF . this should be obvious - everything off. no full brite, glow, or light. again, sound would be nice, but not required
  24. I know, I know - I really should just learn to do it. Unfortunately, RL has me 6 days a week running a business and 2 teens, a hubby, and a house to look after. I barely get time to build my mesh objects. I'm sure it wouldn't take me long to figure out, as I have played with programming here and there in the past, but I haven't the mind for it right now. Maybe in the future when mesh gets too easy! lol Thank you! (it'll be for sale as soon as I get this script worked out )
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