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  1. I recently started designing mesh decor & furniture items. I have a marketplace store, but am not getting much traction. I am looking to open a booth somewhere so that I can get some exposure, but I don't want to waste L on malls that don't make good sales or have high foot traffic. However, I need to start somewhere. right now I only have about 8 or 9 items, so I don't need a ton of space. I might even be willing to sell in another store, giving commission to the store owner in lieu of rent - or rent... whichever works. I'm constantly working on new projects to increase my inventory of it
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I currently rent a 1/3 sim that I think I can set up shop as well... I had thought about it already, but wondered how to generate traffic, which is why I was asking if anyone had success renting a booth (I hear not). I also haven't utilized my free 512 yet, so I was thinking t do that too. I am going to set up MP for sure, even if it means I need to sideline my gacha resells for now. My items will eventually be fairly eclectic decor items, but I am doing that on purpose. I love to mix and match items, modern, vintage, etc, so I intend to offer anything I feel li
  3. Hi, ok.. trying again, but going to word things differently. I've just recently started designing mesh decorative items/furniture. I haven't created a ton yet (a bit more than a handful of items). I know I can list on marketplace, but I am looking for advice on how and where to enter the market in world. Eventually, I plant to set up a store on my own property. In the meantime, I am looking for ideas as to where I might find a booth to rent in a sim that gets good traffic and that other, more experienced, merchants here have had success with (which is why I am asking here, rather than in a ren
  4. I just started designing mesh and partial mesh decor items. So far I only have a handful of items (but furiously working on more!). I know I can open a store, but I currently have some gacha items listed in my marketplace - not ready to take those down just yet, since I don't have many of my own items yet. For now, I'd like to get started in a small market somewhere - but where? I'm not sure if I am allowed to ask here, so if it is not allowed, please feel free to delete my post (mods). Where are some good, popular places that might have booth space available?
  5. I think the only confusion I've ever had with SL/RL have been romantic entanglements. I have a dear friend in SL that is now also a RL friend, but that's different somehow. Like, we can talk about SL as SL and RL as RL. We can keep them separate with each other. But an intense romantic entanglement in the past had me severely blurring the lines between real and fantasy, which is why now (and I just realized may be repeating myself) I don't want to see someone's RL picture and I don't want to show mine. I want to keep things as separate as possible in my mind.
  6. one thing that would be nice is to trigger certain expressions (bento - hands and heads) with local chat, like gestures, but animating the avi to do the emoting. That reminds me, I may have to keep my "YAY" gesture activated. It makes Ellie do the same thing I do in RL when I say "Yay". I don't like having to keep a HUD up and remember to click a certain emotion while trying to type at the same time. Plus, my viewer tends to get littered with HUDs.
  7. I'll admit, I used to be one - I think we all were back in the day, because it was new and fun! Now it's damn annoying. I left SL for several years and now that I'm back, I have forgotten all the triggers, so I randomly gesture without intention. I really need to just go through and deactivate them all.
  8. That was the very first thing I thought as well. Dirty minds think alike
  9. @Madelaine McMasters That must be how gas lighting works on people. I've always wondered about that. I'm pretty stubborn about what I remember when someone tells me I have it wrong. I even irritate my mom because I am always correcting her embellished stories. I'm sure everyone is susceptible to a certain degree, but I wonder if some people show resistance to planted memories.
  10. In 10 years, and multiple motherboards, hard drives, ect replaced (several on one system when I ran my GIS program), I've never, ever been questioned by Dell. That's why I ALWAYS get their 3 year warranty. Never a question asked and always repaired within 2 days.
  11. That's what I said, and that is what I asked about. I already know I can run sl just fine. I love the comparison! I agree and am aware of this fact, but when you have a warranty that replaces the engine quickly, as many times as you need while the warranty is in place (no questions asked), it makes it a little less of a problem. All in all, what I've learned here: *It is best to get a newer, stronger system meant for gaming. *Yes, I should be able to run blender, because I can run sl, which is more demanding (in some ways) *I should watch the temperature on my syst
  12. @anna2358 We can't all afford the top systems and we are not all techies. I'm so so with newer technology. The system I'm using was not purchased for gaming. In fact, at the time I purchased it, I was not active in sl at all. But, I have a three year warranty that has been tried and true over the last eight years (i always get the warranty), so yea, if I burn up a motherboard, it gets replaced within two days, at my house so I'm not overly bothered about it. I've been able to run sl just fine at mid and high and I could probably do ultra (as I mentioned before, I have on occasion) more th
  13. @Chic Aeon I think I'll stick with the one plot or a combined plot. i only have one premium account and I don't use the alts I created over the years lol. Thank you for the information - it helped me understand it even better.
  14. I have the laptop support/fan already. I consider them a requirement when I am on SL or anything else demanding. My first system I used for GIS mapping, it was a pretty intense program and I think that was part of the reason I burned up so many motherboards - even though it met all the specs the State told me it had to have (to run the programs they required of me). I don't have need for that program anymore and I think I only went through one motherboard in 4 years with my last system. To be fair, I was off of SL most of that time lol. I have a HP that is starting to age out - running SL on i
  15. I'll stick with the first. My memory sucks anyway lol. Plus, the truth is just easier. What others do, well, that's up to them. I'm probably not going to let someone get close enough to me again to be concerned about their absolute truth. I know that sounds really cynical.
  16. I think the place I am renting right now adds up to about $50/mo and it's a private island in an open community. I like the low lag and the peace and quite. Even though it is open, I never see my neighbors. I love having such a high LI allowance. But, if I decide to save some L and spend it on other things, it's nice to know how I can do so and still get a decent place on the mainland that I can decorate and have mostly paid for.
  17. So, I could create my own group, buy to parcels next to each other, join them and deed them to the group, and I would only have to pay for the second (tier, of course, I get that I have to purchase the parcels up front), with a 10% discount, and I would have 350 prims to use across the parcels? 350 seems so low now that I've been spoiled (although paying for it lol)
  18. I get your points. Like I said, I've burned up a few motherboards in the past - which is why I carry the 3 year warranty on all my laptops - so if I burn it up, I get a new one . By the time my warranty is out, I'll be getting a new one anyway. Someday I'll probably invest in alienware, but not yet. I don't get low performance on my current system and it doesn't overheat. I make sure to use an extra fan when I am on SL (most of the time). Even when I don't, it doesn't overheat. My old system used to actually get hot to the touch - really hot. I'll watch for it, of course. And who knows, maybe
  19. I agree that our stories develop over time. Certainly, Ellie has her own story that has grown from SL experiences. When I was trying to create the persona I was experimenting with, I felt it required some backstory to help explain some quirks and such. I wanted to develop a character, much as one does in a novel. But, I tend to over analyze things and look at things from psychological perspectives - and with psychology, there is always a backstory.
  20. L$2500, it's a private island on navigable water in an open community. I think I have 16,000 LI, of which maybe 300 are used by items the landlord placed (which I can return if I want). The only thing I can't do is put up ban lines and if I were to get an orb, I have to add the managers. I personally don't find it too restrictive and my lag is zilch. Not sure how the price rates, but I fell in love, so... Lol
  21. I think I understand now. Basically, if I can run on ultra, or even mid to high in sl, then I should not have any problems with blender. I usually only run ultra for pictures, or to take in the view for a moment, but mid and high, in general, don't give me much issues and I rarely over heat with this unit. I guess it's time for me to watch some tutorials :D. Thanks so much, Madelaine. Cheers
  22. OK, here's the whole sh-bang: I'm still curious that if my chipset is not a graphics card, how is it that I can run SL better than I could on my old laptops? anyhoo.. I would consider buying another more advanced computer, but this one is only about a year old, I'll give it a couple more years before I toss it to the kids lol
  23. Ok, maybe it's not the graphics card, where would I find the card info? I didn't say I have to run on low on this computer, I said I can run ultra if I want and that I usually run on mid to high the rest of the time. I only run on low if I have a bad connection or in a really laggy pace like a packed club. When I referred to minimum specs, I was referring to my old outdated system. So if I can run on high or even ultra in sl, I should be ok with blender?
  24. I think that's where I'm at now. I'll take you as you present yourself (I'm not as hung up on whether or not it is true, because what does it really matter inside of SL? If it works inside your own needs of SL and you are not purposefully hurting another, then these days I'm a lot more relaxed). Again, I think that is more regarding people that do NOT intend to bring Sl into RL. If there is an intention of deliberately mixing the two, then I think it is more important to be as honest as possible to avoid conflict - but, that's me.
  25. Indeed, it was a lot of wasted effort, but not necessarily wasted time. Sometimes we have to do things to determine that it's not what we like. I tried it, it didn't work for me, I ended it. I'm not going to try to say I am 100% honest 100% of the time, but I tend toward honesty vs white lies and definitely try to avoid the big fat lies (other than my previously mentioned experiment). Lately, if there is something don't want to tell or talk about, I just say so. That being said, I don't seem to care as much these days about whether or not someone is giving me the "real" story or a made up
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