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  1. Doh! I should have listed the grpahics card. I have an Intel HD Graphics 5500, version Thanks all for your replies!
  2. Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere; I tried a search and failed to find anything to help me. I am pretty certain that blender should work on my laptop, as I do believe it meets the minimum specs. However, I know all too well that with meeting the minimum requirements for SL means a VERY frustrating, laggy SL that must be on the lowest graphics settings. I've also burnt up a few motherboards from my SL use in the past (even though my system exceeded the minimum requirements at that time). I don't want to kill my current laptop. SL seems to work fine on it and I can even run at ultra fo
  3. I'm not sure I understand. Perhaps I should have said "I felt guilty" and left it at that? I think the reason I said "I felt too guilt"y instead of "I felt guilty" is because I recognize how commonplace it is to be less than honest in SL. Perhaps with "just enough guilt" a person might not change, but too much guilt may prompt change (as in my case, to alleviate the internal guilt/condemnation).
  4. Thank you all for the information. I understand the situation much, much better now. I still really like my place, so I think I'll keep it. I might just have to open a lil place on a 512, since I get it for free. Out of curiosity, if I were to pick up a larger parcel on the mainland, would the amount set for a 512 still be applied (aka lesser tier for me) or is that only applicable to a 512? Thanks again
  5. I'm going to reveal too much information here, but it's not going to matter because I've forgotten the passwords to the alt's account and to the email associated lol. I'm Ellie, Ellie is the SL extension of the 1st life me. However, due to a rabbit hole I fell into during my first trip to SL,(a 2-year, addicted rabbit hole), I left for a long time (yes, broken heart). When I tried to come back as Ellie, it hurt too much, and I didn't want to let anyone close enough to hurt me again, so I decided to do my own kind of role-play. I created an alt and then created a fake 1st life. I had a who
  6. I found a nice 1/3 sim that I fell in love with. It was listed as a rental and has a rental box. I joined the group, paid the rent for 4 weeks, and found out I couldn't do anything. I contacted the Landlord and was told that I had to purchase the land to be able to rez anything. So, the land purchase (same as a week's rent) was added to my lease, to give me another week. So, I am a little confused. Am I renting or do I own? If I choose to move on, do I sell the land or do they take it back? I've never purchased land in SL before, I've only ever rented. I do know my 512 tier is covered as a pre
  7. Obviously. Since there is such a large base, I figured it was just as easy to ask here, since I cannot log into SL for a bit. But, you know... thanks anyway.
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding AI pets. I have a VKC cat and a VKC dog. They don't seem to interact, and I am not sure they are meant to. Does anyone know if they should? Also, I currently have an ultimate Siamese from Zooby (I've preferred it over the Curious because I don't feel like having a cat that does nothing unless I feed it lots of L). I was considering getting a zooby dog but I can't seem to find any Ultimates for sale (for the same reason I haven't upgraded to a curious cat yet) - I'm sure they dropped them to push the Curious line. I'd happily buy one from someone that h
  9. I was just about to start a new thread about this same topic. When I first started in SL, so many years ago, I was online just about daily for a couple of years. But, life changed and I found myself too busy to be online much. I've been back sporadically over the years, and although I know I can't devote a lot of time to SL, I miss some aspects of it and have tried going inworld, only to find it very lonely. The old places I used to hang out are gone and it doesn't seem like too many people are interested in talking to old avies. I've even tried an alt - who got far more attention, being new -
  10. I agree that the Demo option is the best bet. I have tried Maitreya and Belleza so far - will need to try more too. I think if I make the plunge I will keep my old head for now. Just curious - how felxible are the heads to make them unique? Do they adjust to the sliders too? (I can always pose this question in a new thread when the time comes). So which bodies should I try (for a more realistic look)? Thanks again!
  11. HI Mackenzie! I'm also back after a very long hiatus - about 5 years. To be fair, I have been on and off a little in those five years, but not enough to maintain friendships. I'd love to hang out sometime if you would like I will try to remember to send a nc the next time I'm in world. Cheers!
  12. Hi all! I've been away from SL for a long time, most of the last five years. I have popped in from time to time, enough to see the current trends, but not enough to fall in step completely. At some point I invested in Slink hands and feet and I have fallen in love with mesh. Here's where my confusion lies. I worked very hard on my system avi to achieve the body/face that I wanted. I like a natural/rl look. I am keenly interested in a mesh body because I love how much better the clothes fit on the avis I've seen. BUT, I don't want to loose my look, and I certainly don't want to look like a clo
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