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  1. Was looking at the world map and noticed a lot of people showing to be on Linden Protected Land. Most are showing to be standing in a circle. Some look to be stacked on top of each other. Looks to be on 15 regions. Any thoughts of what is going on with this? Wow, they are all gone now.
  2. My workaround for this issue, I open my dashboard then go to Shopping at top of page and click marketplace.
  3. Well, I do not have an account on Flicker, so I will just join in by adding my picture here.
  4. Is LL finally going to update the Library with new mesh items for things like trees and plants? New terrain texture sets? New items in the Library like mesh bikes and companions? A nice mesh house instead of the old prim shack?
  5. I once rented a full region from an Estate group. jacob4564 is lucky. I had to pay the Estate group an additional amount, like 5k, to have it show that I was the Estate Owner. I still had to pay my monthly tier to the Estate Group (not to LL) for the region. But becoming Estate Owner, I was able to apply RAW terrain files and had full control over the region. I could do sim restarts whenever I felt like it was needed without going to LL or the Estate group to get the region restarted. The Estate group still owns the land and it is best to show the owner of the Estate Group as a Estate Manager and can always access the region (that is more courtesy than needed, they do actually "own" the land because they are the ones paying LL the monthly tier.
  6. Thank you ChinRey! That fixes my problem of getting the materials synchronized. One additional question, if I wanted a nice shiny marble floor, what Glossiness and Environment values would you recommend?
  7. Hello all, For three days now I have tried to put diffuse, normal and specular textures to objects and use planer mapping, align textures and then synchronize materials. Say I have one cube object, size <3.00000, 2.00000, 0.50000> and a second cube object size <2.25000, 1.75000, 0.50000>. I align the two side by side and set both to planer mapping. I select Top Face on the 3x2 object and set it to Horizontal Scale 3 and Vertical Scale 2 for the diffuse texture. I apply the same diffuse texture to the top of the smaller object. I select the top face of the smaller object and then select the top face of the 3x2 object and then check Align Planer. Texture looks good and both surfaces are correctly aligned. I then apply the normal texture and the specular texture. When I click synchronize materials, the diffuse texture stays correct and aligned across the two objects at Horizontal 3 and Vertical 2 but the Horizontal Scale and the Vertical Scale will double for both the normal and specular textures to read Horizontal Scale 6 and Vertical Scale 4 with odd vertical and horizontal offsets and it all greys out and will no let me make any changes to the scales of the normal and specular textures. What am I doing incorrectly and how do I properly align and synchronize materials using planer alignment?
  8. I am familiar with this parcel as I own land in Uli, so on April 30th, I im'ed the land owner to make an offer on the parcel which is a 256 square meter parcel with 87 prims and was set for sale at $25,000L. [2017/04/30 05:47] Indy Melody: Hi [land owner], does the and in Uli belong to you? [2017/04/30 05:47] Indy Melody: Land* [2017/04/30 05:50] [land owner]: yes [2017/04/30 05:50] [land owner]: are you interested in buying it [2017/04/30 05:50] Indy Melody: it says make offer, would you take 5000L for it? [2017/04/30 05:51] [land owner]: The lowest I will go is 16,000L Within a week of making that offer, the price for the parcel was set at $90,000L and a large floating green glowing sign that said Freebies was placed over the building (drawing new avatars from NCI to the parcel to elevate the visitor count of the parcel). About four weeks ago, the price was set at $70,000L. On Sept. 24th, the land owner im'ed me the following: [2017/09/24 09:55] [land owner]: (Saved Sun Sep 24 05:56:53 2017)We dropped our land price near NCI to 35000, this week only. We want to buy a friends place if this one sells. I felt like the seller is trying to force me to purchase that parcel at an overpriced rate just to get rid of the ugly signs so I just closed the IM from the seller and ignored it.
  9. Just found out that LL had decided to no longer accept PrePaid Credit Cards. How many people will be affected by this decision and no longer be able to purchase lindens I wonder.
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