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  1. Wait, does that mean I should not sunbath at Christmas?
  2. Just remember when creating a group, create or use an alt and invite it to the group. Groups need more than one member or it will be shut down.
  3. So many thoughts here. You can see the tier fees by going to your dashboard>Land Use Fees to see the tier levels and even use the calculator there to see how it will affect you. There is also a discount allowed on land that is set to group. Others can explain that process and it might allow you to keep the 540 with no extra tier. You might could purchase it then cut and abandon the 28 sqm, but you might still get charged one month for that slight increase of the full 540. Or maybe ask the seller to only sell just 512 of the parcel to you.
  4. I still wonder if it will be some new type of "Earth" homes or possibly "fairy" homes
  5. Why would anyone want to violate the Bellisseria covenant decorating guidelines and risk losing the right to have a LL Home just to test if the guidelines will be enforced?
  6. Funny, looking at the picture again, I am thinking Peter Pan and the Lost Boys
  7. Maybe some modern type of Hobbit home, cave home
  8. Hello and Welcome to SL! I would like to share with you and other newbies this Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uli/93/22/33 I have four small parcels set up as changing rooms. They are set with a 5 minute auto return so you can rez out boxes to open, a pose stand and as long as you are the only one on that parcel, no one can see you. It is also located close to the New Citizens Area which is helpful to new SL'ers. Hope this will be helpful for you and other newbies.
  9. Molly, I like that thought. Maybe they should read N O T H I N G TO S E E H E R E M O V E A L O N G
  10. The mystery continues. Now seeing this all over looks like. Is this just someones effort to elevate the number of avatars showing online?
  11. A smaller group is back! Went there and most are invisible except for their name tags. Profiles showing most under 9 months old. One very silent group. lol
  12. Was looking at the world map and noticed a lot of people showing to be on Linden Protected Land. Most are showing to be standing in a circle. Some look to be stacked on top of each other. Looks to be on 15 regions. Any thoughts of what is going on with this? Wow, they are all gone now.
  13. My workaround for this issue, I open my dashboard then go to Shopping at top of page and click marketplace.
  14. Well, I do not have an account on Flicker, so I will just join in by adding my picture here.
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