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  1. There hasn't been any thing from LL that I heard
  2. The stipends have not been paid yet. I haven't seen any announcements about it yet?
  3. They are very late today. Some people still have not got there yet.
  4. My freinds and linden balacne are not showing on the dashboard. Just a spinning circle. Does anyone else have this problem?
  5. I have been having trouble with it since the update, somtimes I get an error.
  6. I'm having trouble getting into the blog. Also I can;t read the blog either.
  7. Which other ones are there and where would I get them?
  8. I have never used a mesh body before. I looked in marketplace but I can't find out where to buy a maitreya body to get started. What do I need to do?
  9. Some people like the anything goes, some don't. If you like live on the mainland, if not get a Bellessaria home. There is something for everybody.
  10. Does the restarts have anything to do with stipends being late?
  11. So far the lindens have not said anything about it,
  12. My premium stipend has not been paid yet, anyone else not get there:s.
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