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  1. Personally, I would say alot of it has to do with mesh bodies. The fact that full perm clothing creators can only get the files needed to rig to the SLINK body (not matreya, bellezza, etc etc) is hurting both the full perm and non full perm mesh clothing market, ALOT.
  2. What do you need help with?..
  3. Hmm I'll check it later but there were times that it came out fine it was just the edges were grainy and nasty but it didnt look like a black snake crawled up on my bake map haha. I've posted this on my facebook aswell and no one answered at all >....< RAWR but thank you for your response! Hopefully I can figure out what went wrong here. It's doing this on 4 of the 5 meshes im working on but I'm not doing anything different then I normally do.
  4. I have never had this issue before. I'm trying to get bake/light maps for several meshes today and maya has done this (see pic below) to 3 out of the 5 i'm trying to get done. I'm using Maya 2013 and I use Mentalray to render the bake maps. I've tried using different settings, that doesnt help. And the times it has rended the mesh out 'okay' the edges where I have the edge seams come out super grainy to the point where I can't even edit it in photoshop without it looking like a hot mess. Has anyone had this issue and if so how do I fix it??? I did have to reinstall Maya 2013 not too long ago and I havent messed with the default settings much at all, besides putting mentalray on what I normally would have it on. I must be missing something though?... HALP PLZ 
  5. Any clothing templates that come with PSD files should work perfectly fine with paint shop pro. If you're running an older version of PSP and are getting errors when you bring in a PSD file go grab the latest GIMP, bring the psd file in and resave it and it should open up fine in paint shop pro. As for pet clothing imparticular, I'd say just hunt the marketplace for full permission stuff that might work for that and make sure the templates come with PSD files. <3
  6. If it's rigged you can attach it to whatever point you want, yourself. It will go exactly where it is supposed to do no matter what attachment point the creator originally had it on.
  7. Your best bet would to be contacting creators directly or just buying some full permission items but make sure the full perm seller terms let you do freebies in world or they might get pissy
  8. hahahahaha Arkansas, yet I live right down the road from the Oaklawn Casino. I guess my vpn service will be happy to have me back because I <3 skill games in sl and that's never going to change
  9. Lexi Zelin


    Funny, 7000 customers and not one has EVER come to me to say that my meshes cause lag...
  10. Lexi Zelin


    The SL avatar also looks like **bleep**. It's not a necklace it's chains for a shirt and lowering the poly count on them anymore will make all the chain links look a mess. This worked for me, perhaps it's not politically correct but it works so I'm happy
  11. Thank you for the replies!!! I figured it out Had to update firestorm to the newest beta and now it's working perfectly YAY.
  12. I recently found out you can export a linkset from firestorm onto your hard drive as a .dae file. I'm wanting to take my main store from firestorm into maya to make changes and reimport the build as mesh instead of prims. I tested it with a linkset created and owned by me and when I chose to export from the pie menu it only let's me export as an .oxp file? WTF is an .oxp file!? I googled it and found no info and can't import this file into maya or any other 3d program I have so can someone please help me? :< I just want to revamp my damn store lol D:
  13. I just saw this ---> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/Required-Account-Documentation/ba-p/2437497 I havent gotten my email yet and I'm just wondering if anyone has and what more they need for us and is this possibly why I havent gotten my transfers in this week. -............-
  14. I use maya 2013 and used Sae's video to help me get started. Are you using the standard sizing maya 2012 scene? if not you should be and go along with that video. <3
  15. LoL thank you and I'll try that see if it works. I sent the DAE file to a friend to see if she could upload it and she couldnt so it's something, maybe not just SL being tempermental. If the cube doesnt work Ill completely remake the large size and rig it in a new maya scene and hopeeeeefully that will work, if not i may have to find a rope and a tall tree >.< LOLOL
  16. K so, this is what I'm working on right now. I've gotten ALL the rigs in world for the tank top and all the rigs in world for the jacket EXCEPT the Large size. :( I have tried everything I can think of, every fix out there but I keep getting the Parsing error on the L size. The L size was made exactly like all the other sizes, the materials are exactly the same as the other sizes and the weighting is the same as the other sizes. I've tried uploading this in the deformer project viewer (what I normally use to upload mesh with very little errors) , Firestorm and the newest regular SL veiwer all give me the parsing error :< I used blender to make the sizes and then maya do rig them.. I don't know WHAT TO DO! :( I've tried everything I can think of, the desktop trick, moving it to different folders, re-rigged it, removed materials and add a new one.... this mesh doesnt have separate texture faces so that's not the issue either idk what to do here :( HALP SOMEONE HALP lol
  17. I think the seller you're talking about is the moron using my stores semi exclusive displays to sell his empty boxes. I have flagged these several times and I know countless customers in my group have aswell, I'm DMCAing all the listings tomorrow morning but I DO wish LL would give us an option to report these FRAUD items. Yes, they are using my images and my stores name against my legal permissions BUT, they are FRAUDING people by selling EMPTY BOXES. Yes, I can DMCA the images but in cases like this I think I should be able to just flag it and have it perminently removed. Winter is a horrible season for full perm sellers, all the crazyes come out the woodwork to try to make money off our PICTURES. So, I do hope LL will one day make this kind of situation easier to report because it's not "just" a DMCA kind of issue, it could be dealt without having to file 10000000 DMCAs against the person. In any event, they should be removed soon. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FULL PERM ITEMS FROM ANYONE EXCEPT THE "ACTUAL" OWNER!!! AngelRED Couture Full Perm items are ONLY sold by me, Lexi Zelin! If you purchase my full perm items from someone else you will either be risking you money by buying an EMPTY BOX or you will be risking your money and time because I DO have lists of the purchasers on every single Semi Exclusive item I've released, if you sell one and you are not on the list you will recieve a DMCA. Think Before You Buy. <3
  18. I'm confused too because Paypal reports to the irs so.... i just don't understand at all.... H&R Block can deal with this mess for me come january I guess -.-
  19. You what I find cute? I put a reply yesterday to the thread where Peter Gray replied to UCCSL. Came back to check the forums maybe 30 minutes later and that thread is no where to be found without searching but it "was" at the TOP right after I replied hahahahha they moved it! LL you are so fuking shady it gives me legit heartburn. At this point I don't know who's a better content theif... Linden Lab or KingGoon. -.....................-
  20. This is the wrong category for that type of suggestion...
  21. Here's my question, I have submited most of my oiginal mesh creations to the United States Library of Congess. I have done this every month for the past 2 years. It's NOT CHEAP. But, I feel it is worth it. Now, when you do this it's like a second level of protection for your creation. So, how on EARTH Linden Lab can think that they OWN rights to MY art is beyond me. Would they be prepared to go to court againt me and the USLOC? Who would win? Also, another question is, if LL thinks they own our shi* then how are "we" able to file a DMCA against people misusing our stuff if our stuff is "owned by LL"? None of this shi* makes any sense to me, personally I feel like Linden Lab has done everything they possibly can to fu*k over creators and make more profits for themselves. As for this Peter Gray letter..... WHAT?! .... If I wanted to sell my shi* on another plateform "I" would, why does that call for this tos change? That has nothing to do with it... I sell alot of my sl items on Turbosquid and plan on selling items on renderosity soon aswell not to mention some of my SL creations may be used by Gamersfirst soon aswell. But, since LL owns my shi* would that then give them the right to file against me? .... Im usually one of the creators with the biggest mouth and I havent chimed in on this issue just because SL is my rl job and there's not a damn thing I can do to change that right now. So, I've kept my head in the sand about most of this but now sitting here really reading this tos.... I'm like WOW... My husband is a business major and he read it with me and is basically saying that I need to leave sl and do something else if I care anything about my creations... He also says it sounds like LL is preparing for a big hell storm but LL wouldnt close SL it makes too much money right? PHILIP ROSEDALE WHY DID U LEAVE ME!!!! :< We need Phil back, he was a coniving little **bleep** at times but I just don't see him doing this to the creators of SL..... Sorry if any of this sounds stupid or whatever cause I REALLY am confused here Also, now, if you transfer out your lindens up to $20,000 LL will send you a W9? ummm when did they tell us about this!? THEY DIDNT. A big name mesh creator brought this to our attention yesterday and im just so confused... LL what are you doing!? Cause I really feel you are planning for a bigggggggg fu*k us over fest....
  22. I've basically spent the last 3 years really paying attention to what sells and what doesnt sell. Goth SELLS, Sex SELLS, Hair SELLS, Full Perm SELLS, Dark/Goth Fantasy Stuff SELLS, Emo Stuff SELLS, etc etc.. Idk who we'd contact to see actual stats but just take a look around SL, you'll soon realize what categories get the most views <3
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