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  1. Thank you.. I did try that first.. :catwink:
  2. Just a follow up on this.. I got my land back.. They said it was a rare bug they see maybe once or twice a year where a parcel is sold but doesn't get set not for sale.. From now on I will be checking this.. LOL Just happy I got my land back. They gave the other person a plot across the street somewhere.. hopefully not nearby. haha
  3. Thank you everyone.. I just wanted to make sure nothing had changed about land sales and I see I was right.. I did just file a support ticket on this issue.. I went and looked and didn't even realize he only took 32ms for his ugly sign. How generous! It ruined my view and I would Never willingly have sold 1m of land for a sign.
  4. Did you file a support ticket about this? I have never heard of this happening before and it smells badly If you are sure you did not set it for sale, your account was hacked somehow or .or maybe the server. It also appears to be a form of extortion. All they jwanted was the ad board space and the land was not for sale and they knew you weren't going to sell it. They somehow get the land and are willing to give it back only if you give them ad board space, which is what they wanted all along.
  5. I was the only owner and there was no group it was deeded to. I explained it was a mistake and did get my land back.. at first he wanted more than he paid for it and I was going to pay it. Then he told me he would sell it back to me but wanted 64ms and of course you can guess what he wanted it for.. sigh.. I had no choice but to Give him the 64ms. So he sold my own land back to me for the same price and he got 64ms for advertising for Free! I never put the land for sale so guess it was a glitch in the system. At least I got most of it back.