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  1. Personally, I would say alot of it has to do with mesh bodies. The fact that full perm clothing creators can only get the files needed to rig to the SLINK body (not matreya, bellezza, etc etc) is hurting both the full perm and non full perm mesh clothing market, ALOT.
  2. What do you need help with?..
  3. Hmm I'll check it later but there were times that it came out fine it was just the edges were grainy and nasty but it didnt look like a black snake crawled up on my bake map haha. I've posted this on my facebook aswell and no one answered at all >....< RAWR but thank you for your response! Hopefully I can figure out what went wrong here. It's doing this on 4 of the 5 meshes im working on but I'm not doing anything different then I normally do.
  4. I have never had this issue before. I'm trying to get bake/light maps for several meshes today and maya has done this (see pic below) to 3 out of the 5 i'm trying to get done. I'm using Maya 2013 and I use Mentalray to render the bake maps. I've tried using different settings, that doesnt help. And the times it has rended the mesh out 'okay' the edges where I have the edge seams come out super grainy to the point where I can't even edit it in photoshop without it looking like a hot mess. Has anyone had this issue and if so how do I fix it??? I did have to reinstall Maya 2013 not too long ago
  5. Any clothing templates that come with PSD files should work perfectly fine with paint shop pro. If you're running an older version of PSP and are getting errors when you bring in a PSD file go grab the latest GIMP, bring the psd file in and resave it and it should open up fine in paint shop pro. As for pet clothing imparticular, I'd say just hunt the marketplace for full permission stuff that might work for that and make sure the templates come with PSD files. <3
  6. If it's rigged you can attach it to whatever point you want, yourself. It will go exactly where it is supposed to do no matter what attachment point the creator originally had it on.
  7. Your best bet would to be contacting creators directly or just buying some full permission items but make sure the full perm seller terms let you do freebies in world or they might get pissy
  8. Lexi Zelin


    Funny, 7000 customers and not one has EVER come to me to say that my meshes cause lag...
  9. Lexi Zelin


    The SL avatar also looks like **bleep**. It's not a necklace it's chains for a shirt and lowering the poly count on them anymore will make all the chain links look a mess. This worked for me, perhaps it's not politically correct but it works so I'm happy
  10. Thank you for the replies!!! I figured it out Had to update firestorm to the newest beta and now it's working perfectly YAY.
  11. I recently found out you can export a linkset from firestorm onto your hard drive as a .dae file. I'm wanting to take my main store from firestorm into maya to make changes and reimport the build as mesh instead of prims. I tested it with a linkset created and owned by me and when I chose to export from the pie menu it only let's me export as an .oxp file? WTF is an .oxp file!? I googled it and found no info and can't import this file into maya or any other 3d program I have so can someone please help me? :< I just want to revamp my damn store lol D:
  12. I just saw this ---> http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/Required-Account-Documentation/ba-p/2437497 I havent gotten my email yet and I'm just wondering if anyone has and what more they need for us and is this possibly why I havent gotten my transfers in this week. -............-
  13. I use maya 2013 and used Sae's video to help me get started. Are you using the standard sizing maya 2012 scene? if not you should be and go along with that video. <3
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