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  1. Linden Lab's SL Marketplace *requires* a price of $1L or more in order for an item to be sent as a gift. Demos that are $0L cannot be sent as gifts. I set my demos at $1L because of this, since many of my customers will send a demo as a gift to an intended recipient to see if the recipient likes the fit of the garment or the look of the skin or tattoo on his or her avatar before buying that person a gift from my Marketplace store.
  2. I noticed yesterday that there is no category on Marketplace for Girl's Dresses. If you want to list a dress for SL girls, you have to list it in the larger category of Girl's Clothing. There are subcategories for skirts and pants and footwear, but none for dresses.
  3. Not according to Dakota Linden in her reply to my support ticket requesting more categories for Marketplace.
  4. Christmas is de facto celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians (see Japan, for example). If Winterfest were covering all the holidays, as you posted it does, then why are both Christmas and Chanukah not sub-categories of Winterfest instead of being independent categories? To me, it seems as though the Lindens have decided that Winterfest, Chanukah and Christmas are three separate holidays. The general consensus of merchants listing on Marketplace seems to be to put winter holiday items in the Christmas category, to judge by the wide disparity of number of items in Christmas versus Wint
  5. I was told by Dakota Linden that category requests had to be made as posts in the Merchant's forum after I had filed a support ticket for additional categories to be added to the Marketplace. So that's what I've done with this post. She also told me that Lindens DO monitor the posts on the forum and that categories have been added as a direct result of Marketplace users' requests.
  6. Hi! I would like to have a new subcategory added to the Christmas category, a category for Christmas giftboxes. There are LOTS of them in the Christmas category. I want a place to put my giftboxes that specifically say "Merry Christmas", not have them tucked away with non-specified-winter-solstice-timed-holiday-celebration giftboxes in the Winterfest Gift Boxes category or have them lost in the pile of clutter that is the Christmas category. (Almost 23k items in Christmas! O.O )
  7. I want to suggest additional categories be added under Celebrations>Holiday, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day and Cinco de Mayo. There are a lot of Mother's and Father's Day items in particular floating around under Holidays and the more general category Celebrations. I think these items should have a place of their own, so shoppers can find them more easily.
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