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  1. whelll i stay up late and found a simple code ver usful, this was what i looking foor , here is small video. https://gyazo.com/824f1ec203f3821d44a614b91e07328a i will like to know if is the best way to do it, i read the code and looks is using latest llset Thanks again
  2. Thank you , and yes i try the llTargetOmega and make rotation the child but not do the orb like i need it. thanks again i try to figure out
  3. Thank you i will try to follow your advise!
  4. Hello i have look for many post and test many scripts and i not able to make a Link child Prim rotate around the root prim without moving the root. is this posible? is there any help i will apreciate! thanks
  5. I was looking for something similar to this, can some one share the full script? thank you
  6. Thanks for the answers, but i know about mesh, i all ready made a boat and is working great with a script as a physical true (lest than 32 in physics), but i made a new boat, and i use seperate layers for prims and physics, but this is a bigger yacht that the previus i made, i dont like the idea to use the phantom because disable the hiting of the other boats lookk unrealistic. I notice that there are some boats over the limits i just wonder how they do it. thanks again
  7. yes i all ready search in all the script librarys and test some of them but not work ok or not smoot is i need
  8. Hello, i have search for any releated post but many are too old and inconclusive, I like to know if it is posible to move a boat non physical enabled, i have works for months on a yacht and i have pass the 32 limit physics =, i have notice some bandits boats have over 100 physics so it must be posible to make it move smoot, if anyone have experince or give me advise of how can i do it i will apriciate. thank you.
  9. I have a big question regarding sim crossing, what do you guys recomend if i have scripts in my vehicle that are not user very often is ok to disable and enabled just when i need it,for better performing when sim crossing, or delete the script is the way to go thanks any help
  10. Hi SoniaStrummFan did you find how to do this?
  11. Like i said, i know how to make the basic particles, but i cant reproduce the waves that a boat does,...
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