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  1. Eh, it's a part of it as humans are pretty primitive creatures I mean. I wasn't implying that's all there is to it. I like to think it's more varied than 'Aliens will never rescue us' as I feel with the countless systems and planets out there there's bound to be multiple alien civilizations with their own motives and levels of peace and aggression. Some won't care, some will be neutral and some will consider but not necessarily act out their thoughts of an invasion force and I feel with some of the resources that Earth has some civilizations may just send out a harvesting fleet to see what they could find then dart off. That being said, they don't necessarily need to head to Earth for it - they can just mine the asteroids around us for diamonds and what not. And seeing as how their tech could potentially be if we look at things through the perspective of say the Fermi Paradox and other such theories they could have ships in orbit right now that simply aren't detected by our scanners just yet. Life to me is very varied just like humanity is vary varied here on Earth. Not all of us wanna kill each other, but some do, while others just wanna be neutral and isolate themselves on a island and do their own thing as if the outside world didn't exist to them. I think the main point I'm making here is some of those people in the videos jumping at it with their own explanations can be closed-minded people at times and not consider the bigger picture which I think we should for betterment of mankind. I'm the kinda guy that yes, thinks some conspiracy theories have logical merit to them. While objectively yes some are insane. Meanwhile some people lump all conspiracy theories and theorists together as nutjobs (which in reality limits their thinking and potential growth as a person altogether as the old saying goes: "Don't tell me I told you so if it happens").
  2. This was the one I saw a few years ago. The object zoomed by faster than any aircraft in existence (and it's shape was very clear and distinct, it was not a comet or anything). This I figured was the very tape the Navy confirmed to be real. Since then that video has been stuck in my head and with how the pilots reacted and everything. The very first video to my knowledge - so I thought it was particularly notable knowing things. Lots of people will assume "Oh that's just a B-2 Spirit bomber or a F-117 hahaha..." but IMO that's just them being hopeful and not wanting to accept the possibility despite the logic behind it. Some people don't understand what they see and so are fearful about it so they'll try and come to any possible conclusion that it's not there as some defense mechanism half of the time to sooth themselves. So that in mind when I was studying the object, it kinda looked like a manta ray or something and I thought "That is so weird..." ... And honestly? I've had a personal sighting myself; about 3 years ago I was on the porch at about 11 PM and there was this low-flying aircraft that didn't make a sound at all. Thing was big.
  3. Ofcourse aliens are real. Always have been as long as humanity has existed as a sentient species itself - otherwise humanity wouldn't exist as from a certain point of view we're aliens drifting on this rock we call Earth as any other planet. So I'm not surprised. It's just basic logic and reasoning. When I first saw footage of the F/A-18's cameras taking a shot of that object I knew something was weird about it. That being said, observatories have discovered planets with trees and other sorts of fauna and so for a ecosystem to thrive it has to have it's own sort of life-forms to maintain it and with that, being that fauna is a living being itself those trees are alien in nature by default and seeing as Earth exists, ofcourse that exists. The Fermi Paradox all of it. I'd wager a guess that it's rare to find aliens, as it's rare to find sentient beings in general. Humanity is one of those rare examples and I feel animals would be much more common to find knowing how everything has worked for millions of of years. It JUST recently took the universe to get to this point that humans are a thing. So whose to say what the future holds?
  4. Perfectly captures Bowser's fury and what he's become in the latest game.
  5. "Sherman on point." "Ready to take it to em". "Somebody's trying to penetrate our armour. Good LUCK!" "Is that MG trying to shoot at us? Shoot the bastards!" *Company of Heroes intensifies*
  6. Fond memories of watching ore trucks drive along the coast-line doing their thing while my forces fight off in the distance like chads holding the line. While sometimes hunting for said ore trucks. Ah war, what a profitable business indeed. So I like to say this is the 'ore truck, search' song. Kinda deal.
  7. Oh yeah dude I've seen about 40 avatars at one time there with their dance barges and the other people with their mega yachts and you can imagine the lag all of that makes. It kinda affects people just sailing by on the edge of the sims over. It's like these people claimed the sim as their's and use it as they see-fit and I've noticed a mob sort of mentality there and it is pretty unwelcoming to people who aren't regulars to the sim. As to that, I''ve noticed another problem in the Blake Sea, especially in Siren's Isle this can become a issue; there is a divide amongst the yacht community and the military community. In my personal experience and a few other people's experiences we've had yacters give us *****e for sailing military vessels. They hate the military and from one of my experiences in particular I had this chick tell me: "I don't associate or friend anyone that has such a background as I find them to be evil. I don't like the military and I don't like seeing military ships" in her own words. I tried explaining to her that the military itself wasn't the problem that it was the intention of how it was used and she was like: "But mah opinion doe" Sure, you can have opinions but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a logical and reasonable one. At that point I knew it was a lost-cause and I bugged out. Then there's the issue of the SLCG and what not. I got curious one day and asked them why they didn't have guns on their ships for authenticity's sake and she was like: "This is Second Life, we don't need guns - it's not like real life" By that logic I replied back with: "Well, in that case you don't need to pretend to be rescuing people either, I could RP as a modern pirate as much as you RP as some rescue team. That in mind, at least for aesthetic purposes have a gun on your ship? It's in the name, 'Guard' you guard waters as well. Otherwise label it as a 'Search & Rescue' team and get some new paint". Otherwise, it seems to me at times people just make these groups to feel important and it gives them a reason to go around sims doing what they do. I figured maybe it's for clout points or something. We can sail our ships as much as they can and again with that logic, we can have a military force in SL that 'pretends' just like they do with their S&R. There's no set rule that you can't sail military ships around the Blake, this is a self-imposed rule by the community itself and it's toxic. It's shallow thinking like that that causes other problems in SL, limiting it's overall creative freedom and in other ways this is another reason why SL has stagnated and the user base has dropped considerably. That and the unwelcoming environments in Siren's Isle drives off new people and that has another affect on the user-base and SL's stagnation. People don't realize it but at times they're the cause of some of Second Life's issues... and yet they for the most part point the blame towards LL. No, it's a combo of both. There is so much I can point out here... this is just tip of the ice-burg. Not just in the Blake but Second Life as a whole these days. It's *****ing pathetic.
  8. It's getting a little hot in here isn't it?
  9. Siren's Isle is a cesspit all it's own to be frank. The boats are one thing, the cliques and such are another thing. Lots I can say on it.
  10. So, as a furry, I've been curious about something. With alot of MCs I've encountered in-world I've met alot of hostility or is it really? Do most of them legit hate furries or is it just a tough-guy act for the sake of role-playing? Because I'd say human bikers and furry bikers would have alot of things in-common if they sat their differences aside and talked like adults. That being said, I did encounter one MC that had a positive opinion on furries and it was a wholesome experience. Otherwise it tends not to be common so I wonder at times.
  11. Superpower: Conjuring so I can create say a stealth vehicle out of thin-air and do some snazzy *****e. Music: Video-game OSTs for sure, something for everyone. The most creative music, that despite the era never gets old. People in particular? Most likely Nintendo themselves. TV Show: Eh... I don't really watch TV much anymore but Sonic Boom I guess? Love the self-aware humour in that.
  12. Gives me chills. This shows just how much of a badass Bowser actually is. Since he was a child he's had a intimidating presence. I mean, that's metal in MIDI form. That screaming of the instruments tell all.
  13. Badass album cover, music and my favourite Megadeth album. The '90s and early '2000s had some gems.
  14. These guys are so badass. Was telling my co-workers these guys are hardcore and my boss was like: "Hahah they ain't hard-core". I said: "The ***** you mean they ain't hardcore? This one track is in your face homie, spreading the message and hell, it's got Chuck D from Public Enemy".
  15. Been watching these for years and they never get old. People take random media and sentence mix it. The titles by themselves make me lul hard. "They used to ride these *****es for miles and it's in great shape!"
  16. Let's just say I've experienced this level of insanity multiple times throughout my 14 years and I've become numb to it. The best thing to do is not take it serious. Most of the time these people are so insane they'd forget what they're doing and target the next person over. Or they don't forget and they purposely target the said next person for sick kicks. There's a guy I know personally that's been doing it for years and he resides in Barbarossa continuously making ALTs and harassing people. There's no fixing it, just moving on is the key. I'm gonna be honest, LL for the most part are so flooded with ARs like these that there's no reliable way to fix it. You just can't reason with someone who has no reason. You can AR sure but best course of action is just to block and move on like you did. But never fear, these people are too disabled to function properly they're not much of a threat and some of them just do it to try and instill fear into you. Don't let it happen. They have insecurities so they try to boost themselves like pathetic swines and who knows what else is going on with them. As others have pointed out; take it as a learning experience and weed people out for people that like you.
  17. I'll just put it to ya like this. TN, in some locations like this is like a mini-Detroit. Over here it's a run-down area with not many modern conveniences. Meanwhile in the 'down-town' district it's a different atmosphere, very pretty. It's like the city itself half-asses things and only cares about certain districts leaving us poverty stricken people to rot away like trash. The BK we're talking about still uses '1990s and early '2000s equipment. The place is in shambles with cracks, rotting areas, leaks, roof even caved-in in a certain spot at one time before the so-called 'renovation' they had. There's even a bullet imprint on the boiler. Awhile back some guy was standing infront of the building and got shot at. The bullet wizzed through the dinning room into the boiler. This BK was nick-named 'Ghetto King' for a reason... and that's only part of it. It's the tip of the ice-burg as they say. And us workers? We don't even have the proper equipment and yet for a multi-million dollar company as one co-worker said you'd think we'd be out-fitted but no, we got deteriorating oven-mits and our guys get burned alot so it's like we gotta buy our own equipment to get by. We don't even have squeegees for the windows and other things which is crucial for sanitary reasons and I'm someone that takes health and sanitation very *****ing seriously. It's appalling and infuriates me. I've told them several times we need certain equipment and spare bath-room keys but nothing ever gets done. Meanwhile I pull the weight, doing my part. That's the kick in the head right there. Saying that, when you see the building in such a state itself it's very telling of the management and how they don't give a damn about things around here but pretend they do. It's only about the dollar, putting on those 'happy' faces for ya. Once we get the dollar we're happy to just get you on out of there. I see it, my managers, one in particular always has a subtle sarcastic passive-aggressive tone with the customers and at one point he even said a racial slur to one guy but never got fired over it. The customers are non the wiser over it. As a worker myself when you're on the inside working, you see what really goes on compared to the customer's perspective and they're like: "Ah, what a nice place, nice manager" and I'm standing there thinking to myself: "If only you really knew...".
  18. I'd like to think so but really, from my experiences and at least in this particular Arby's our food is always fresh and made up to code. When a customers asks for fresh fries we literally do as they requested and drop a basket literally right at that second they ask for it. No questions. Meanwhile at the BK across the street they half-ass it and at times 'pretend' they dropped a fresh basket of fries. I would say it's kinda debatable on being a place for 'family' when there's that and the crack-addicts and everything roaming around stealing things. Putting syringes in bathroom stalls, used condoms on the railing and what have you (yes, this real, my own experiences as a float cleaning up things). Over at the Arby's when we see homeless and loiters and the like we tell it to em' straight: "get the ***** out" meanwhile at the Bk they couldn't give a damn effectively putting children and families in danger not caring for their well-being. Letting these lot roam as they see-fit at times. I wish I was exaggerating and such but I'm not. Speaking of those times, they focus too much on the drive-through time at the BK that it's at obnoxious levels. Food, order accuracy and cleanliness standards are at all time low here. I've noticed the parking lot scored a 42% on cleanliness meanwhile the food scored like a 24% or something. It's insane. I always told them: "You put too much goddamned focus on that drive-through time when we need a balance of speed, accuracy, food quality and customer service". I suppose it also depends on what area you're in so for me I live in Johnson City, Tennessee and this place is a *****e-hole. I hear complaints alot at that BK but hardly ever at the Arby's I work at. Our BK got a 84.5, 'B' rating' score the last time REV came out here and we could certainly do better. While our Arby's has a 95 rating. It's kinda telling really.
  19. That and also the prices of things and whatever else as I explained earlier. Having worked in the fast-food business for over 6 years I can safely say that Burger King is on the lowest end of the spectrum. Workers and so on are rather *****ty if I'll be blunt and I wager *****ty place attracts *****ty customers for the most part. 'Birds of a feather' as they say. When working at Arby's I do notice a different atmosphere. Workers tend to be nicer and uphold the standard that the brand does. While at a Burger King it's like: "we should do the 'thing' like other franchises but eh, we got our own agendas". Many variables like that. Does differ between places and what 'family' owns it as well. This particular BK sets directly across from the Arby's and I see it night and day. While we the Arby's might not get as much business as the BK does, they get the bigger orders and higher customer satisfaction rate. Unlike corporate over there and the general bosses, things are actually enforced at this Arby's. The BK operates like a clique and if you're not related by blood or really close you're not gonna be a manager and some people get more respect than others despite having the same positions and everything. I've seen people work there for 10-12 years that deserve to be managers but never get it yet any other *****tard does. There's lots I can say on the subject but yeah.
  20. I'm just saying the other place has a bunch of beaters and what not. The people at the second place drive alot more newer cars because they can usually afford it. I'm not saying it's better than a older model. It was also like I was saying about how it's more common to get 100 dollar bills over there than at the first. People don't usually give us 100s at the place with the beaters. Missing the point entirely... But in terms of food, it is a fact that the food is pricier and usually better over at the second place than the first. So naturally they can afford it. Some fast-food places do have a higher standard than others as surprising as it sounds. Nevertheless, being a car guy myself I get what you mean however.
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