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  1. In the USA it is a Republic. The people elect and pay the servants. It is We the people are the Government for the people . You can have a million wonderful social programs. But your still a Republic. For the people by the people. This is proof it is time to fire the people we hire. As for a phallus shaped rocket so what. You ever look at lipstick.
  2. I lived through Regans deregulation . Seen my IBM and Sears and Xerox accounts demand a 53 percent cut on tariffs. So my little company stop hauling IBM Sears Xerox Little brown shoe factory . You get what you pay for. They called me up when they needed something they paid full rate. The big company sales people booked hundreds of moves. And struggles to get them covered. Deregulation was for the sales people not the worker.
  3. Love your neighbor. Separation of church and government. Keep it simple you will never take your money to the grave. Worked for my Self most of my life. First thing you learn. Is lover your neighbor. All the money in the world will never stop you from being worm food. Space Ship earth is a social cruise. May as well love your neighbor. We are a Republic in the USA we hire people to run our country. Nothing more social than that.
  4. I met Jeff the year he rented the two top levels of the New York city book repository . He ordered a 48 foot trailer full of brown paper bags. Thing was 48 foot trailers 102 inches wide were illegal at that time in NYC. That put's it about 1990 to 1991. I picked up this load of brown bags in Lisle IL. Looked at the bill of Lading BOL. And it read Amazon. I had no clue what Amazon was. Well anyways I was chosen to haul the load because I knew the Boroughs of NY. 26th street is a one way street. Called Amazon up told them the scenario. Where was I going to put 70 feet of truck on that corner. got there 3 am was able to park across from the building. Jeff shows up 7 am . I have 40,000 pounds of bags. no dock to unload them. Put a pallet jack up in the trailer and then stack the bags down onto another pallet. then take them to the 11th floor and stretch heat shrink them. I busted my butt that day Jeff did to and 3 of his men. In the mean time my girl friend Mary had to find a place to use the bathroom. So it cost me a pizza at the pizzeria close by. Then I was questioned by the police about the length of my truck. He was local just told him it was a 45 footer road trailer my large truck makes it look longer. Gave him 50 dollars to watch my truck. Then he left. All said and done it got unloaded. Jeff tipped me 150 before I started 150 after I finished. He still had hair then. Then I got stuck at the GW bridge on the way out for 3 hours. I did ask Jeff wtf is Amazon. he told me his mission was for people on the internet to by a book in NY city have it delivered the same day. I had know clue what public internet was at the time. this was b4 AOL people used CompuServe. He explained he wanted to sell books and make it possible for people to read books on the internet. I thought he was nuts. Hard worker. truth. In 1978 when I was in computer science flunking out. had no clue how far cobol or fortran would go. I do now. I have more all real NY stories. Most drivers never want to go there. I got paid good. Spent many years on the road teaching my self Borland C then gnu gcc C the C++ etc etc. it is a great hobby.
  5. That is a total mess and is still very problematic. Caused me huge troubles in the past.
  6. The FS team are some of the finest caring people I have ever watched develop on the wonderful base code LL viewer. They have given so much to the opensource community. They are an example of what is right in the virtual worlds. They put out a world class viewer that is well loved. Is it faster? or better? that is up to you. I prefer the LL viewer UI over FS. I prefer the LL chat over FS. I prefer FS camara floater over LL. The FS team has spawned so many wonderful things that are now in LL viewer. The search function for preferences. I believe tools are better in FS for Machinima. such as turning the voice texture to transparent with a click. And for years the animation distance . The distance you see an avatar animate was much farther. I see this has changed. If running on windows 10 with 8 gigs of system ram you will have many crashes. It is best to have 16 gigs. I believe everyone should give it a try. First thing I do is disable the pie menu.
  7. Spent over a decade maintaining a build of the LLviewer for Linux. I maintain and build all non-common pre-built libraies to build and have directions how to build it. This is the LL code 99.9 percent . The source code and all commits just like LL is open to the public. It will build in the gcc 5.5.0 to gcc 10.3.0 as of right now. In the link I supplied you can see the source and click the download . I believe the big Thing was vivox and now I agree with LL why maintain a non functional native voice. Everyday you will still see in LL commits Linux is still well thought of. My belief it is a must to as you can see in LL commits they create the code that is Linux in mind. One day I am sure things will have to be built on powerful ARMS cpu's this will lead you back to Linux. LL has done a wonderful job keeping this very close for Linux. Most of the times it is minor tweaks. Yes All the media works in my build. You have abillity for native 32bit voice or install wine64 bit and go into debugs setting set to use wine SLvoice. then reboot. You can thank NickyD of Firestorm for this. FS team and the Kokua team are some of the finest teams and viewers in here. but if you want the latest up to date Linux LL viewer you will need to download it from my bitbucket. You will not be able to upload mesh. If your a diehard linux user like me you can use the latest wow-wine Wine 6.0 and install the windows version. you will not be able to use many things but voice and mesh upload works. None of your search will work because chromium embedded "CEF3" browser will not run in wine. wine is a true layer not an emulator WINE stands for wine is not an emulator.
  8. Thank you for your kind words. I do not have a issue per say. Just invoking some adult convo. I used this thread to prove my point. From my point of view it went perfect. now off to inworld to have fun.
  9. that's a deal . thank you for your hard work.
  10. Henri you understand vanilla. I can run vivox in the viewer or outside the viewer in wine. just saying. Not the system. you may need to understand all the wonderful work you do. is lost on an script that fails to call wine. In the beginning there was Slackware. And from there you have what. Not up to you to tell people the system is wrong. it is up to you to create a tool so others can use your tools. Little Penguin Release Viewer (64bit) Release Notes You are at 184.9, 235.9, 89.6 in Missauke located at simhost-054d290d433fb9fc7.agni SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Missauke/185/236/90 (global coordinates 262841.0, 254444.0, 89.6) Second Life Server 2021-06-23.560819 Release Notes CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor (2800 MHz) Memory: 32118 MB OS Version: Linux 5.12.15 #1 SMP Wed Jul 7 14:12:21 CDT 2021 x86_64 Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 470.42.01 Window size: 1920x1007 Font Size Adjustment: 96pt UI Scaling: 1 Draw distance: 128m Bandwidth: 1500kbit/s LOD factor: 2 Render quality: 5 Advanced Lighting Model: Disabled Texture memory: 1536MB Disk cache: Max size 1996.0 MB (36.3% used) RestrainedLove API: RLV v3.4.3 / RLVa v2.4.1.43743 J2C Decoder Version: OpenJPEG: 2.3.1, Runtime: 2.3.1 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Studio 2.01.09 Dullahan: CEF: 83.3.12+g0889ff0+chromium-83.0.4103.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.97 LibVLC Version: 3.0.7 Voice Server Version: Vivox 4.10.0000.32327 Packets Lost: 0/1615 (0.0%) July 12 2021 07:05:22
  11. Glad it works for you. Horse before the cart. FS works fine my builds of the SLviewer works fine My viewer LittlePenguin works fine. This is a vivox issue so I would look at your vivox-voice-client in your source code. I did. now you want an outside script to tell me my system of over 20 years is broken. because you look for something on the proc. I been building using wine longer than I been maintaining the viewer. If it works for you. then your happy. I am Happy. I have no use for that install script to say my system is unusable. When it works fine.
  12. I understand that. but that part is broken. I will take it to your support. Just did not have time. Call to wine is done through /usr/bin/wine* why do you need anything more. Heck debian stop building the preload module years ago. It is still part of the build. I build a true 64bit only wine just for SL. then on my multi-arch systems for gaming. build with MinGW-w64 add support for Windows native binaries (PE format). And still nothing works with your install script. My environment is Slackware current aka slackware beta 15 Everything is vanilla
  13. Yes Henri it should I tried editing the install script to force it. I was at a loss why you would ask the /proc Love what you do. I love your hard work. keep it up.
  14. I wonder what the output would be if the title was trolls have rights to derail knowledge base.
  15. I disagree with you. This is about the forum. not inworld. Again I thank you for your inworld product. This is about abuse of a forum paid for by premium accounts a and large accounts like yours. There is no recourse for the troll. I will say this again please limit this to the forum. Fact a person can make an account. Fact that person does not have to login to SL. Fact that person could never set a foot in SL. This isn't about taking away the basic account's so called rights to post. This is about setting a environmental filter that That may be archived to the fullest. You really think a 30 day account that is a troll has the right to live for ever in the archives. I disagree. It only will hurt the "vested!" basic accounts and truly hurt the resources of paid accounts. I really wish people would stick to the forum .
  16. You make my point that is because this is a paid for forum. This means you need to create an account to join. You do not need land you do not even need to login to SL. You create a basic account login. This means people that could post in here never set a pixel inworld. Yet they are allowed to come in here and be archived for life. Not fair and simple searches in this forum proves this day in and day out. The system is to be learned from not trashed but changed.
  17. You make a wonderful point. but it is people like you that also suffer from the 30 day troll. You have vested time in here you post positive things to help people. how would you detour a basic account in here that is archived his troll thought into history. Damage is done it is archived for ever. And yes you a basic account vested and the premium account suffer.
  18. Give it a shot they have wonderful resources. The hours for live chat help is not the best for a world wide platform. But that said they new premium accounts really have come a logway. And you can see LL did listen and learn from past mistakes.
  19. I think you make a good point. I believe there can be tweaks made to create a system that is fair to the premium user. what does a 30 day old troll have for a recourse. Only to be archived at the cost of the premium users. And or basic accounts that have become vested in SL forums.
  20. Yes they are allowed. I disagree with the system I am sure a few tweaks could be done. Like basic account have a year in before posting to the forum. They can still search it. You do not need an account to search knowledge base. SL has an extensive wiki a few of them. They do not have live chat for a reason. This stuff isn't free. And rude behavior should not be part of the knowledge base. And to archive it for years to come devalues the the system. This is a point of view from a simple search .
  21. I disagree with your post. I prove it to my self every day searching these topics. If your offended that was never my reason. My reason is there isn't any true recourse for the troll in here. Damage has been made. The thread has and will be locked the history has been archived. Only the premium accounts can truly suffer.
  22. I disagree. Because by the time you can enforce it a new basic account that is made just to troll then the damage is done. Take away there ability to login to a parcel that is part of the premium account is severe. So I disagree with how this forum test bed has been run. I feel strongly that this is happening often. Way to often. I believe it devalues the knowledge base. I search things for secondlife it leads me to a topic and I get to see rude behavior. This seems to be the norm. The people that replied in this thread most were very gracious or they was blocked from the beginning.
  23. I thank you for your fine input. I am sure you put your heart into it. Thank You
  24. This is about the forum only. Again thank you for your fine products.
  25. Thank you for that wonderful well thought out reply. I could not agree with you anymore. Thank you for your wonderful things you bring to this platform.
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