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  1. The bodies and heads you currently have will not be changed. They will continue to work the same way they do now, including appliers.
  2. @Kiowa Rain, This page on the wiki details the use of the SetTexture command in LSL, and has example code. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetTexture ~Sean
  3. I agree Dave. There should not be any commercial activity in Residential Linden Homes; I would never get one if it was. What I would get in addition to my Residential Linden Home is a Commercial Linden Shop, likely on a completely different/new continent. As long as the covenants are similar to the residential homes, but intended only for commercial shops. For example, it could come with various choices of buildings that you could use for your store. Parcels would be limited to only 512, 1024 and maybe 2048, and not allowed to combine or split or sell, just like Linden Homes. It would even be nice if it was free with a premium account like the homes, but I wouldn't mind even paying a small fee to get it.
  4. I agree @Marianne Little. A place like Blumfield, Shermerville, and/or the Bay City areas, but with covenants more like Linden Homes, (without the requirement of homes), would be great. I would happily relocate my Blumfield store if they added covenants to disallow the 10 story hotel and rental parcels near me. It would also be nice if LL created a Linden Shops area similar to Linden Homes, but specifically for shops that you can sell things. I would even be okay if they required LL store buildings like current residential houses. I don't need a monster mall for my shop, just a 512 or 1024 for a little store. I'd also be fine with not having to compete with a huge mega mall right nearby.
  5. Baked texture showing on HUD? Once I found this page: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Textures I decided to try using my HUD for my RuthToo RC3 mesh body to see if I could modify the HUD to add BoM. (I am already getting requests to make RuthToo BoM-able even though it is not fully released yet.) It was actually very easy. My HUD uses a Notecard with texture UUIDs to set the mesh body textures, (which also sets the HUD textures so you can see what you're applying, normally skins that came with RuthToo.) So, all I had to do was enter the "Internal_Texture" UUIDs from the above page into my Notecard for the "BAKED_HEAD", "BAKED_LOWER", and "BAKED_UPPER" and use my HUD to assign them to the mesh body, which also assigns them to the HUD itself. In addition to having classic skins and clothes appear on my mesh body, the final baked texture also appears on my HUD in a flat square area. That area of my HUD is very small, but it would be very easy to expand that area of the HUD and display the baked texture big enough to grab a copy of the normally not seen texture. I thought this was not going to be allowed. I am guessing a few content creators would not be happy about this happening with access to any of their classic skins/clothings. All this was done on the main SL grid with the official "Second Life Project BakesOnMesh" viewer.
  6. I am creating a database to track my MP/SL sales and transactions. Is there documentation on the data types LL uses for the fields in the Orders report and Transaction report? I've been searching but can't seem to find anything. I can obviously guess at them by perusing the CSV/XML files, but was hoping there are specific details listed somewhere. ~Sean
  7. Thank you for your kind words @Solar Legion. You are very encouraging. Sheesh...
  8. @LittleMe Jewell, I'm just guessing about this. I initially sent him a Notecard. He replied the next morning with IM about my Notecard, which I received in my email. I quickly logged into SL and responded to his IM with IM. His profile showed that he was online and he responded immediately to my IMs. Then half way thru our conversation his profile showed he went offline and my next IMs said "User not online...". That was about 8 hours ago now. (...and I barely said anything to him compared to what I've said in this thread.) Apparently, me trying to be nice makes me sound like a jerk. I've already given up on the boots in question and got some boots from an OpenSim colleague that I can import to SL myself. They are CC-Attribution licensed, and they are rigged and mesh. Overall much better than prim, unrigged and questionable legality. I will never buy full perm on the MP with the idea of distribution within SL ever again. ~Sean
  9. I know a lot of people who have Second Life accounts that are also on OpenSim. So, I respectfully disagree that mentioning OpenSim is irrelevant.
  10. addition to Solar's explanation... in 99.9% of all full perm licences it is never ever allowed to transfer and release the products on other grids than the on you bought it on. First of all, you took the "OpenSim grids" quote out of context. As you can see, my statement was just referring to the fact that I have a female version of RothToo available ...also on OpenSim grids. And, I never even hinted that I intended to use the boots in OpenSim. I already have full perm rigged boots for RothToo in OpenSim, given to me directly by the creator. In fact, RothToo is already available on OpenSim grids. I'm only just now getting Roth ready for SL and looking for various parts to include with him.
  11. Yeah, I get that the boots I bought are not legit. That was not my question. Being the creator, he has the option to give me permission to use them in a freebie item anyway. Instead he just insisted that he didn't sell them to me, so go away. Why treat someone trying to confirm the legitimacy of an item that way? I respect the creator and he gives me the runaround? On another note, do a Market Place search for full perm mens boots under L$10. All but one of them are illegitimate copies of this guys boots being sold by 2 separate stores. Am I the only one to do my due diligence and contact the creator?
  12. What is hard to parse is that he never answered my very specific question, twice. It's a very old pair of boots that he no longer sells in his fairly big MP and in-world store. I asked if he minded if I included the boots with my Roth. His answer was a non answer. What's wrong with "No" or "Yes"?
  13. I purchased a very low priced pair of very old prim boots that are Full Perm. When I got them, the creator was not the same as the seller. So, I contacted the original creator to make sure these items were legitimately Full Perm. And, very specifically, I asked the original creator "Are okay with me including these boots with Roth, I will set perms to +M/+C/-T?" (I did explain to him what Roth was, a free male mesh body.) His reply to me never actually answered my question; he just said he no longer has that item in his inventory and that his account had been accessed by a stranger, giving his items to another avatar full perm and he was sorry about that. Since he didn't answer my question, I replied and again asked if he minded if I included the boots with my Roth mesh body (I even gave him a copy of the boots); his reply was something like... If you bought this boot on MP by another avatar, sorry, I can't help you". I contacted the seller I bought the boots from, but have not heard back yet. First off, why am I being given the cold shoulder when I am trying to do my due diligence and make sure my FP item is legit? Second, what does "sorry I can't help you" mean? I asked a simple question that should be easy to answer with yes/no. (His status went offline during our conversation, which suggests to me that he blocked me. I was not rude, just persistent.) Should I report the seller to LL for selling items they don't have permission to sell and get my L$5 back? Should I go ahead and include these extremely old prim boots with my Roth mesh body "Complete Avatar" kit? Does anyone else out there have an old pair of prim boots, (they own legitimately), that I could get FP to include with my Roth release, and I'll just forget about these boots? I will be giving away my RothToo RC1 for free. It is the male version of my RuthToo RC3 available on the MP and my shop in world, and in OpenSim grids. ~Sean Heavy
  14. I am creating a mesh body in Blender for upload to SL. I have divided the mesh into multiple objects, each object with multiple materials/faces, to allow for multiple alpha cuts on the resulting mesh body. When I had the mesh as all one piece, I assigned a texture to it. As I assign the multiple materials/faces to each object it loses the texture assignment the original object had. For each material (8 per object) on each object (about 18 objects so far), I currently: 1. On the Material panel->Surface tab, Change "Color" to "Image Texture". 2. Select the texture from the list available (or open for a new texture). ...in order to get the texture to show up on that new material on an object that already had the texture showing on the whole object. Is there a shortcut way to select multiple materials, or the whole object, and assign the texture to all the materials on the object? Or a way to create the new materials that inherit the current texture settings? I am using Blender Version 2.79b 2018-03-22 on a Mac.
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