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  1. This may be a bit off topic, but here goes: My preference would be a new smaller continent that is set up like Bellisseria except that it is configured for mom & pop shops, i.e. commercial with provided buildings and limits similar to Bellisseria. It could even have various themes based on types of shopping areas in the world like malls, city shopping districts, rural farmers markets, etc. It could be setup similar to how you would rent space in other shopping areas in SL, but it would be yours and you would not have to worry if the owner decided to sell or leave SL (can you tell I experienced this more than once?). And it would be a known shopping area for everyone in SL. I tend not to have or use a "home" in SL, but I would love a provided location that I can have my shop instead of wherever in the wild west of open land.
  2. Does not work for me. 😞 I am currently a Premium member and I don't get the option for Premium PrePay. Edit: My current membership renewal date: 02-25-2021. @Linden Lab
  3. This makes complete sense! Thank you @Whirly Fizzle! The problem just got cut to a third of what it was before. Any idea about this third "NO RESULTS FOUND" Resident? https://gyazo.com/e4129f1e9dbfcd77e5837088a1caf030 The search URL for that username fails: https://search.secondlife.com/client_search.php?s=People&t=N&q=<username> But the FireStorm in-world search works fine as can be seen in the Gyazo.
  4. I'm not sure I've ever seen a profile flagged as adult, but in any case, none of these have anything indicating they are flagged adult, once I am able to open the profile. And they are certainly not adult oriented in any way, i.e. photos or groups. The only idea I can think is a privacy setting that prevents your profile from showing up in searches. I'm not sure why that would prevent it from showing up with a direct link to it. Here are 2 of them that I can't even get the profile inside SL unless I am trying to add them to my group. When I do a people search for them, it comes up 'not found' even if I have 'adult' checked. https://gyazo.com/71e1556c776888ae6bcca8ce1e7b1e1b https://gyazo.com/1ee14ab365f35f79022556be19e8dbad I am leaning towards just having my application spit out a list of usernames that are 'not found' residents that I can copy into a notecard in SL. That notecard could be read by an LSL script that would get the UUIDs and spit out the SQL I can use to update my database with the UUIDs. That, hopefully, would not be quite as error prone as doing it completely manually. And, LSL has functions that will return UUIDs.
  5. When editing an object, like a head, the BoM checkbox only appears when the object is attached to your avatar, not when rezzed on the ground (in edit mode). It will be in the textures tab.
  6. I am not doing this inside Second Life; so I don't have access to LSL. This is a web server in my office that I am connecting to SL web sites to update my home database with UUIDs of my customers. I am doing something similar to this: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Jor3l_Boa/PHP/n2k.php
  7. I am guessing the connection problems are due to poor internet between your computers and the second life servers. While your direct connection to the internet may be good, there may be some issue while traveling the interwebs from your place to SL. (For both BarbieHardon and xlBrunalx.)
  8. My question: Is there an URL to a web page or service that I can use to submit the SL username in order to return the Resident UUID? This URL seems to work for most Residents, but about 10% return "Sorry, we did not find anything that matches." https://search.secondlife.com/client_search.php?q=Sean.Heavy&s=People I would submit an example of the error, but I'm not sure TOS allows me to share a link to a random Resident. (If this is not a TOS violation, please let me know and I'll post an example of one that fails.) Background: I am creating a database and web app for my own use to keep track of my customers. So far, I am just using my SL-Orders and SL-Transactions spreadsheets that I can download to see who purchased my items on the MP and in my shops. I am uploading these spreadsheets into my database. My web app setup is LAMP, (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I want to include the UUID of all my customers in my database. I have been able to determine most avatar UUIDs with this URL: https://search.secondlife.com/client_search.php?q=<USERNAME>&s=People For me: https://search.secondlife.com/client_search.php?q=Sean.Heavy&s=People The UUID is in the first URL to: http://world.secondlife.com/resident/<UUID> In my case: http://world.secondlife.com/resident/9ab87ce6-3048-402f-a8f6-f680925a12c3 In testing my automated script using this URL to find a random group of 24 of my customers, I get 3 that are not found which seems like a lot for such a small test. (I also manually entered these URL/Residents to make sure it wasn't just my PHP script.) (FYI, I do a sleep 2 seconds before every search to avoid overloading the SL site.) After logging into SL, I can use the in-world search to find those specific Residents, at which point I can get the UUID and copy/paste it to my database, but that would be a lot of manual, error prone work, which I am trying to avoid. ~Sean Heavy
  9. Does anyone know how the new BAKED_LEFTARM and BAKED_LEFTLEG are supposed to work? Is it really just another AUX with a dumb name? I modified my mesh body to have the left arm be a separate face, and the left leg to be a separate face. When I set my mesh body to have the left arm face as BAKED_LEFTARM and the left leg face and BAKED_LEFTLEG, all the other other skins, tattoos, and clothing that were on BAKED_UPPER and BAKED_LOWER disappear on the left side, and nothing but the specific left side universal tattoos are shown. I thought the point of the left bakes were to allow adding tattoos to the left side of the body. If the upper/lower skins and clothes disappear as soon as you change it to BAKED_LEFTXXX, then that isn't adding anything; it's replacing your BAKED_LOWERs and BAKED_UPPERs. This isn't too helpful unless all of your skins and clothes are also made as universals, which then also defeats the layering of skin->tattoo->underwear->inner clothes->outer clothes. It also prevents using any of the classic skins and clothing if you use the LEFTs. Ideally, I would want to wear a classic skin, a universal left arm tattoo, a classic short sleeve tshirt, which apply, in order, to: BAKED_UPPER(LOWER/HEAD), BAKED_LEFTARM, BAKED_UPPER, and have them display as you would expect. They don't. As far as I can see, there does not seem to be a way to set the left arm face or left leg face of my mesh body to have both BAKED_UPPER and BAKED_LEFTARM, or BAKED_LOWER and BAKED_LEFTLEG at the same time.
  10. You can download RuthTooRC3, which is an open source fully rigged mesh body. It is in Blender format, but you should be able to export it as an OBJ to import into 3ds max, or use one of the plugins available for that purpose. (I don't have 3ds max and don't know all the details, but a search resulted in several hits that looked like it is doable.) https://github.com/ocsean/RuthToo/blob/master/BlenderSource/RuthToo_RC3_DevKit.blend (Full RuthTooRC3 rigged mesh body DevKit.) There are other files associated with this available here: https://github.com/ocsean/RuthToo There is also a male version if needed here: https://github.com/ocsean/RothToo Whenever I try to create things, like hair or clothes, I usually start with one of these models. It usually works fairly well for generic hair, hats or jewelry, but clothes would be specific to RuthToo/RothToo. This is also the appropriate size for (more or less) normal human bodies in SL.
  11. Bakes on Mesh and alpha HUDs are perfectly compatible if the creator chooses to do so. In my testing of BoM on my RuthTooRC3 mesh body, I have modified my alpha cut mesh body for BoM; the alpha cut HUD/body and BoM both work fine at the same time.
  12. Vir, The HUD in question is not rigged, just normal mesh/prims with an assigned BoM texture, but still causes body parts to go alpha invisible. (Underline my addition.) If a there is a non-rigged HUD attached, it should not cause any classic body/clothing parts to go alpha invisible. I'm not sure what use-case there is for attaching rigged mesh to a HUD position.
  13. Ai, I get the same result. When wearing an all classic avatar *and* a HUD that has BoM textures; the same textures that are BoM'd in the HUD show as alpha'd out. For example, if my HUD has a head, lower, and upper BoM texture on it, the same items on my all classic avatar are alpha invisible in my view, but not alpha invisible in the other viewer logged in with an alt. I would guess it has to do with *you* seeing the HUD instead of the alpha'd body, but the other user *not* seeing the HUD so nothing gets alpha invisible. It appears that the alpha of the classic body only gets alpha invisible if there is a mesh to see instead. (It's not smart enough to know that your HUD isn't exactly a mesh body; it just knows it's mesh, or prim, and visible to you.)
  14. The older free Omega applier for BoM no longer works. There is a newer, updated Omega applier for BoM available on the MarketPlace that costs L$125 that should work. You can find it if you search for "Bake on Mesh skin applier (Omega)" in the marketplace.
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