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  1. Perhaps you will read what I just wrote again end stop asking dumb questions.
  2. Idk. why quoting if you couldn't read me... but it's okay... this explains exactly what I just mentioned and so far I'm limiting my contact to the forums. Yay! How kind of ya! I'll be sure to message you but sadly... no IM'ing for now (like I said) just forums. I appriciate your offer and I'll keep you in mind! Thank you ❤️
  3. Greetins Everyone! I'm pretty much just YoungStuf4Hire and I think that 2nd Life Community is the most toxic one but... that wasn't stopping me from my come-back few months ago. After all I had more material to confirm it. It's kinda shocking that decent RP'er can find his place here. I wish that I could bump into some open-minded folk but you can hardly ever talk to another person without bieng insulted and ignored during the process. Anyways... I'll be looking forward to find someone thru the forums and eventually... I'll come back again. Thank you for your attention.
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