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  1. I just paid a visit to Lost Caves and saw a day old avi that has a name made up of mine and another forum users name and it's wearing a L$49 Full perm mesh cloud. Some people really do have more money than sense.
  2. What an absolutely awful thing to say. I for one think Bellisseria is absolutely beautiful and I applaud the Moles for their hard work and skills in bringing it all to life. I have spent many happy hours in Belli during this very difficult time in the real world and it's been a real blessing for me.
  3. And another Vic. This one has the railway line running past at the back door. Releasing back now. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curdson Way/136/24/0
  4. Just caught this one and tossing it back right now. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everstanding/180/72/0
  5. Lovely Stilt Home On Water going back in a few moments. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buccaneer/132/216/0
  6. Putting this cute vic back in a couple of moments. I do have a soft spot for the ones with steps. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Edward/232/168/0
  7. A small amount of chalets have been claimed on Kettle Pond. Obviously the alt armies broke through again as they've been taken since yesterday! I've had a couple of tries today and got abandons as per!
  8. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seasalt Chip/220/72/0 Stilt Home on Water going back in a couple of moments if anyone is interested.
  9. I just wasted 10 tries on trying to get a spot. It looks like the alt army members have "chartered unknown territory" and taken the best spots as per, as they are already in-situ, and my tries were wasted on the houses they spat out after they gleaned the treasure.
  10. Interesting that NONE of the friends who help to claim "unchartered territory" have came out in support of their friend by reacting positively to their post as at this time it's been on the forum for hours with no reaction emojis at all. Makes me wonder if they are actually friends or just freeloaders.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I did have more to say but I need to think about whats been said and process it.
  12. Can someone please explain to me why there's a need to "break into unchartered territory" I became premium during the vics release and I remember standing around on some regions with lots of other people, Whitney showed up, the region went down and then we clicked and hopefully got a nice vic! Are things different now?
  13. I've passed the LM's for the advertising boards to Quartz and again I thank him for his help. I started this thread as a way to open up a discussion not to accuse and I'm sorry if I came across as accusing and on that note I'm going to leave it.
  14. Thanks. I'm glad you are enjoying all of your properties.
  15. IF I had a friend in SL and they had 50 gardens I'd be very worried about their behaviour and maybe have a gentle talk with them.
  16. I've just sent Quartz a couple of LM's to properties which have a Billboard outside their house which advertises the persons Interiors Company. I've no issue with anyone having a lovely garden BUT how many gardens is enough 5, 10, 50?
  17. Thanks for the reply. Yeah each to their own. The world would be boring if everyone felt the same. I lead a lonely RL and would like some neighbors in SL, no biggie.
  18. Hi Quartz, I know it's the same people as they have a very distinctive style, their main alt decorates all the gardens or in another case the decorative add-on is owned by the main alt. Also the land group is the same. Yes, it could be a group of friends but having seen the alts they are all basic Linden avatars who never get updated and are never used apart from securing a home. I'd prefer to drop you an IM in world when I'm next in SL for you to attend to the billboard/s. Many kind thanks for your reply.
  19. So as not to disrupt the other threads I made a new one for this question. Basically, I have been trying to claim a nice chalet, nothing too fancy just a nice view and perhaps if I am lucky it will have a windmill quite near or a nice waterway. What I have noticed is that the same people time after time claim the best spots on each and every desirable region. They set up their add-ons, some do the garden and don't furnish the interior, some do the garden and interior, and one even advertises her decorating business on a billboard which is positioned in the garden of each of her homes. Initially I had thought that perhaps as they got better properties they'd give up existing ones so there would be the chance of a decent abandon, but no, they keep them all, which is fine and dandy and of course their spending more money and obviously more time stalking regions than I am, but how many chalet homes is enough for one typist - 5, 10, 50? Also these decorated houses which aren't inhabited look very nice (well some do) but as there's no one there they add nothing to the community feel. Of course I could get more alts, or just keep trying for better spots with what I have and hope I'm lucky, but weighing up the options I'd probably be better off renting some land.
  20. I just went all out and bought the full set for 5K. I never seem to have the best luck with these things and I really wanted it so I figured this was the best way for me.
  21. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/REKA NUTMEG/91/201/1710 This is a LM to the kitchen set demo so that those who feel the need to can examine it. I bought the entire set because I LOVE it.
  22. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lorna Dunes/24/64/24 I put this one back a short time ago and it's still showing as Linden Home. It's a stilt on Land.
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