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  1. This was my first home in SL. It was through the old "First Land" program of LL. It was 512m on a hill by the road in Cortina (one of the original snowy themed regions). I started out there with a tiny little cabin and a few pieces of furniture. I ended up later buying more land and at one point owned about half of the region. The first two pictures show my cabin. (Taken November 2014) Third Picture is my Castles that I built later. Fourth Picture is the area today. (Cortina was mostly abandoned land for a long time).
  2. Three topics that discuss the idea of lists. Might take a bit to read through all of them, but it has all been said before.
  3. My two cents ... ok .. maybe only one cent ... Bellisseria will be whatever the residents want it to be. That has been show already by the people who have created pubs, community centers, brothels, and whatever else there already is. As far as I go, I like to stay home, wader around and sight-see, boat and other stuff like that. If people want to be social they will, if they want to gather they will, if they want to be a loner they will. I don't think that LL has to try to build those things into Bellisseria. I think that the Lindens and the Moles are doing an amazing job and look forward to everything they do. It also concerns me sometimes that people think they have more say in what should and will be done in Bellisseria. We are only tenants using a perk of our premium membership and can always move on if there are things here we don't like.
  4. Starting to look like Autumn at my camper
  5. I decided to add some Halloween touches to my houseboat. It is much easier to decorate a land-based home in my opinion, but I am happy with it so far.
  6. Did a little decoration for Halloween on my Adams house. I will probably add some more, but I'm happy with it so far.
  7. I have been working on some walls for my trailer but am having trouble with the textures for the"trim". I am using the Laramie trailer and wanted to match the wood trim on my wall section. I can't find any texture in the packs that seem to match. Am I missing them? Does anyone know if they are there? Thanks for any help.
  8. A few, in progress, photos of my trailer. Still a lot of work to do, but I am pleased with how it is turning out.
  9. Just starting to decorate a trailer - using the Shenandoah and trying to make it feel like a place we would go on vacation. Keeping it simple so far. Lots of stuff from Soy (I think I spent way too much today). Also used a few things from the Content Creation Pack. I'm sure I'll add more soon. Excuse the photo, I find it kinda hard to get good pics in smaller spaces.
  10. The person stating that cannot be sure about the bots on Bellisseria. And, even if they are harmless, does not mean they are not annoying and an invasion of privacy. If I had bots (harmless or not) showing up in my home while I was there I would be upset also. They have no business TP'ing into someone's property. The fact that LL seems to be doing something about them and they have stopped is a good thing.
  11. I prefer the body to still have the alpha cuts. Most of my mesh clothing did NOT come with alpha masks and I am not interested in having to start making masks for all my mesh clothing. I am hoping that all the bodies will give that option to the end-user.
  12. I ended up making a version that I could sell. Had to change some things and it is pretty simple, but if anyone wants one, it is on the MP.
  13. Something I put together from different sources. Parts from here and there. It is not very precise (especially when you look up close) but it is good enough for me
  14. I changed the siding/color of my Continental and also added a tower room/library. It makes a nice cozy spot to read or relax. I also started to decorate for Fall and can't wait to put up my Halloween stuff.
  15. That little room on the back is wonderful. Makes a great place for a kitchen. I also love the wall in front of the house, not sure if that will work with my location, but may give it a shot after Halloween. I have plans for the front for Halloween already.
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