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  1. It ended when Mystic ran him over in a freight train, but there was no sign of his remains... ETA: It came back. And now there's no sign of Mystic... This . . . is . . . AWESOME !!! I love that people have the creativity to do stuff like this. I kinda hope I run into this Slenderman ... but then again, hmmm ... maybe not It's just so cool knowing something like that is wandering around Bellisseria and could be anywhere.
  2. So ... if we do an AR on a dock and after 2 or 3 weeks it is still there, should we assume that it is one that is being "allowed" to remain. How long should we expect for a AR to be acted on ? What would the next step be if we feel an AR has not been appropriately acted on. If there is something that is clearly in protected land, but has "seemingly" been ignored after filing the AR, should we just give up? Derender it? or just pretend it isn't there?
  3. The elevators are definitely not the original ones. The original elevators were glass and beautiful. The originals were not as reliable as the new ones seem to be. I remember when I first visited the Galaxy, it was the first time I had seen working elevators in SL and I was as amazed.
  4. My Shelley. Been working for a while and close to finished (well ... running out of prims). The outside . . .
  5. I am still in my original houseboat that I got first day that Bellisseria released. It is all the way in the Northwest part of the continent and I can't imagine that I will ever give that one up. My alts have gone through a few places (houseboat, traditionals, and trailers) and at least one of them will be trying for a Victorian when they release. It has been fun seeing all the progress and the new themes they have introduced. I am sure that the themes to come will be just as tempting as the current ones, but I am really looking forward to the new Victorians.
  6. Thank you for creating such a wonderful place. I visited and spent some time chatting with Santa You did an amazing job - it is very beautiful.
  7. My home for the holidays. I like the multi-color lights. I used a combination of the Linden Lights and the lights from "Real Lights." I also used the Linden snow caps for the top of the house and some garlands from Hive. I tried not to overdo it, but I just love seeing all the colors and lights. I used the windlight "Blizzard" which is a pretty cool look for the winter.
  8. I see all these arguments concerning what would be "realistic" in Bellisseria based on the real world. AND .. .then I look around and see giant hamsters, talking cats, a "mayor" who is a mouse, mermaids everywhere, and I wonder whey so many people are fighting for "realistic". I honestly love the variety and creativity that I see in SL and hope that it continues. It just seems to me that some people are taking the whole thing to seriously.
  9. This is again one of those questions that, unless your last name is "Mole" or "Linden", the only thing you can give is your opinion. If you want to decorate with snow - go ahead. If you don't like someone's decorations - AR them. Let the Lindens sort it all out. I think, as we have seen numerous times, the covenant can be a source of confusion and debate. It's wonderful that people feel free to voice their opinion here in the forums, but the final decision is not ours.
  10. This was my first home in SL. It was through the old "First Land" program of LL. It was 512m on a hill by the road in Cortina (one of the original snowy themed regions). I started out there with a tiny little cabin and a few pieces of furniture. I ended up later buying more land and at one point owned about half of the region. The first two pictures show my cabin. (Taken November 2014) Third Picture is my Castles that I built later. Fourth Picture is the area today. (Cortina was mostly abandoned land for a long time).
  11. Three topics that discuss the idea of lists. Might take a bit to read through all of them, but it has all been said before.
  12. My two cents ... ok .. maybe only one cent ... Bellisseria will be whatever the residents want it to be. That has been show already by the people who have created pubs, community centers, brothels, and whatever else there already is. As far as I go, I like to stay home, wader around and sight-see, boat and other stuff like that. If people want to be social they will, if they want to gather they will, if they want to be a loner they will. I don't think that LL has to try to build those things into Bellisseria. I think that the Lindens and the Moles are doing an amazing job and look forward to everything they do. It also concerns me sometimes that people think they have more say in what should and will be done in Bellisseria. We are only tenants using a perk of our premium membership and can always move on if there are things here we don't like.
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