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  1. Hey whats up Im up to be friends just im me inworld at DarrenMasters Resident
  2. Hello there and welcome back to SL. There is plenty to do here. There are muesems, theme parks, live music. Theres probably almost anything you could imagine here. If youd like to chat feel free to IM me in world at Darrenmasters Resident
  3. I recently took up a little plot of land and put a skybox up and Figured that I had a few prims to spare. So I figured I would try to look for some people to share my land with. I have abou 900ish prim and am willing to rent out 400 of them for someone to put down a small to medium sized house or skybox. One thing im not looking for is someone who wants to do a club. Im also open to people who can give me ideas of what I can do with all my left over prims. If something like this interests you Send me an IM in world at DarrenMasters Resident.
  4. Y'all seem like you'd be fun to hang out with. Feel free to message Me inworld at DarrenMasters. I also think that ill go check out Pixeluna.
  5. Hello there everyone I am wondering if there is any places or groups that have a coming of age RP something like emulating shows like Dawsons creek. I was also thinking that a Tween or teenage coming of age superhero or midevil roleplay could be cool.
  6. So I am here trying this again. My name is Darren Masters (DarrenMasters Resident) and I am looking for some friends. I am 26 years old. I am looking for friends around my age. In world I enjoy good music ,playing greedy and other board games and meeting new people and making new friends. what im looking for is some cool people to hang out with. I also would not mind finding some people that I could indulge in my real life hobbies of gaming anime and true crime stories and other things on youtube.
  7. My favorite places to hang out usually involve a live musician or singer as its fun to seek new talent out for me.
  8. Hello everyone, I am in the search of some decent clothes for my Avi. My body is the slink physique male body. I am just looking for a few outfits until I can get more. If anyone can help me itll be greatly appreciated
  9. Hello friends. A 25 year old guy here looking for some people he can call friends and spend his time with in world exploring. Some of my favorite types of sims to explore are nature sims, sims that are based on real life cities such as Paris, London etc. I also like hanging out at various sims that have entertaining DJs or even live performers. I am also interested in getting back into roleplay although I am a little rusty in that department. If anything that I have said interests you drop me a message here or inworld.
  10. Hey there my future friends. My name is Darren Masters (DarrenMasters Resident) Inworld and I am a 25 year old guy who lives in the SLT +1 or the mountain time zone in the united states. I am not new to second life as I have had an account in the past. What I am looking for is friendship with some interesting people as I have been having a hard time finding them ever since I started my new account. Id also be interested to know of some hot spots for making friends inworld are. Some of my second life interests are dancing listening to music playing the games inworld such as greedy and other table top games. I also enjoy exploring new sims and revisiting beautiful ones. My real life interests include gaming, listening to music watching animes and movies. Some of my favorites types of music is old school rap and rnb ,classic rock ,jazz, blues, and pop including Jpop and Kpop. I also have a funky schedule of availability due to my Real life priorities (examples being work.), so I never really have a set schedule when ill be free to hang out although I do stay online from time to time if not on my laptop I am on the mobile viewer Lumiya. if I in any way spark an interest in me then contact me here or inworld and maybe we can hang out sometime.
  11. If your still looking for a place to stay your welcome to use mine as im not on that often and use it once in a while. Just send me a message in world
  12. Hello Second Life my Name is Darren Masters and I am 25 years young and am looking for a lady between the ages of 21-35 to get to know and spend time with me. What I like to do in Second Life is listen to music and play games like greedy and other table top games. I also Like to play En Garde. What I am seeking is someone who would like to visit different regions and go on dates. Places I would enjoy going are Beaches and forests and other nature stuff like that. I also would like to go to other places like art Muesems and other places like restraunts and parks you know places that you would go in real life. Id enjoy getting to know about all about her as she gets to learn about me. This is what I can think about now. If I seem to even be vaguely interesting message me in world and we can go from there. the way to contact me there is to search DarrenMasters Resident in world
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