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  1. So it has been quite some time since I have been on here, I'm hoping that my Internet won't give me too much trouble in attempting to play. Life got really busy for me and I ended up having to do this. For a while, unfortunately nobody missed me. So here I am looking for a real-life friendship and a relationship for in character in SL. I love to role-play, role-playing been my escape from everything really. I have been doing it since before I could get on the Internet, my friend and I used to get paper and draw our characters, then read write little stories about them and it was honestly what
  2. I am looking for someone in Second Life to be my significant other, I love role-playing and I love role-playing relationships! I want to do dating, share stuff together, eventually live together and maybe even have a family together! I've been role-playing for quite some time, I took a hiatus from Second Life for a while but I'm looking to get back into it! I just love the dynamics of Second Life and things like that ! Send me a message or post here! Mostly looking for men, but might be interested in women to!
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