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  1. Hey... Im Kan Zul. And honestly, I talk too much,so i always be in the forums speaking to people and getting to know new people. In game,based on my 15 day per month of availability,not all my friends are on always when i am on. Im not going to be in a committer relationship,not a one night stand too. As i am also the same and alone these days, We can atleast wander around voicing and talking. Until you find your mr perfect.😊 Im a volunteer body guard,and travel guide too.😁 =========== Btw,im sorry if you are not into friends.😊
  2. I was searching for its HUD for an year. Lolz. Btw,its there though. Named as Edit.1.1
  3. btw Fam,im in game for the next 5 days I .A so,if anyone is interested in making Linden dollars, message me in game. il guide you through the 3 easiest processes. NOTE-This is not a social service.i get paid by those programs in game its Kanzulr
  4. Easiest way i know. 1-take a screen shot using gyazo 2-it will now open your pic in gyazo website 3-choose the share option and in that you can see direct link. 4-copy it 5-when you try to type in ere-in the top you can find a pin sign,click on it. 6-enter the image link you copied in gyazo. 7-done 😊
  5. Btw,sophie whats your weekly budget?
  6. You can post a pic of your AV here. So people who like to RP with you. Or want you in their sims will message.👍 Good luck.
  7. Traci,installing Pubgm wont harm.😉
  8. This part is sad.🔥🔥🔥🙄🙄🙄 Dont know how many i missed seeing their Couple photoes, Were actually them and their alts 😭😭😭😂😂😂
  9. I dont know. May be.. Yes..😭😭😭 I was an ugly classic AV then. (Im still an ugly mesh now). And honestly,as i have a mouth that doesnt close easily,i had a lot of friends. But,no one was special as her.❤😔 Coz she accepted me and was normal with me from the beginning. I had returned to SL after 4 years and i was a classic AV I was the most broke AV in SL i guess. None even looked at But she,being a luxury lover herself,really really cared.❤😔 She was busy in RL,. But it dint prevent her from making herself available whenever i was in game. Yeah,we were friends. But she was more to me. I wanted her. Here,there and everywhere. 😔❤ But,she is nowhere to be found these days coz of her studies in RL.😔 I miss you Boss Manci
  10. Hey Stacy. I fail in the 1st category.😁 Im 29 so not close your age. But im a hard core gamer. In PC Master race ,and pubgm when at work. There are younger people in SL,you will find em eventually when you start to move from places to place. Easiet way to find em is to travel through programs,rather than following "trending locations". TX?lolz. Too close. Chess?🙈🙊no way. What about checkers? Btw,wish to meet you in game soon.
  11. After the loss against Porto i guess.😉🔥
  12. Bro,wow. Whats that head and skin? And that facial hair too if it came separate? 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  13. I am a person who is new to AV construction and design. But i never stop learning and teaching. In that process,as for hair,for the last 3 times,after searching in some places,iv always ended up in NO_Match stores. Dont know if the store name is " No match" But all their hair names have "No" You will love em. And they cost like 300 only when you go for 1 set of color
  14. Wow.... I was shocked to see the realism. And that what skin is that??? Hehe. Thanks for letting me know. 😊❤
  15. In rl? Lolz. Mafia and Villains are more attractive in fiction. And SL is a place to live my fictional fantasies.😁
  16. Ooooh.... But thats boring...🙄🙄🙄 Oh sorry,people have tastes.😊 Got it.
  17. Ooooh.... Got it got it. There is one. Il paste the SL map link when im in game. I have book marked it But i dont know if it is a very big one,coz i once went in and was kicked out coz of my dress. They could've treated me a time traveller.😂😁
  18. The Mafia. Mainly the Sicilian or Brazilian. Its the impact of games,movies and series Other than that i know not everything is like in peaky blinders.😉 I love that action. Those bloody fights and story lines. I know they are evil and all. But you know,villains are attractive. Not the petty gangs.❤🔥
  19. Heyya Fam. Have you ever seen someone in SL and fell for them instantly or wanted to get close to them JUST BECAUSE THEY LOOKED THE SAME LIKE SOME ONE IMPORTANT FROM YOUR RL? 😉❤❤❤❤ For me it was Mai Mai Sonia.😍😂 coz she looks exactly like one of my crushes "Sonia" and also has that in her name.😁🙄 Sorry Mai for the tag.
  20. Sorry for this question. What is Regency era? I travel through sims when im bored. So i know some places for rpg. But,i dont understand that word. 😊i might be able to help if i know
  21. Mmmm.... I dont think i have enough Lindens to make my avatar look like me. So,we look different from one another. But we are the same in how we talk to people,how we are too much talkative,and etc. But i was my AV to do somethings that i wont or cant do in RL, Like being part of a Mafia. Being a General Of Intelligence and Security Department. Being a worker in a mine and so on. Thats why its second life-you be what you wanna be. Not what your fate wants you to be.❤🔥
  22. Hey Fam. Finally a topic in adult section too. 😎💣 Btw,just wondering what kinda sex do you guys prefer in Second life? Do you prefer it with voice? Or just emote the AVs and then bang bang bang?😋😍😁 Not asking for a friend.
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