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  1. thank you i fixed it lol i didnt mean collard lol
  2. that would be wonderful i will be messaging you now and if im not on i will see your reply in my emails
  3. Hello and yes any of it and if you can introduce me to some people that be wonderful
  4. Does anybody know how to find a domme or someone who can take charge i would like to be collared
  5. Well I can say I have exceptional skills in real life so I feel as I could apply that to second life, and children not a last resort Its another option because I love kids and would love to work with them, im currently getting a degree in social work
  6. so now I know I may have done something stupid and probably need to cancel it, but I need to know if I would actually get the money or if I should just cancel it and get my real life money back So for the best rate buy in the exchange rate box I had put 9000000 and then for the quantity for L$ I had put 9,900,000 so I would be paying 2.59 and would have to wait 5 days. so do you think I should wait or just get my money back and do the original rate? Because after I did it my sister on the game told me she knows someone in linden lab and they said that I shouldn't do that so when I l
  7. Is there anybody that's looking an employee im over 18 and I need a job that's either paying minimum wage or even work for kids.
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