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  1. "Sunset Dancer" She moves to the song of the setting sun, to the chorus of the evening, the symphony of the pending night
  2. When she sings the song of my heart to me...
  3. I tip my hat to all the amazing photographers here!
  4. Preferences->graphics ->General. It's just a selection, no longer a slider. I hope this is what you meant?
  5. After a LOT of tinkering, I got it working!
  6. OMG so many gorgeous Sl people! My close ups, before and after morning coffee!
  7. "Solitude Solitary" Ever since his car crash, her heart had a gaping wound nothing would ever fill again
  8. These images are gorgeous! I'm a fledgling photographer in SL but I don't do it professionally, just for my own enjoyment. It can get frustrating building light source prims. Whatever you're doing, keep it up!
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