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  1. I literally had a version of this pass through the back of my mind when I was playing with the eyes, but I lazily thought it wouldn't work because you usually have to remove the watcher's depth perception somehow. . . totally overlooking the fact that there is no depth perception on a (flat) computer monitor. . . *facepalm* I have one of these in a glass covered cabinet by my dining room.
  2. Sounds. . . dubious (but true, I googled it. . .)
  3. I put a trivial particle script into a prim attached to each eye. Also needed an alpha to make my (normal) eyes invisible. The eye texture is apparently from outworldz, happened to be the only one I could find in my inventory.
  4. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm keeping these as a canonical part of my avatar. . . after I change the color and whatnot.
  5. Yeah, maybe if we ask nicely LL might somehow make higher priority versions of their already existing IK animations available, . . .
  6. and there's "DubStep".. and a healthy heart makes a "lub-dub". . .
  7. Hell, if you want to look at people's camera, you could just make your eyes particles that will look directly at every camera. . .
  8. 🤮 If I have to copy-paste a magic number from my email every time I log into SL I'm going to up and quit.
  9. If you just want your logo on some mesh, you could probably buy some full-perm mesh and learn to do that yourself. . .
  10. I didn't intend to imply that getting paid in linden was any less 'real' than getting paid in USD, the difference is in amount. getting paid 2000 linden for a 2-4 hour hosting gig sounds nice, but when you do the math that adds up to about 8USD, nowhere close to a living wage. As is subtly implied by Rowan's first comment: Lindens are great for low-value transactions, but if you if you are paying someone an amount at which you might reasonably expect them to convert l to USD you'd be better off doing the transaction in USD to begin with. As a practical point, yes, $100 might buy t
  11. Too many people here don't seem to comprehend the difference between what I'll call "play-work" and what I'll call "real-work". play-work : fun, low-pay, low barrier to entry. I would say things like DJ/Hosting, and adult jobs are almost always of this type. There are a large number of people who are able and willing to do the job, or broadly speaking, people would do the activity anyway, but you are incentivizing them to do the activity at /your/ location, which will bring you more traffic and hopefully revenue. Real-work : not-as-fun, higher pay, higher barrier to entry A
  12. When people use the term 'scripter' in the context of second life they mean a coder/programmer who writes scripts in a language called LSL that (broadly speaking) make objects in Second life do things and react to stimulus (a door that opens/closes when you touch it for example) Now I don't think there are very many paying jobs in SL for writers specifically, but you could certainly try roleplaying (pretending to be a specific person or people in a scene and describing what they do and what happens) jobs or blogging (writing articles about Second Life, usually in a way that subtly or not-
  13. Huh neat script. Do you still have the 2015 version? If you do, it would be easy to add back in Caledon, Wild West, Freedom and Uhre by copy-pasting the relevant lines.
  14. Close but there's actually a slightly more important distinction. When a king dubs someone a knight that /makes/ them a knight, i.e it changes the absolute state of the person from not-knight to knighted, and presumably that change is globally respected (because the king is all-powerful. . .) whereas, if a village deems a person untrustworthy that's more a statement about the village than it is about the person; the next village over may deem them trustworthy.
  15. it's pretty late for me and I don't feel like testing, but it just occured to me that it should probably be PRIM_ROT_LOCAL instead of PRIM_ROTATION.
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