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  1. Could it be that the verification email is more than 1000 bytes? What happens when email are too large?
  2. I did many tests I send email from the prim, i received it in gmail I added the contact then replied to the original email and the message arrived in the prim Then i used exact same email address as a forward address, send the verification email but it never arrived to the prim ... I guess there is a filter on the way
  3. I did more tests I can send email from the prim to my gmail account, then reply and receive it in the prim It is just in the automatic forward of the gmail account, to add an address you must enter a verificaiton code but the email to send it never makes it to the prim ... So i can't validate the email for automatic forward
  4. Hello, i'm trying to setup an automatic forward to an SL prim from a gmail account Gmail sends a confirmation email with a confirmatin number to automatic forwarding emails My prim can receive other emails from that gmail address but never receives those confirmation emails. Are prim emails filtered?
  5. Do you know if this topic could be raised to SL? I don't understand why a fonction described in their website woudl not be supported. This is written nowhere http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_URI_Name_Space
  6. Do you know if it is possible to send from inventory into a prim also in the inventry? I seems not that llGiveInventory only works in rezzed objects. But then once rezzed i can't put it back into the HUB and also can't send it to someone
  7. Yes i thought of the email to communicate the UUID I also thought of the idea to rez another HUD but i need to read again your text
  8. I thought of the server but i guess it can't send the HUD if the destination is not in the server region.
  9. You described exactly my problem HUD is attached to A, A wants to send the HUD to B directly from the HUD so they can interact. It is ok that B receives HUD in inventory and attaches himself. But like you said HUD worn by B will be empty and can't give HUD to C ...
  10. Do you have exprience scripting following URL using llLoadURL? I tried with below URL to start IM session but always get message "URL is not supported". Same in SL viewer and Firestorm secondlife:///app/agent/<agent_id>/im
  11. I don't mind that scripts reset because they do on new owner anyway. But i thought llGiveInventory only work on the content not the container itself
  12. I'm working on a HUD to connect people. The idea is that the HUD can send itself to someone else. Problem is i would need to put the HUD into itself but at some point it will be a HUD with no HUD in it (the first one) so i can only think of HUD giving itself or copying itself into itself ... Any suggestion?
  13. Hello, Is it possible to have a script in an object that loads another script in a prim contained in the same object inventory I found llRemoteLoadScriptPin but it seems to only work with a prim rezzed Thanks in advance
  14. I had several objects returned it was a few hours ago but I still have nothing in lost & found
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