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  1. So many thanks Emma, it worked well with the 0,99 technique. you are fabulous. nice day. Skywalker.
  2. hello does someone know how to remove the black line that often appears at the top of a transparent png texture applyied to a prim ? i use gimp. please see attached example. thank you in advance. skywalker
  3. Hello, Maybe it is a stupid question but i would like to know how to create a prim and script it in ordre to i can watch a M3U8 link in SL. I know how to view a Youtube Link but M3U8 video link does not work. Thank you in advance for any help sorry for my English i am French.
  4. Hello, i have bought on marketplace something i thought to make 3 separate beards but i had the surprise to receive one unique texture showing on the 3 beards on the same alpha transparent texture ! so it is impossible to apply it as a facial tattoo because the 3 beards are shown simultaneously and not at the appropriate place on the face :=). i am bad at gimp or like that, would someone help me and splittling the attached texture into 3 separate alpha textures so i can apply them for 3 different beards facial tattoes ? i if necessary let me know inworld. thank you in advance. Skywalker Scofield
  5. is there a minimum size for a parcel to be able to be shown in the land search mode for 30L$/week? in the land tab of the parcel the item show in search mode for 30 L$ cannot be ticked. ty for your reply in advance.
  6. hello, i am searching a scripter to hire to write a script which will be an inworld radio searching radio url to a webpage i would maintain. if interested, please IM me. have a good day. Skywalker scofield
  7. Hello would anyone know how to display various successive webpages like a texture on a prim inworld with a timer (like 10 seconds) and searching for the next webpage's URL to display in a notecard attached to the prim ? thank you in advance for any help regards, SKywalker
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