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  1. This Land is Protected with The Greatest Wilderness and the Roadside. now. It's For Sale to everyone now! in Just 5000L$! This land is 1536m2 Located at Hugues. Near Avon Estates! Superb Location to Live!
  2. in Thailand I couldn't even log on further! even couldn't reach any sl page website! This is very bad thing happened to everyone in eurasia!
  3. but it's not fixed in eurasia! and east USA! That's bad sl problem ever encountered
  4. For me? i got banned at WWII Central and SLFF since i doing against rules several times on the 4 years ago. and I used the Modern Weapons against WWII Weapon to gain wining advantage and I asked sim owner and admin. It's said "Appeal DENIED" I think I was a bad person. and I'm regret my decision to follow these rules of sim!
  5. SL is closing? maybe not. but SL is still going strong. investment help to make SL better for today's standards hardware. so. It's could be very great to saw the SL has better server and viewer experience that never saw before! with a new things on the SL mainland as well with the larger SL Regions for exploring! take it easy and no worry about SL is Closing! you'll continue to do the SL Life after investor invested this virtual world. Now SL is having better Virtual world Experience than other virtual world existed around the metaverse!. this is the best 3D Virtual World ever lived is here!
  6. yes. I hope Second Life would have Marketing in Malaysia and Thailand in southeast Asia! due to having more investors! and i suggest Linden Lab to create the office in Bangkok Thailand. That's very great move! Linden Research!
  7. Hello in the next year These new waterway regions from bellisseria will be added to the bay city with the bridge to the Luna Sim. from the Noyo. due to upcoming cloud uplift project that will have significant changes for the Second Life Mainland! Linden could add those waterway pretty quickly! to bellisseria in the next year! I hope i saw these changes for the SL Mainland since linden are started to do the cloud uplift project around this year. dubbed "The Southern Passage of the Sansara" that add the water region from Iapetos to Grand Banks. for the gtfo job purposes.
  8. Hello I'm looking an anime avatared friend that came from Austria and playing SL? because Austrian people are friendly too!
  9. But After Restarted to the newer version. I saw many region having bad performance right now!. slow world map loading couldn't teleport from the region and slow profile loading.
  10. yes. i hope there's connection between sansara,heterocera,belliseeria and satori nautilus in a few years into the future! linden asked on the lab gab stream! to improve the jeogeot economy!
  11. Thanks MBeatrix I think there's no more inventory issues from now
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