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  1. Measured with a prim, I'm 1.75m, (5.75 feet) not counting my ears. That seems to be about average for a furry.
  2. I had to dig out one of my non-furry pics for this; it (obviously) doesn't recognise a wolf's face as an actual face. Pleased with the result though; 23 is right in the middle of the age range I was aiming for.
  3. Despite being a furry most of the time, yes I do; there are some aspects of me-now (short and fairly plump with greyish/light-brown hair) and of me when I was in my early 20s (punk/goth clothing style, hair often dyed red or partly-red). My avatar has the amount of tattoos I want in RL, not the amount I actually have. I'd have more in RL if they weren't so darned expensive. Personality-wise, I'm closer in SL to my 22-year-old self than my 50-something-year-old self. But I'm still "me", beneath the fur.
  4. Went exploring "Breath of Nature" at Serena Falls, and this flower meadow looked so inviting I just wanted to lie there in the sun and doze away the afternoon. Two things here picked up from today's Fifty-Linden-Friday sale; the hair from Exile and the top from Cynful.
  5. While I was making the shape for mine, I noticed some sliders that help to reduce that "dragged down" effect. Increased eye opening * Increased eye bags * Increased nose bridge width * I compensated for these by also increasing the upper eyelid fold a bit. However it did mean needing to switch out the rigged eyes for another pair of unrigged ones, so I could adjust the position of them down slightly. I still needed the eye skin fix that Maitimo made though. My skin is made for LAQ heads, not Catwa. You can see that it's dragging my eye makeup down too. Overall though,
  6. I'm usually a furry these days but I picked up the free Catwa head just to try it, and fell completely in love with it. No duck-lips here. Thank you @Maitimo for the eye fix, it works perfectly. Random question: does anyone know why, when I take a raw snapshot using Firestorm, there is always a line of black pixels along the top edge of the image? Is there a fix for this, besides Photoshop?
  7. Since switching to being furry, I've run up against a problem. I am over 50 in RL, but all the furry clubs I've found seem to be populated with people at least 10 years younger than my kids, which means that we have next to nothing in common with one another. All they seem to talk about is anime and video-games, neither of which I know anything about. Do mature furries exist at all? If so, where can I find them? At the very least, I'd like to find a furry club that plays music I can stand, instead of endless rave and house. Are there any older furry rockers/punks out there, or am I unique?
  8. I settled early on a punk/rock style, favouring leather and tartan, and sometimes more gothic style. With my body shape I don't look good in pants so I stick mostly with dresses and skirts.For hair I like mohawks, and Harlequin-style bunches. Another firm feature of my style is my body shape; short and plump, as I am in RL. I like to be different, and beung short and chubby is definitely different. A few days ago, I decided that I didn't want to be human. Because SL is a place where we can be anything, and why not be something else when you have the chance? I didn't specifically plan
  9. I haven't even found a friend in SL yet, never mind a friend with a "spark". But even if I did, I wouldn't take it to RL, it would have to stay within SL only. I'm happily married in RL, and have been long enough that my kids have grown up, moved out and started families of their own.
  10. I had a feeling that I wouldn't stay human for long. After toying for a while with the idea of being a vampire, and rejecting it, I'm now a wolf. And a darn purty one too.
  11. oh that explains it. I crashed on a teleport and now I can't get back in.
  12. That's what I did. I bought a LAQ head on its own first, and got the hud a few weeks later. Although I did try other demos and based on the look I wanted, I narrowed it down to one from LAQ and one from Catwa. I chose LAQ because of this pricing strategy.
  13. I was reading a gaming subforum in Reddit and someone said "is Second Life even a thing anymore?" and everyone else said "LOL, no". I'd heard of it before, but this time I happened to have a spare few hours and decided to try it. I didn't plan to be anything but human, but I was rather ordinary to begin with: Then I discovered some freebie clothes and hair that were a bit punk, and I thought, yes, I've found my style here. I also decided to make my avatar a bit heavier, partly for realism and partly because when everyone is a skinny supermodel, skinny supermodels are boring. I
  14. These are beautiful, like watercolour paintings.
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