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  1. There are 47 in list returned when I query the "Advisor" role and only 1 of those is immutable.
  2. I am familiar with those rules. They no longer apply to me. Alas, I have no real GPUs. I only have the Intel stuff in the CPU so it's not likely to do me any good to try Alchemy.
  3. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, could be selected from pre-loaded "Favorite landmarks" just below the Menu Bar. Select a destination, receive mission objective, follow the clues, participate..... Don't many established Residents like to participate in grid-wide or community "hunts" and other adventures? Is it possible that the people running these already produce engaging content for Residents that, with a little coaching, a new resident might likewise find engaging? I see a vast talent pool out there and I see a lot of people saying "Somebody should do something." Surely, some already are. Can we augment trying to attract traffic to advertised areas for individual monetary gain and try to help grow the engaged Resident population too? New residents that become established turn in to shoppers! (Apologies to those that find my use of the word Resident offensive.)
  4. Alts are people too. 😉 If Alts spend money or others spend money on them, then alts do indeed help the SL economy. Bots, on the other hand, should be "registered" as "scripted agents" on their account pages. Hmm... I think "scripted agents" still count in concurrency statistics but not parcel traffic statistics. I won't assume they help the economy directly but MAYBE some are tools used to help others help the economy by helping themselves manage land and stores. That said, I am not here to start any arguments and, yes, I suspect MOST bots are wasting resources. I see hundreds a day bounce off of a parcel near where I hang out. The land owner there subscribes to a service that kicks them out for her. I see a lot of bots or alts 'soaking' in the water regions around the grid. Sometimes I'll visit a pile and poke them a little. It's funny when they teleport away after I do that. Once in a while one will start chatting with me but that is rare. Many SL residents have "upgraded" alts to Premium to house-hunt Linden Homes. Some might find that alarming in some way but from my point of view I see more money going to support Second Life!
  5. I'd like to put you in charge of eliminating "world map signs", but, alas, I am nobody.
  6. https://search.secondlife.com/?query_term=&collection_chosen=land&isLeftColOpen=true&sort=land_sqm_asc&purchase_type=Sale&area_low=&area_high=&type=main_fullregion&price_low=&price_high=
  7. How about eliminating the entire GUI and doing everything except movement of avatar and direct manipulation of in-world objects via a command interface? Should I run and hide now?
  8. Yeah. I think a grand total of two people in the closed beta for Viewer 2 did not scream about the world view shrinking when the sidebar opened. One actually had a seizure and another vomited on the floor during testing that "feature".
  9. And set them on parcels, regions and estates
  10. Woe betide thee who break legacy content. Or something like that anyway. There is some history here and somebody will probably point out that it doesn't have anything to do with breaking existing content but I still wanted to post this.
  11. Once upon a time.... 00:00:00:00:00:00 would get blocked due to an abuse incident, since that was what the software the accused was using reported as the client MAC address. Unfortunately this also swept out many harmless and beneficial agents too.
  12. I suspect that is the message given when the viewer reports a MAC address that has been blocked. I don't know anything about WINE but this makes me suspect it gave a non-random fictitious MAC address to the application to use.
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