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  1. I’m not sure that digital monogamy is wise or even really very common amongst people who overlap their pixels for fun. “Friends with benefits” probably works best (until somebody gets possessive) as long as everybody understands what “friends with benefits” means (no universal meaning so the participants need to spell that out). I work in Real Life a great freaking -lot-, so that makes it tough for me to be around for the people who want to simulate a RL “I see you every day” relationship. Also, once you get blindsided by -not- being your SL partner’s one and only; it can give you Trust Issues on that whole subject. So I only spend time with people I genuinely like, anything else is a bonus and I’m really shy about Commitments 🙂 FWB for the Win......
  2. I do most of my roleplay in RL I roleplay as a motivated employee for a large corporation who doesn’t cordially despise modern society 🙂
  3. They inform the phobic that either their birth-assigned gender matches their SL avatar, of that they could afford really good voice modulation software......
  4. Its the whole Prison restroom verve that gets me 🙂
  5. Wow, that exploded quickly. I was going to say something along the line of “a sub is a sandwich or a really sinky boat”, but that would be piling on..... 🙂
  6. No Voice for me, also for obvious reasons 🙂 Also, sometimes, taking the extra three seconds to type something has saved entire relationships in SL from getting destroyed by impulsive things said into a microphone.
  7. Switching to a Mesh home network system was a wonderful move for me! There are several versions on the market that are affordable and scale-up as your needs expand.
  8. I pretty shamelessly de-render "eyesore" builds on the Mainland. When you have random neighbors whose design style is "Road Warrior/Prison Restroom Gacha + Pelicans", de-rendering is a polite way to live beside that....creation.... and still have your property photo-ready. Derendering lets everyone do their thing without getting triggered into waving a broom at them across the property line and screaming "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS?" Everyone gets to live as they like; peacefully.
  9. As an aside.....”role playing” a date is not a new thing . In RL there are several non-prostitution (sorta) services that offer a “girlfriend experience” for clients who just want a no-commit “date night” experience. If it exists in RL, its not surprising to find out people want a similar experience in SL. I don’t see it as weird; sometimes people just want what they want.
  10. Maybe break the traditional “club” cycle to meet people; pick an SL group on a topic that interests you and meet people there? I tend to meet more compatible SL people in areas not specifically part of the hookup circuit 🙂
  11. She obviously thought you were after her partner.... IM her, “confess” to the imaginary affair and let Domestic Karma run wild at her place... 🙂
  12. That -should- be scriptable. It has ‘cool things you can Bento” written all over it. Q: If an avatar flutters its digital wings; does the wind change directions over the Great Firewall of China?
  13. I figure that if I’ve gone to the trouble to create an informative profile, I’ve done my bit. If someone doesn’t read it, its still no problem as I try to be nice to everyone who returns the favor 🙂 ONLY if they (a) don’t read the profile and (b) get snippy about how I live my life, do I break open some snark of my own 🙂 I don’t presume that other people are required to meet my sensibilities; nor I theirs 🙂 ”Live and let live” is a liberating philosophy.....
  14. L’Etre really surprised me! Their non-cleavage option is quite nice and I generally love their facial appliers. Note: I use 3rd-Party Brows as the L’Etre skin applier was not ver blonde-friendly (and I wanted a different texture-shape to augment the brow-style)
  15. I don’t think I can do FinDom; It seems wrong to charge for performing a public service 🙂
  16. Is this like “SL Desperate Housewives”?
  17. I’d have to go “One Degree of Ryan Gosling” to his BR2049 co-star..... This would be the “Hey Girl” to end all Hey Girls.... 🙂
  18. I reserve the right to not be Peeved if the IMer is really hawt 😛 /me oggles
  19. I Sooooo feel your pain 🙂 I’m amazed you weren’t asked to Voice just to prove things 🙂
  20. Photography within Second Life is what inspired me to find out more about Second Life. Art is sometimes a better advertisement than professional advertising.
  21. I’ve been away a while, but there used to be a problem with people dropping replicating items on open-drop land and griefing the landowner. Really, thats more of a “take care of your Land Permissions” issue; but I guess it could make some folks testy....
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