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  1. Just released a beautiful camper in Drawmi...so much water ❤️
  2. Regarding the timing, I Googled Red Day and this was the first thing that came up:
  3. Oh wow! May I ask which one you are going to keep? Must be a tough choice..
  4. Just released a camper in Spinoza...private with lots of water.
  5. Go to your linden home in game. Select Land and then there is a button that says Abandon that you can click.
  6. Hendrix, do you know which windlight setting this is? Gah, so pretty!!!😍😍😍
  7. Ya, I teleported over there to check things out and SL crashed two times. Very weird.
  8. Oh wow, I had no idea about this gth 2000 business. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  9. Really cute, Rose 😍😍. I still really enjoy seeing what is being released by people. Sometimes the home is of interest to me and if I can I might have a try for it but even if it’s not, I enjoy seeing what is being put out there.
  10. I generally like names that refer to a geographic feature. Like that include Rock, Lookout, Point, Lake etc.
  11. I did not realise this! Awesome tip! Thank you ❤️
  12. Oh that lighting script sounds amazing! I’d love to hear about it if you share it 😍😍😍. Also thank you for the scripted radio! You’re so clever!
  13. Omgz I love the SSP thread. So exciting to see the new regions <3<3
  14. If we go to MiniMap and right click. Then select Show and then select Temp Rez items it shows any temp rezzers on the map in orange, right? I’ve been checking my objects are okay that way...hope that’s right! i actually only learnt that this week, thanks to a helpful friend ❤️
  15. There are a lot of good tips in this thread:
  16. What are your favourite Windlight settings for your Bellisserian home? For the sky, I usually use Sunset: Or if I want to feel like it is during the middle of the day I use Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim: I pretty much always leave the water set to [TOR] Meridian verde. I'd be keen to see what your favourite Windlight settings are for your Bellisserian home.
  17. Awesome! Found your blog! Very helpful... thank you ❤️❤️❤️
  18. Does anyone know if someone has compiled a list of the items available for the Hop and Shop event? I’ve tried searching the forums and googling without much luck.
  19. You never know your luck with abandons! People abandon homes for all sorts of reasons and they can be beautiful! Good luck ❤️❤️❤️
  20. Variety. By that I mean different types of themes, different and exciting places to explore, different homes to choose from. All things that are being done already but that excite me. I love looking at the map daily and seeing beautiful Belli evolve....can’t wait for more❤️.
  21. Yes! Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people at LL that helped create Bellisseria. It is absolutely beautiful and it has been so exciting getting to be part of all the buzz with this release. I’m particularly thankful most of the excitement happened on my holiday break. From having the time to find our dream homes to decorating and enjoying the feel of being part of these new neighbourhoods, it has been wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ❤️🎅🍾🎄😘
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