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  1. Merry Christmas, Chloe. Thank you for sharing with us. Secondlife can be a wonderful support and way to connect with people. I hope you have a peaceful break.❤️
  2. This ssp topic has always been so interesting and my favourite to follow. Kind of missing having it frequently pop up with people’s discoveries around Bellisseria.
  3. Sakura = cherry blossom in Japanese. I named my pink bicycle Sakura when I lived in Japan too.💕🚲🌸 Sands - well I just thought it sounded pretty and of course the alliteration🏝.🤓
  4. Bellisseria is sooooo beautiful and with all these new regions to explore, I'm curious...what is your preferred vehicle for travel in Belli? Riding bicycles from What Next was fun. My fave way to travel in Belli though has been using my SLB A5 sailboat from BBX. What is your fave vehicle? I think the next thing I want to try is some sort of car so I can drive from my house in Washburn to my house in Lower Barensmouth. Would love to know the product and creator names too so I can do some more shopping <3<3
  5. Who here is planning on buying all new furniture to fit the style of their new Victorian home when it comes out? I usually prefer a more modern relaxed look for my furniture but I’m not sure if my existing furniture will fit well in a Victorian.
  6. Oh, this is so helpful! Thank you, Alyona!
  7. Does anyone know of an online resource/page that shows the different types of Houseboats, Trad homes and Campers? Would be cool to be able to do some research looking at the colours, floor plans and exteriors of the different home types before obtaining the land.
  8. Releasing this pretty traditional home in Nicholasville now
  9. I love experiencing a rain effect on sims and have recently purchased one for use on my own property. Only problem is that the rain goes through the Linden home roofs... Can anyone recommend a great system for creating rain?
  10. Releasing this lovely Lostbell traditional now (the dark grey house).
  11. Releasing a camper in Madison Creek in the next few minutes.
  12. Aww that’s a shame. Thanks, Karyn.
  13. Is it possible to abandon a Linden home without logging in to Secondlife? Can I just abandon it from the second life website?
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