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  1. Down to 20K! Much cheaper than neighbouring areas and selling at a big loss. Pretty park view ❤️
  2. Price dropped to 25K! Selling at a loss as I need to get rid of it. Pretty neighbourhood, especially for mainland.
  3. Even more stunning in world at mignight. I’m surprised there isn’t a community of merfolk under your houseboat now 🤣❤️
  4. What’s the easiest way to measure height? I use Firestorm..
  5. Is there a way to change how far away you can hear things? I seem to be able to hear people emoting or objects that are very far away when most people hear nothing at all...
  6. That’s very odd. I have a 512 lot listed for much less than that in the mainland parcel sales forum.
  7. I rented at Aussie Shores...beautiful region! https://aussieshores.com/
  8. @Marianne Little Adore the high ceilings and openness. 😍😍😍
  9. Selling a 512 lot in Shermerville Central for 30k. Great mainland spot for those who have a Linden camper and want to use up their remaining 512 tier. Located on a street corner and across from a Linden Park so there is a nice view that will never change. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shermerville Central/172/39/27
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FAYDED-LH-Verne-Pool-Add-On/19882828 A modifiable pool for the Verne!! 😍 Only 3Li!!!
  11. Aww yay!! 😍😍😍
  12. You are so back 🤣❤️🎉❤️ Yay, stilt homes goodness!!
  13. Anyone know around what minute mark does the discussion about stilts happen?
  14. Balconies on both sides makes it really versatile. More chances to make use of the views 😊👍
  15. How exciting! Thank you for the update, girls!!
  16. Any word yet on the LH announcement? I’m at work 🤣
  17. Me too. I waited for the Wood campers for a loooong time lol
  18. Simple and modern I think. I ended up finding something and I’m pretty happy with the result. Always great to hear other options though! I’m using this at the moment and I love the style:
  19. I recently bought a little 512 land lot. I’d be interested in any recommendations you might have for small low LI homes. Also if you know of any tiny modern pools I’d love to hear about those too💛☀️.
  20. Thanks, all. I ended up finding a nice spot. 👍
  21. I have a Linden camper home on one of my alts which only uses up 512 of my 1024 allowance. Looking to use up the rest of my land allowance on a 512 land parcel. Any leads/recommendations most welcome.
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