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  1. I know everyone needs to be patient and it comes when it comes. I´m happy for everyone that got one tho i have to say i´m getting a bit disheartened reading so many people were able to get multiple houses. I´ve been refreshing since the day they came out, everyday, for hours when i´m not at work or not asleep and i have seen exactly 0 houses coming along. I´m almost ready to give up! Rant over thanks for listening haha!
  2. Woow ive been refreshing for 4 days straight (again) and haven't seen anything! Too bad you missed them. I hope we both have some more luck soon!
  3. Still have not seen any since the first release. How many people from the Netherlands managed to get one? i wonder if it has to do with time of releases as well. And anyone also locked out by refreshing manually?
  4. Literally never - I'm laughing and crying at the same time
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