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  1. An option would be starting the search with the skins. You can go to Flickr, look for some skin creators and check their photo gallery - in my opinion it's easier to see through social medias instead of walking through the store and also it's a good way for you to have a quick idea of the style of the store. Of course you can also go to the in world stores or MP. The idea is to find a look you like. Once you find the look, read the description of the photo to check the head used on the vendor. Go to the respective stores (skin and head) and get their demos. Wear the head, the skin an
  2. I always start with a look. Generally I idealize a whole look (physical appearance and clothes style) and then look for a skin and head that best suit what I have in mind . After selecting some heads and skins, I spend days creating shapes. Having defined the shape, I finish with the clothes, hairs and accessories.
  3. The dividing walls are simple walls with baseboard and holes for the doors created by me and textured with the Log Cabin textures. The door and arch used are from Elusive Designs. I'm using these sets below that I bought for The Verne, but they also worked great with the Doyle and the Log Cabin, because they're mod: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/E-Victorian-Verne-French-Doors-With-Windows/18717928; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/E-Victorian-Verne-Downstairs-Wall-Divider-Add-On/18718734.
  4. Here's my Log Home. 💖 I decided for the Grand View because I think it works better with my land, but I have to say that I was very reluctant in using this house, because of the lack of rooms (yes, I need a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen and a living room at all my houses). So, I had to make a bedroom and a bathroom extensions. And I brought the decor I used on my old Victorian Doyle in Carville to the Grand View. Good thing I linked everything before abandoned it. The furniture does not have a very log feeling, but I gave it a try and I liked the result. Now I have to finish the
  5. I'm going to release a Victorian at Peu Corner in a few minutes. No ocean view, but still very special and unique, with a beautiful landscape and no near neighbor. Since I got it, I still didn't have the time and inspiration to totally decorate it and now I wanna let this alt free for the log cabins. Hope some one make a better use than me.
  6. The last time I saw, it was at Genus group notices. The group is free to join. Edit: I just checked and it's not in group notices anymore. You can get it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GENUS-Project-Genus-Heads-BOM-Activated/18714536
  7. I believe I first heard about Second Life in 2007 on a forum related to The Sims. I was a big fan of The Sims and it was not rare to see pictures of SL avatars on some The Sims forums. I must say that at that time Second Life didn't catch my attention. But, in 2013, when the third generation of The Sims came to an end, I finally decided to try Second Life and I've been here ever since.
  8. This is exactly what happens to my Winchester house. I had absolutely no idea that this was an issue. I thought I was crazy, because I made an add-on to cover the inside walls of the house, and everytime I get home, the add-on is a little out of the place. Thanks for sharing this info. I'll send Quartz a notecard or will open a ticket when I get home. Edit: Happy Birthday to you and ZsaZsa!
  9. It is very useful. Even though my house is very close to the water, I think that now, using the script, it's easier to just rezz and ride rather than rezz, sit and drag it into the water. I'm using it all the time. I also tested in a place farther from my house, in same region, and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing this!
  10. I know that Black Dragon viewer has an option to save camera position, but if you use another viewer that does not have this feature, maybe this HUD can help you: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Camera-View-SaveSetup-HUD/5647480
  11. I would love to see more stuff made for Vista heads. I have tried lots of other heads because of the lack of products created for Vista, but I always come back to Zoe because of how naturally the animations work. I have tons of omega makeup, but just a few fit perfectly the Vista heads. I think that in general lipstick fits better than eyeshadow, they always end up too high on the upper eyelid. @Nimue Galatea Alaskametro is a good option too. Their latest releases of omega makeup have 3 options of fit in the same HUD. At least one of them has an acceptable fit on Vis
  12. Hi, all! I made more edits on my shape since the last time I show you my WIP and now I finally switched to the Genus head. I know I'll probably change some details on it because I always take forever to completely finish a shape, but I can say that I'm happy with my look for now. *The picture was taken at Whimberly.
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