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  1. So. Context. I was watching a group chat in SL (won't name the group), and someone wanted help with their new name. She got torn apart in said group for wanting to do it. Why do some people seem to be offended by the idea of others spending their own money to have the name they want?
  2. @LottaSinclair Heavily off topic but, can I IM you inworld sometime and get some tips on making a taller shape and not have it be wonky? (Or get second thoughts on what I've made.)
  3. Yes yes. I've actually since sold the fursona since I lost interest in it after three years, just haven't gotten around to removing the DP here. Apperantly the forums don't allow editing of old posts, otherwise I'd have done so by now.
  4. PFC? I've been Caverna and love the work there, I'll check out pfc when I log in tonight providing they have a mainstore.
  5. Peaky Blinders. Finishing up season five this week. Last week was Nicholas Cage movies. Prior to that it was anime.. Looots of anime
  6. I'm having trouble finding costumeing pieces, clothing or outfits in general. (Maybe I'm just picky?) I have a few things for my character, but that's it. Trying to find clothing for an elven druidess is a lot harder than I thought. If it helps any I use the newest Maitreya Lara body. What I'm asking is this, anyone have any shop reccomendations I should look at? My usual places like Velvet Whip haven't had anything that says "nature" to me. I got maybe a fee things from this round of we love roleplay, but not a lot. I'm not that interested in running around naked either, even if
  7. The actual website. SL's viewer site doesn't allow for much
  8. Eh.. I encounter more trolls than anything. When you wander around as a furry you tend to encounter them a lot more than usual. I just ignore them and if they are persistent then I say something mean, devastating but mean and without swearing.
  9. I can help! To upload a picture from your computer it does cost 10L, but you can bypass this by going to the seconlife website and going to My Secondlife. You'll find a link for it on your dashboard, click on your profile and the. Click edit, the first tab you'll see is for your main profile picture, from there it's easy to do, click the button to click the picture you want to upload and then hit upload button on the website. You can do this for you second profile picture too.
  10. I thoughy it was fantastic, kinda wish they mentioned how much Premium ploose is going to be though. I think all the giggling was maybe more out of nervousness than not taking it seriously since they are more than likely not reading from a script someone wrote.
  11. Hm... Between the two? I'd probably pick Rhonda. She's a very handsome woman although a little intimidating, but that's what draws me in looking at her. I'd feel more confident in her being able to hold a convo on deeper levels than the cute little blonde Maybie. Rhonda strikes me as a woman who would part from you with a bow while you gave her a curtsey, in a fog.. She would leave you with a faint whisper of "We'll always have Paris.." .....*COUGHS*.. Sorry.. I may have romanticized this a little bit.. I've been reading a lot of romance related manga and novels..
  12. That has got to be the greatest response to this thread so far! Thanks and thanks for the welcome.
  13. Thanks! I haven't forgotten my way around SL, but I've also been here for a long time (old account, it got overwhelming for me to be on so I abandoned it.) Which helped reinserting myself. Would you mind sending me an LM inworld since you can't talk about it here next time your on?
  14. I'm an east coaster, I think when it's 3am for me its 12am in Sl? I could be wrong. I have trouble with time zones.. And time in general.
  15. Hello! I'm.. HarleyHorrow Resident, better known as Dyani! As you can uh.. Kinda of figure, I'm another furry.. I've been here for about a year but took periodic breaks through out my time online. I'm looking for friends inworld, I usually run around as a deer.. Or an elf, generally in some kind of RP gear too. But fear not! I'm not always looking like a dirty traveler, anyways.. I'm usually on at night, weekends I tend to be offline. I don't mind sharing my FB since I have one specially made for my SL account (and once last names roll out I will jump on that faster than a
  16. Looks like we will have a new podcast thinger to tune into this week! I'll catch it after since my sense of time is *****ed... Maybe more news then?
  17. *Bleats* In the forums, I'm seen as HarleyHorrow Resident. but I prefer going by my in-game display name Dyani (Deer). I'm a 28 year old furry, Been a furry since I was a teenager and just now finally settled on who I want to be represented as. My name is just the generic native-american word for Deer. Why?.... why not? It's part of my RL heritage. I'm into a lot of things; anime and manga, crocheting, some alternative stuff, music, writing and roleplaying. I'm an aspiring actress RL and I work for the adult industry from the comfort of my home!
  18. How many of you have done or thought of doing this? I actually did do this, It was one of my better decisions tbh. Do you keep the old account for nostalgia reasons? Nope, I deleted it.. I kind of regret doing so since it was made just before they took out last names in trade for naming everyone "Resident". The people I knew when I came back were long gone, the account wasn't all that well fitted to me so.. while I regret it, It's also no big loss to me. How do you feel about others doing this exact thing, Do you know anyone who has? I'd tell them to go for it, but keep the
  19. Hi, Can you lovely people help me out? I don't want to lose my skin, it only comes with a catwa head applier. I want to be an elf for an RP and I'm having trouble finding ears that would work with the applier I already have, is there anyone out there who has a pair that they'd recommend or should I start skin hunting too? Thanks for reading! - H.H
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