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  1. A great friendship can turn into a great relationship that grows over time but it takes one that shows the blue prints with effect. They should respect what your looking for with morals and boundaries if they can not You can starve with no attention , No Answer , Close the conversation , Walk out of the stage and teleport elsewhere. Give yourself the same mapping of what you deserve, respecting what you do deserve what love you give yourself so comes in return. But first release what bothers you in the past cutting cords and bless what is now in the present moment.
  2. To build more in to go real. Trust , Communication , Friendship first , Growing a mutual understanding., Great connection , Chemistry ,Emotionally investing , Make time , Agreeing , Team work , Taking it slow , Great attraction , Same aliment , Belief and spirituality , Sharing your likes and dislikes. Dating and courting ship. When it comes to the point you like each other yes both need to be upfront and willing. Yes it can take 6 months of dating but really takes a year to fully get to know someone. I would not move in or rush or relocate takes a few times of meeting in real and g
  3. At the meetings in the past they have voice on a person that had a disability their friend spoke for them ahead of time and voiced for the person. Yes, it's a good idea to get hold of them before any meeting or event so they can work something out. The only problem when they have trolls on voice that keep making noises or are rude is yes they could kick off the sim or vanish them for a day of discipline.
  4. Sorry what you gone through big hugs. Like when you look in the mirror say I am worthy, that is very strong. Everyone deserves happiness. Did not mean you have to give all out do for yourself only those who respect you need to show it in return to get in. But suit yourself to do what you reel. I love to spoil my friends just as they do me but friendship having them their for the company worth more then money does bring you happiness maybe for a little while. But I wish you the best in life of 2021.
  5. Got mine unexpectedly, not in a rush to let things flow. I had my wagon beach one for many months but let it go and let someone else enjoy the wagon trailer right by the beach and water. Have patience, let things flow. You will get one sooner or later. The best things in life are unexpected ones. They also have red areas under construction so there will be plenty to go around do to the holiday they have lives to but don't you worry they will be on it soon.
  6. Well I am sure they will share more information for you sailors of SL to help how to get around these houses just hit. Sailing is big thing to do in sl so they will put something together with the maps and rez area's and more tips and tricks. Keep looking in the forums and the sl forum news with the Bellisseria Citizens group. I just got mine so I still in the works of sailing.
  7. I have my own place don't need a man they go get their own place.
  8. Yes you have a feeling , Energy and emotion . All those things. Everyone has a story, their feeling's of real whatever that is between them if it's sl or first life. Love is rare but it can happen. But you will find it unexpected when you least expect it. But when it comes to real and meeting in first life. You meet a few times in that year to see if the same as was that they treat you good. But his one rule was let's date for 6 months getting to know each other in courtship if works out meet in real for a few weeks. We exchanged that trust. He arranged for me to co
  9. :: M.A :: Designs use to have notecard show how to make the links on market place for low price its some how gone. I have a copy of the notecards that show you how I can send it your way. If anyone else does just message me. I read her profile she is busy with real that might be why.
  10. Just be done with him don't wait for someone that does wanna make time their more fish in the sea its second life you get more second chances you can leave when ever end of story. You are the ever after go and be happy some where else.
  11. You know where your heart sets. People are looking out for you . It's your second life. You don't need to share your first life; they only need to know some things that you feel sharing that might just be only in the second life. You can even friend be like a key holder protector one you trust to get you out there in an emergency. Rlv good to learn the basics don't give someone full rights they should earn your submission before anything that should be talked of before going further. Only use your own rlv collars and cuffs you feel safe with not old one were hard to get out you h
  12. Not sure how long you know each other but love takes time to build over time can not be rushed or forced it has to be bound with exchange of energy or time. But he might need time to grow on his own and figure out what he wants. It's not your job to fix him; he has to do inner work. Can't really force a relationship he might like if the company does not want to go any further. Your feelings might be in to him but if not the same for him not going to be the same. ”Without Communication, There Is No Relationship Without Respect, There Is No Love. Without Trust, There’s No Reason To Continue”
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