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  1. A women is whatever she wants to be. By the way a women is a Goddess with her feminine fire. I embrace my goddess ways for myself. Being a goddess does exist Empowering women support each other and lift each other it happens in real and sl. Having high values its a good thing being confident with yourself. Better to lift others then put others down. Bullies tear people down leaders lift others. Men are kinds women are goddess. Its about balance not about one person its team work. It's been taught in yoga and Buddhism and spiritual healing everyone is a goddess and god mind body and soul
  2. It's your life your choice. But you don't need to take anyone crap. But it's what you allow that you are the one that has to take control of that. But if you keep allowing this they are going to disrespect you someone that does not respect you to cross the line and dump you they are only looking to use/short term/one day /sweet talk, will only drain you and hurt you damage you. You don't have to allow everyone in only if they respect your temple and earn your respect and trust and energy it can not just be given like candy. Only be for you in they want to be part of
  3. I did go and read your profile in world. Says you are looking to find a partner in real life and sl who will love the same way. Second life Not dating platform more of a getaway to build a connection make a connection. Love has to become a friendship before it can become anything. I meet someone here in 2014 in summer of june we started in conversation and build a connection then he courted me for 6 months. We voice and go to places on here and cam in mature manner but really voiced more allow the bond to grow over time. After the 6 months we meet in real he arranged me
  4. Liberty A Message For All Of Humanity - Charlie Chaplin
  5. How about finding the good version of you knowing your worth Don't rely on finding anyone find the good in you. Find yourself first don't find someone to complete you build a freindship evolve with yourself. Work to make yourself the right person for you, and the right person will be drawn to you based on the work that you've done for yourself. Set boundaries only those that respect earn the energy and trust that is exchanged. Fine to talk to people don't have to friend everyone come arcross you will meet many. You don't have to explain yourself just be yourself they need to get t
  6. Bella this for you. I do not voice everyday more people type more then voice. know one should be forced. Many people can not voice do to disbillity or speech and background thing is someone to respect and understand we all have a story. Until someone walks in your shoes but many can see but some do not see in this way til to late. But my wokds speaking for those that type. I have empatic feeling how people are I read them from the aura of who they not going to ask what the real is that know ones business best to share less unless someone earns you trust you share a bit. Only a perv asks som
  7. Everyones got a story why they are here we all do many have the same situation but diffren't you don't need to unpack your suitcase give everyone copy's. Bella is a typist writer. You just need to find people that are like you that just like to have type have great conversation. Emote kind with typing. Second life yes is a getaway. You like to have great conversation keep it in typeing mode emoteing intrest only. This is a getway I am here for a vaction an have fun arn't you. So guys so intilited with cam and voice hit a light socket. Conversation does start getting in to th
  8. Working to make yourself the right person for you, and the right person will be drawn to you based on the work that you've done for yourself.
  9. A lot of good good answers from everyone we help each other with what it's all about. Know one owes anything, anyone of any information to your second life or real. Until they gain your trust they are only gonna get a little bit. So if they don't like that tell them to hit the road.
  10. That bag should not be open until the person builds more emotionally invested and exchanges with energy and trust , attraction , chemistry , on the same level , connection. You don't have to open up everything to anyone who just demands that bit controlling. Gotta have balance and patience . If they just trying to get your info sounds like they trying to scam probably one thing you have to be protective of never give anyone your email or bank or address as know one should this place to getaway of adventure. Some who willing to take the time get in your mind not force you is right person. Som
  11. Time and place for it but I don’t come for bang bang more for conversation and laughter little romance fine but gotta get mind take some some speical wake it up. I like erotica class.
  12. Thing is yes it can happen but you have to make a connection to build a connection. Some people are still trying to discovering themselves so not here tell you what to do just some advice take it or leave it. We live and learn grow go through experience how we go on in life. Get in to the D/s community build a connection to make a connection go to the meetings or connection places you may have to weed some out see who mingles on a level. Second life yes its not a dating place but it is a place of love and connection you for one have have just show up it will happen unexpe
  13. Tell him to go hit up a light socket Blacklist him he just has nothing better to do many have been doing this for a decade that he can't get it so they like to rip on people don't lower yourself to this person level rise. Personally its none is business who you only the people who know you close to you and trust you don't have to open up for everyone just because they try its waste of time. Next time some bothers you say thanks your so kind I have little something for you send them a link to a Inflatable Doll then after that block list them end of story.
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