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  1. Oops Roseelvira correction, now it is fist bump, elbow bump, to everyone and love😀
  2. Are those Soapapillas Josephine? Stop teasing us before lunch hehe looks yummy😀 Happy Caucus Day here in Minnesota! We are holding a Presidential Primary on March 3rd but still like to get together with our neighbors and complain about the cold weather😁
  3. I found BINGO the dog for you Vixie! He was hanging out at Teegle Animesh Pets store in SL https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/214988?id=214988 You will have a ton of fun looking at horses and other animals there and can even take a test drive on a horse that looks and feels real. SL is wonderful😀
  4. Hi Katt check out Unity Passengers which is a group of air travelers in SL flying in a variety of airplanes, by bus, and by boat. Once you sign up for the group they will send you trip announcements which you can participate in within 10 to 15 minutes of the announcement. They fly all over SL into some beautiful sim locations and you can chat with fellow passengers along the way
  5. Scylla's correct that some men are intimidated by super sexy avatar's with the last name Huntress:) That being said I for one just enjoy going to dance places to dance and chat and have a good time. There is a way to sniff out the immediate clingy friend seekers and just looking for sex dancers. When you get an IM from someone asking you to dance say I would love to dance with you after we chat for awhile. If they are just looking for sex dancers they will find some excuse to move on to someone else, and if they are super clingy Klingons you will know this after chatting with the person for a few minutes
  6. Here are a few details by number of Valentine's Day for those of inquiring minds Total spending for the holiday is expected to top $18.2 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. That's an average of $136.57 per person. So if you got spent on less than 136.57 go ask your loved one for some Venmo or PayPal bucks. Just over half of Americans -- 54 percent -- are expected to celebrate the holiday this year, the NRF said. (I did not know you were not allowed to participate in Valentines Day!) Jewelry is the most popular Valentine's Day gift: 20 percent of consumers are expected to buy jewelry, spending a total of $4.3 billion, the NRF said. NRF stands for National Retail Foundation btw. Loved ones are also expected to spend $2 billion on flowers, according to the NRF. The most popular Valentine's Day flowers are, naturally, roses; 250 million roses are produced for the holiday, the Society of American Florists said. Thank the 250 million roses who sacrificed their stems! But nothing can replace love letters. Couples will exchange 190 million greeting cards during Valentine's Day, according to the NRF. Americans are expected to spend $1 billion on cards, according to the Greeting Card Association. Here is the Valentines Day card I got from Maddy! Thank you Maddy!
  7. Oh my gosh this is how i created my first classic avatar Arduenn! (I had a little trouble with the edit shape sliders) SL is very much alive because now I have a mesh avatar that looks like George Clooney
  8. Actually Mark Twain just informed me that SL is very much alive yay!
  9. One suggestion is to find a place to live in SL. Generally speaking, you can rent a nice place to live anywhere from 100 to 500 lindens a week (furnished!) in communities where other people are living also. Once I had established a place to live as a new person in SL, I would occasionally interact with neighbors by saying hello etc. Two friends today were neighbors when i first came on SL and we still check in with each other and say hello even though we live in different places today. As a bonus, looking for places to rent an apartment or home is super fun in SL!
  10. FedEx kid from the Cheaper by the Dozen movie
  11. Forum Group Hug Beth! Hang in there with your family situation
  12. I think Carly Simon wrote a song about this guy you met at the sim
  13. Here is a good graphic for your profile: Wanted!
  14. I have a map of all of the public restrooms in SL if you need one. There are some amazingly beautiful ones
  15. Spree Candy Recommended and approved by the American Dental Association
  16. What's that you say eh, pronouns not pro-nun? Ohhhhh Nevermind
  17. Hello Forum Readers, I would like to go on record that I am very pro-nun. Thank you very much
  18. Hi TinyBoots. This sentence pretty much sums up the same issue in RL when close relationships are based on sexual intimacy only. Sex becomes a focus of the relationship, which in turn does not allow the spiritual, friendship, and intellectual intimacy,to develop in the relationship. As you get to know someone in SL (or RL) allow yourself the opportunity to get to know the person more deeply interpersonally before the sexual intimacy develops. I truly believe you will create more deep meaningful relationships when your focus moves in that direction.
  19. Buying land and landscaping it is a complete blast and great learning activity. You learn a lot about what you do not know every day so having friends in SL who are builders and who have done landscaping is very helpful. A good break from landscaping is avatar watching and exploring. Now that Franks has closed I will need to find a new place to go and just hang out to see large groups of people from all over the world. Two activities which are totally fun as well are flying airplanes and sailing in SL. The dedicated sailing and flying groups are passionate about both activities. and fun to hang out with while doing these two activities.
  20. I think I may have solved the puzzle who the blue suited couple were :
  21. I agree Lindal with lavalois refinement Send A Donut Lindal YELPS
  22. Before Eating Artichokes Check Heartburn (Burp) CAMEL
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