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  1. Forum Group Hug Beth! Hang in there with your family situation
  2. I think Carly Simon wrote a song about this guy you met at the sim
  3. Here is a good graphic for your profile: Wanted!
  4. I have a map of all of the public restrooms in SL if you need one. There are some amazingly beautiful ones
  5. Spree Candy Recommended and approved by the American Dental Association
  6. What's that you say eh, pronouns not pro-nun? Ohhhhh Nevermind
  7. Hello Forum Readers, I would like to go on record that I am very pro-nun. Thank you very much
  8. Hi TinyBoots. This sentence pretty much sums up the same issue in RL when close relationships are based on sexual intimacy only. Sex becomes a focus of the relationship, which in turn does not allow the spiritual, friendship, and intellectual intimacy,to develop in the relationship. As you get to know someone in SL (or RL) allow yourself the opportunity to get to know the person more deeply interpersonally before the sexual intimacy develops. I truly believe you will create more deep meaningful relationships when your focus moves in that direction.
  9. Buying land and landscaping it is a complete blast and great learning activity. You learn a lot about what you do not know every day so having friends in SL who are builders and who have done landscaping is very helpful. A good break from landscaping is avatar watching and exploring. Now that Franks has closed I will need to find a new place to go and just hang out to see large groups of people from all over the world. Two activities which are totally fun as well are flying airplanes and sailing in SL. The dedicated sailing and flying groups are passionate about both activities. and fun to hang out with while doing these two activities.
  10. I think I may have solved the puzzle who the blue suited couple were :
  11. I agree Lindal with lavalois refinement Send A Donut Lindal YELPS
  12. Before Eating Artichokes Check Heartburn (Burp) CAMEL
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