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  1. ...Bait and it was successful! I have 350 profile views and comments about SLifers who knew exactly what my subject was about. jet That the Linden God descended upon me making me understand and regret my mistake was fair and i accept it. Finding the scenario was not really a surprise, ima fetichist, i have my roles to play what was really interesting was the fact that most, after analyzing their community replies they either found it normal, had already experienced it or actively involved in these activities. in some other more intricate formal roleplay or another. I just love SL,
  2. Well i duno if im doing it wrong but it listens to its own UUID
  3. Thank you sooooooo much! Even 6 years later its almost impossible to find a simple and way of getting all the object details without manually adding them to each prim. Now i can use this for RLV games cus the objects can be moved and rezzed by anyone and still work by sending RLV commands.
  4. won't work with notepad++ i tried that. Someone should move this to the bugs section
  5. Also using Firestorm and Win 10. Maybe its connected. I believe its an add-on that causes it. Are you using AddBlockerPlus?
  6. Im just glad i have a ROG machine, bish flys <3 giggle Well the fix was> Remove any add on i dont really use all the time. Clear browsing data. Uninstall Chrome. Run the Win Hard Drive cleaner. Reboot Reinstall chrome The bug is gone now.
  7. breaking char for a sec. its me and only me. Im in IT, Irrelevant of inside or outside of SL. I have an extra keystroke, and i have cornered the culprit. Its my Chrome. i reactivated my MS Edge and the copy/pasta works normally. One of my Addons is altering the website while im seeing it. Mixed emotions right now. For one i have a real issue and for the other im happy you helped me discover it. Thank you @Rolig Loon for entertaining my issue.
  8. The extra key is between the R and e i checked the columns in the SL editor Im using Firestorm and you?
  9. I did the same, no matter how many times i copy/paste, even my reply coping my own reply copied from your post keeps giving me the extra letter. Ill get weirder and do it with https://www.lettercount.com/ This is crazy!!! Im really weirded out, is it my machine? are my fonts having kerning issues???
  10. OHH i see, well then its just me. ill add what i get. This is probably the wrong place to post this but for conversations sake Every single time i copy/paste your initial script i get the same syntax issue. I get an extra keystroke. i get 15 letters ina 14 letter word. I might have found a bug, a really annoying one i must say, this script was short but if it persist then copy/paste from the forum is a problem since i wont see the mistake right away. I seriously thought you where just having fun or something @Rolig Loon
  11. llSetRegionPos( vThere ); llSetRegionPos( vThere ); I know they look identical but they are not. Please believe me and copy/paste them in SL
  12. Not what i meant. Its not the font, you will see the difference only if you copy/paste both functions. Please try. I noticed, after some trial and error. chuckle
  13. Rolig WTH is that! how did you??? but the kerning??? Wuuuuuuut? i have written more letters on a keyboard than with hand and i have never ever seen that happen how is that even possible?
  14. Nuice! I loved that trick since llTeleportAgent is always dropping me to the starting position, even in a sandbox. How do i avoid the prim to go to my "lost and found" folder once finished? Ohh and btw Rolig I dont really know what kind of sorcery this is but should be llSetRegionPos( vThere );
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